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Power of Positivity

When Aveen Mitra arrived in Wellington in 2003 to study, he had $700 to his name. This $700 was hard-won; his dad in India had put a second mortgage on the family home to send his beloved son to New Zealand.

It was a sacrifice that Mitra deeply appreciated. Since 2003 he has worked tirelessly to reach his property goals. Now 18 years on, his hard work is paying off not just for him, but for people back in India.

Growing up in Raipur, India, as the son of a teacher, Mitra says that he had a humble beginning. “I never really believed I would leave my town. My ambition really was to grow up, get married, have children, and eat lots of food,” he chuckles. But while he wasn’t “ambitious”, he was curious and self-disciplined by nature.

“I always had a belief that there was a better world out there,” he explains. Training as a chef, he moved to work in a call centre: eating, drinking and having fun. He also relocated to Delhi
but found the rat-race extremely hard.