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Change of Fortune

Suzanne Taylor has seven years of investment under her belt, but she’d never seen the likes of the Porirua rental she viewed in early 2018. Previously inhabited by troublesome tenants (who’d been given notice and moved out) the most recent occupants were gang members.

“I don’t know if they were associated with the previous tenants, or if they were even paying rent. But they did a lot of damage,” she explains. Holes in walls, kicked in doors, graffiti: the gang did a pretty extensive demolition job on the 1960s property. “They also painted nearly every surface red. It was one of the worst houses I’d ever seen.”

She wasn’t put off, however. As a veteran investor, she knew exactly what a thoughtful renovation could achieve. And this particular renovation would be so successful, it would result in her winning the NZPIF/Resene Renovation of the Year award for 2019.