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A brave new world: 'Naked Letting' has arrived

Calling all private landlords in Auckland, “Naked Letting” from The Rental Bureau is here ...

By: Victoria Heyes

1 April 2023

If you are a hands-on self-managing Auckland property owner who wants to meet and choose your prospective tenants but doesn’t want the hassle of all the admin, then this is the service for you. We’re sorry it took us so long.


- Arrange professional photos

- Arrange viewings

- Vet and summarise tenants that you shortlist

- Create the tenancy and bond lodgement forms for you and your tenants to sign electronically.


- Meet and greet prospective tenants at the viewings

- Tell us who you like

- Approve an application

- Take over the relationship once the tenancy agreement is signed.


Have you ever used a casual letting service only to find that you just wanted to meet the tenants yourselves and get a good feel for the person who you’ll be having an ongoing relationship with?

At The Rental Bureau we believe that meeting prospective tenants at a viewing is a two-way interview. As a customer-focused property management company, we take time at our viewings to talk to tenants and in addition to telling them about the property, we tell them how we manage the property for them and for the owner too. Then the tenants can decide whether the home and our services are right for them.

This is the reason we have never offered the traditional casual letting service, whereby we select tenants for owners and then hand over over the relationship. We really value the time spent at viewings, and see it as the starting point of a strong relationship.

We think of it like a first date – you wouldn’t skip the date and jump straight into a relationship!

With this in mind, we’ve carefully developed and launched “Naked Letting”. This is an entirely virtual service, where we simply facilitate the introduction of tenants to owners and their properties, and make sure that everything is done properly along the way.

The service is currently being trialed and we are monitoring and reviewing our customers’ experiences – both owners and tenants. The cost will be $795+GST for the service, which includes up to four viewings over two weeks, four applications processed and one-to-one time over the phone with our agent for advice and guidance.

Professional photography currently charges at $225+GST and includes a 3D walk-through. During the trial period up until May 31, we will be discounting our letting service from $795+GST to $500+GST for the first 10 customers.


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