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Issue number 50, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Hard lessons educate the maestro Ron Hoy Fong on debt, tofu and family Diana Clement
22 Investing strategy New year, new strategy Successful property investors on their expectations for 2008 and the strategies they will adopt Diana Clement and Andrea Milner
28 Investing 101 Your guide to becoming a successful property investor An introduction to rational real estate investing
32 Feature Social Housing: Is it a good investment? Part 2 Continuing our series on the Government's social housing programme. Miriam Bell
34 Renovating for profit Colouring for success How to make the best use of colour when renovating rental property Jane Eyles-Bennett
36 Agents and legal dealings When deals go bad Part two - looks at who is liable in the event of court action when a property deal goes sour Jo Ferris
38 Investor psychology Going against the crowd Some of the world's most successful investors swear by counter-cyclical investing. We examine 'crowd psychology' to find out how and why Michaela Ryan
40 Proportional ownership What's next - co-buying? We find out what proportional ownership is and what it can offer property investors Diana Clement
46 Commercial property Risk and reward With residential property's low yeilds, now could be the time to look into commercial property Giselle Pethard
48 Commercial property Be diligent A look at the importance of carrying out due diligence on commercial investments Nigel Fletcher
51 Tenancy Tribunal Alexandrina Trust v Shaw Costs awarded at the Tribunal must be reasonable
51 Tenancy Tribunal Yan v Daly Unprepared agent appearing for applicant not a ground for a rehearing
52 Economics Housing market tamed 2007 turned out to be a turning point for the housing market. Khoon Goh
53 Accounting Weighing tax code benefits What is a special tax code? How does it work? What's the catch? Mark Withers
54 Investing strategy Winning in 2008 and beyond Investment strategy for 2008 should be based upon avoiding becoming a desperate seller Ann Loudon
55 Mortgages Avoid the credit squeeze When credit is being squeezed as it is across finance companies in NZ, all banks tread carefully, broker-friendly or not Sue Tierney
56 Regional review Central Auckland When property markets start their downward spiral, no urban centre in NZ offers better opportunities than the city of sails Patricia Moore
62 Expo review Auckland Property Investment Expo 2007

Issue number 51, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Buy well, earn more Lyndon Lattimore and Cathryn Khoo from Otago look set to become the region Jo Ferris
22 Rents Rental Growth - moving up or moving out Demand for rental property is increasing across the country and the time is ripe for a wave of rent rises Andrea Milner
28 Investing 101 Learning to ride the cycle An explaination of the property cycle
34 Selling When price rules and time matters A look at whether property vendors need to take a different approach in the current market conditions Jo Ferris
37 Body Corporates That sinking feeling Looks at the importance of a body corporate having contingency and improvement funds and the role of the body corporate secretary Vesna Wells
38 Investor psychology Stay the course Not many of us are turned on by the idea of Michaela Ryan
40 Creating Cash Flow There's always a way The first of a series on strategies to create cash flow in the low-yield environment Karen Clark
44 Property Trading Plunging into the property game New Plymouth Property Traders Paula Petersen and Maree Standen share their real life lessons Mark Ferguson
46 Commercial property 2008: Opportunities abound in commercial property investing The commercial property market outlook for 2008 John Ulrich
48 Commercial property Avoid ugly surprises Wise up on your liabilities as a commercial property owner Andrew Bull
50 Tenancy Tribunal Ure v Joyce, Hallet v Pat Taylor Realty and Salt v Monk and Elsworth These cases look at when a rehearing would take place instead of an appeal. When a rehearing would be refused
52 Economics Cash to be king in 2008 Managing cash flow will be vital in 2008 Khoon Goh
53 Accounting Provisional tax and GST alignment An explanation of the changes in tax laws relating to provisional tax and gst Mark Withers
54 Valuations My top 10 positives and negatives when looking at a property A look at the main influences on the valuation process Rene McLean
55 Mortgages With the demise of lenders -what happens now? Sue Tierney anticipates that with less of a choice of lenders, the terms of mortgages may become less flexible Sue Tierney
56 Property Developing Getting started in developing An explanation of the necessary steps before making a start in property development Adrian Low
58 Tenancy Management Tenants improve rentals at own cost The general principles of law must be applied before other matters in disputes where tenants have carried out improvements on properties Scotney Williams
59 Regional review West Coast:Gold on the wild West Coast? The West Coast has seen an incredible increase in property prices over the past four to five years, but it Sam Davison

