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Bold Move Equals Big Success

When you move to a new country without your family around you, success isn’t an option, it’s an imperative, according to Israeli-born property investor Roy Adams.

“Immigrants – we just have to make it, there’s no safety net,” he says. “Circumstances force us to evolve and develop. Necessity is a great motivator.”

So how does a young man from Tel Aviv end up in Auckland with $5 million in property?

At the age of 28, Adams’ Australia-based aunt came to visit his family in Israel and he was intrigued enough by her descriptions to make the 13,000km trip across the globe to visit her.

He loved Australia and wanted to stay – and his aunty had a plan. One which he didn’t agree with.

This led Adams to do some research and he found that his skills as a computer programmer were in hot demand in Australia and New Zealand.

He secured an excellent job in Dunedin and made the shift across the ditch.

Dunedin, home to just 127,000 people, was a far cry from Tel Aviv, a major Middle Eastern centre with a metropolitan population of 3.7 million.

But Adams loved it and it’s where he got his start in investment property.

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