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Outlook for Success

Those who claim you can no longer get a bargain in the current housing market would be well advised to listen to Jasmeet Singh. The Auckland investor has managed to buy six properties around New Zealand in the past 18 months; all but one are positively geared and rising in value.

He’s only been an investor since 2020, but he’s not new to the game, having built his own mortgage advisory business (focused on property investors) in 2018. But after two years of advising others – and years of saving money – Singh finally entered the market last year.

His strategy is simple but successful: buy for cashflow, make sure you can get money out of the property quickly, and buy places where you can add value.

Growing up in Delhi, Singh’s family were in the real estate business. His grandfather was a developer and his father benefited from his success. “My dad was the youngest in the family and he was given  everything,” says Singh. But he wasn’t money smart and didn’t invest properly, piling up credit on card after card.

“When I was 18, my family had a house with no mortgage, but we were in a state of financial crisis.” For better or worse, parents are often our best teachers. Singh’s father was the inspiration for his career, but not in the way you might expect. “I wanted to be the opposite of him. I knew that I needed to understand money and be an intelligent investor.”