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Commercial property: Niche options

Think beyond the 3-bed suburban house for good returns. There are several niche investments that are often overlooked.

This article explores and explains four growing niches in depth. One is the growing market of childcare centres. As these keep popping up, a lot of the operators lease their properties to save upfront capital costs. Also explored are motels as an investment. Despite Airbnb hitting the headlines, motels still fill up as we get more and more visitors traveling around the country and we simply don’t have enough rooms in many places.

Quirky investments discussed are storage units and car parks. We drive passed or park in such properties every day and rarely see them as investments. Storage units provide steady cashflow, require less capital outlay, maintenance islow, and they are easy to manage.

Worthwhile reading. Each of these has its own peculiarities, risks and research required, which is explained.