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Renovation: Learning Curve

Worth it? Hamilton based Yvonne Gattung bought a ‘Grandma house’, complete with red, orange and blue walls, with some rooms having five layers of wallpaper! It looked to be a renovation project, so she set to it. The result was the numbers in the headline, so despite the challenges, it still worked out with a modest gain. However, it’s the hard-learned lessons and knowledge she gained along the way that was the most valuable part.

If you are looking to try renovations of older properties to make gains, this article will be of great interest. While the gain Yvonne made a small profit, it’s the lessons that count. Setting out with a renovation budget of $30,000, this rose to $40,000. Yvonne explains that this was due to not having a clear vision at the start of the project” and changing her mind about what she wanted to do in certain rooms.

An interesting read.