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Renovations: Ventilate it right

It’s that time of year again and a cold wind is rattling around outside. Inside Kiwi homes, as we ramp up heating to keep warm, windows may soon be covered with tiny drops of condensation.

Before long if the source of this moisture isn’t taken care of, the warm air holds in the moisture, at which point clothes in wardrobes – and curtains and blinds, may become mildewed or mouldy.

Additionally, as the spores hang in the air, tenants’ health can become compromised.

Ironically, the problem can be worse in an airtight modern home, rather than in a draughty old bungalow or villa, because of cracks in windows and doors in older homes creating natural ventilation.

The good news is that a number options are available for curbing – and even preventing dampness from taking hold in your rental.

By doing so, you’ll have happy, healthy tenants.

In this month's New Zealand Property Investor we summarise tried and true options as well as take a look at what's new.

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