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Hot in Hawke's Bay

It is a region of contrasts – mountains and plains; a major city and sidekick; Rocket Lab’s orbital launch site, alongside extensive rural holdings; 2,200 hours of sunshine each year and 350 kilometres of stunning coastline.

The region’s Bordeaux-like climate and wide range of soil types have nurtured vines since the 1850s, making Hawke’s Bay New Zealand’s oldest wine region. The area is famous for its fullbodied reds and complex Chardonnays – among other varieties produced from 70 wineries. It is also regarded as the country’s fruit bowl being the largest producer of apples, pears, stone fruit and squash.

Many Maori legends come from the region. The most famous story tells of Maui fishing with his brothers and catching a great fish that turned out to be the North Island. According to legend, the hook formed part of the North Island coastline which subsequently was named Hawke’s Bay.