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A Big Bang For Your Buck

Many investors save more than the cost of membership through various discounts, free advice and useful contacts and tips, writes Sue Harrison.

By: Sue Harrison

2 October 2023

The power of our members brings us many benefits beyond the networking and educational aspects of connecting withlike-minded people.

The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) plays a valuable role in providing its nationwide property investor association “member groups” with impartial information that is shared and carries out valuable advocacy work on behalf of all investors.

NZPIF has been meeting politicians from all major parties who recognise the importance of the housing crisis as an election issue. When policies are announced national media are quick to ask our members for a response as the only national not-for-profit network of property investors.

Our influence is also extended through our family of sponsors to complement our everyday work, and locally many of the associations have sponsors/business partners who are very supportive financially.

Many members save more than the cost of membership through their Bunnings discounts alone. Those discounts vary depending on the mark-up on each item, but some appliances and plumbing products have significant savings.

Excellent Prices

Some areas have a Mitre 10 nearby who also provide us with excellent prices. FirstLane Insurance together with Initio provide insurance tailored to rental homes, and also cover short-term rentals. Fuel is another saving with a year of discounts from McKeown’s and partners also covering the cost of membership.

Insurance, heat pumps, appliances and tenancy services are all part of the range of suppliers offering big savings to members.

The NZ Property Investor magazine has become our national news network keeping us updated on events and a wide range of industry stories and information. The magazine’s owners (Opes Partners) have done more than ensure it carries NZPIF news and events; they have also given members a bonus magazine, Informed Investor, which carries investment news of a wider nature.

The current copy has some excellent articles about the “20-year holiday” property investors spend their life planning for by making careful investments.

The long-term goal of a comfortable retirement is what drives many property investors.

Rent Skills Boost

For current knowledge about managing tenancies an education certificate course, RentSkills, is free for members. Suitable for self-managing landlords and members with managed rentals, the 13 modules are easy to navigate. RentSkills is the only education programme of its kind for owners and an accessible and convenient way to ensure knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and best practice in managing tenants.

The power of knowledge means information about our marketplace is what drives our investing plans and the biggest bang from your buck can be from networking with other members at meetings and conference.

Just one snippet of information can positively influence your investing decisions in a big way, and these come in all directions through the members’ network and information sources.

www.nzpif.org.nz or email [email protected]. to join now.

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