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Team Effort

The winner of the 2021 NZPIF/ Resene Renovation of the Year is a dramatic example of what determination and hard work can achieve. Undertaken by Olivia O’Connell and her partner Derrick Gill, in partnership with dad Peter O’Connell, the Timaru reno is simply jaw-dropping.

O’Connell explains that she and Gill had been living in Wellington when dad Peter, a veteran investor, came to them with a proposal. “We had just started a new construction business, and Derrick is a builder and I do the administrative work. Dad suggested that we might like to do a joint venture with him, renovating a house in Timaru. He’s always talked about how he worked during the week and did up old houses in the weekend, when he was starting out, and thought it could be a good way for us to get started.”