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Changing Landscape

It’s a popular, niche market, but the student rental market can be fraught.

By: Property Investor Team

31 December 2019

So a new property management company has set out to change the student rental landscape in Hamilton.

Hatch Property Management, which launched in December, specialises in student rentals and is set to offer a new approach to the market.

The company’s chairman, Tony Begbie, says they will deliver different, and better, value propositions to landlords. “Our propositions are designed to maximise benefits, while mitigating risks. And our services are driven by creating connections and building meaningful partnerships.”

Hatch grew out of the Wintec Student Residence Trust, which is primarily focused on purpose-built student accommodation. It is a charitable company and will return all future profits back to the Trust.

Its aim is to provide more quality student accommodation around Hamilton. To do this they want to work with landlords open to using their properties as student rentals, as well as developers building new properties.

Begbie says that potential properties need to be of the right type and in suitable locations for the market, and potential landlords have to meet their criteria.

“But we need the property and landlords to make this work. So we encourage interested people to get in touch to discuss the possibilities further.”

Hatch senior property manager Deborah Kay says student rentals are a very specific market but, through the Trust, they have had 30 years of experience housing students at Wintec.

“We feel confident that we can add value and difference in this market. Student rentals, which house Wintec, University of Waikato and other institutions’ students, are our core business.

“Our experience means we understand the needs of both students and landlords. So we can take on the management of student rental properties to reduce the stress and unknowns for landlords.”


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