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Pump-up The Potential

When Ilse Wolfe was a little girl, she’d steal her parents’ shoes and sell them back to them for $2, along with a handmade bookmark. The aim was to raise money for lollies: an ingenious ploy, which not only worked, but presaged the birth of an entrepreneurial spirit.

Fast forward to 2021, and Wolfe is still finding ways in which to create wealth outside of the box. Her property portfolio, which is shared with her fiancé Taylor Green, is valued at $12 million and growing, and she is teaching her “cashflow hacking” secrets to others via Opes Accelerate Property Investment Programme.

But just five years ago, her property portfolio was languishing. She’d been forced back to work after a stint as a full-time property investor, due to an investment that offered good capital gains, but wasn’t paying its way. “I’d been so tunnel focused on capital gains, and had attended a coaching programme to help me with this. But there was zero education on yield, the property [we’d] bought was generating negative cashflow, and we were getting dangerously close to the edge.”

But like many mistakes in property investing, this was a catalyst for change. Over the course of the next year Wolfe would sell the poorly performing property, get some good advice, completely alter her strategy, and nut out a new approach that would change the trajectory of her property investment journey entirely.