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Profile: Monica Chen

It was a desire to find an income and financial freedom outside her nine to five accounting job that led Monica Chen to sign on for a privately-run property course. It was one of the earliest seminars encouraging
and teaching the technical side of buying property to build a portfolio for passive income.

Since those early first steps and buying her first house a year later, Chen’s career path has been all things property. She is steeped in the residential sector as a buyer, investor and property manager. “It is all I know,” she says.

She arrived in Auckland in 2004 after studying accounting and commercial law at Wellington’s Victoria University for the previous four years as an overseas student from Shanghai, China. After obtaining a job she gained residency and was determined a day job would not be her only way to wealth.

When her parents visited a year later, and she told them she was looking at property as a way to earn extra money they lent her $100,000 to buy a four bedroom Mt Albert house for $325,000.