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Garden City Blooms

New Zealanders around the country who tuned in to the New Year’s cricket test match were afforded a small glimpse of the tranquil beauty that is Christchurch in the summertime. As the camera flew high above Hagley Oval, the verdant greens of the park rolled back towards the city, and the shimmering glint of the Avon River twinkled as punters rowed along.

The sight was enough to confirm to any doubters Christchurch’s name as the Garden City.

It seems that no other city in New Zealand has faced as many challenges as Christchurch over the past decade. But despite the hardships, the City’s natural beauty, pace of life and a plethora of opportunities for growth have continued to provide a steady stream of investors with potential in their sights. In the aftermath of an incredible year, it is with excitement that many in the Christchurch property market are looking forward.