Issue number 52, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Turning knowledge into gold Knowledge and an eye for detail drive Peter O'Keefe's success in property and business Jo Ferris
22 Packaged property Blue Chip Blues The demise of Blue Chip; what it means for the industry and the lessons for property investors Diana Clement
30 Investor psychology Renovation Rumbles How you can renovate a property and keep your relationship intact Michaela Ryan
34 Investing 101 Strategies - What sort of investor do you want to be? Setting goals and strategies to ensure you profit from your investing Diana Clement
38 Creating Cash Flow Renovation Rulz Doing up property can be a good way of adding value and boosting income if you do it right Karen Clark
42 Mortgage Brokers Mortgage Brokers - are they all created equal? What's in the deal for a property investor when they opt to use the services of a mortgage broker? Sam Davison
46 Types of property Hot Property Gated communities offer security, privacy and good returns on investment and are in hot demand Adrienne Jervis
50 Commercial property Understanding Lease Agreements Sets out some of the main issues a commercial property investor should be aware of when negotiating leases Ronette Druskovich
52 Tenancy Tribunal Neild v Brown and Watson A case that reminds landlords to respect their tennants' right to quiet enjoyment of the property
53 Economics A year of headwinds and correction An examination of some of the key drivers of house prices Khoon Goh
54 Accounting Ring fencing the big political issue The government considers removing or ring fencing tax losses. How much will this affect the average property investor Mark Withers
55 Investing strategy Investing in uncertain times Where to invest your money in these uncertain times Ann Loudon
56 Tenancy Management When is a tennancy term not fixed? Landlords can charge sums of money as consideration for release from a fixed term tenancy. The money charged is not rent, it is therefore not a breach Scotney Williams
58 Property Developing Finding the right property to develop Budget, location and project options will all influence the decision in choosing the right property to develop Adrian Low
59 Regional review Wairarapa: Our best kept secret Because prices don't soar in Wairarapa, there are still properties within the reach of the average investor Patricia Moore

Issue number 53, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile $2 tip from a young investor Can $2 really be traded up to a house? We talk to young entrepreneur Adam Baird about his personal challenge and what happened along the way Jo Ferris
24 Packaged property The easy ride to wealth? Do the numbers on packaged property investments really stack up in the hands-off method of creating wealth Diana Clement
30 Investor psychology Wealth creation mindsets Successful investors tend to have a systematic approach to how they craft their wealth. This article looks at how it can be applied to property investing Michaela Ryan
34 Investing 101 Building your team An examination of who you should have a trusted players in your property investing team and why Diana Clement
38 Creating Cash Flow Planting profit in the backyard A look at how a minor dwelling can be a major asset for investors Karen Clark
42 Insurance for property investors Planning for the unexpected Many property investors are under insured - this article examines how vital it is to protect your assets Patricia Moore
46 Commercial property Ups and downs of leasing commercial property We review some of the more key commercial property lease terms Ronette Druskocich and Brett Cran
50 Tenancy Tribunal Rush v Pooley, Bragg v Barnes and Hughes v Buchanan and McManus What to do with new and witheld evidence and also when agents are liable for damages
51 Economics Looks like wild weather How severe will the housing market correction be and how long will it last? Khoon Goh
52 Accounting New tainting rules update The low down on the new tainting rules and how the proposed changes will have a significant widening effect on who's regarded as an associated person. Mark Withers
53 Tenancy Management A tenancy by any other name Who's covered by the Residential Tenancies Act? Scotney Williams
54 Valuations When the chips are down How valuers should tread with care, especially in the wake of the Blue Chip collapse Rene McLean
56 Mortgages Reduce loan costs Number crunching and handy hints on how to reduce loan repayments and save yourself money Sue Tierney
57 Property Developing Due diligence - what you need to know before you buy Some key issues that need to be addressed early Adrian Low
58 Regional review North vs South: Battle of the Mighty W's Whangarei vs Wanganui An exploration of Whangarei and Whanganui for hidden bargains and the current mood of the property market Patricia Moore

Issue number 54, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Family ties Strong family focus and smart planning enabled former farmers Val and Peter Williams to set themselves up for semi-retirement, while also helping their children into property Jo Ferris
24 Tax The great tax crackdown Anybody who has bought or sold a property in recent years could find the spotlight turned on them. Could you prove your innocence if the taxman came knocking? Philip Macalister
30 Investing strategy What type of property investor are you? Talks about the different types of property investors and asks, which one are you? Michael Yardney
34 Investing 101 Time to do the business and buy Tells you how to find potential property investment goldmines Diana Clement
38 Creating Cash Flow Tricks of the trading game Minimising the risks in the property trading game Karen Clark
42 Investing in Oz Is it greener on the other side? How safe and profitable is investing in Australia for Kiwis? Diana Clement
46 Commercial property Feeling the commercial property pulse There are still investment opportunities in commercial property Andrea Fox
50 Tenancy Tribunal Residential rentals Ltd v Petty and Melville and Irwin v Johns These cases illustrate the importance of paying attention to tenancy agreements and keeping track of payments
51 Economics Sour sentiments but there's always a flip side What is the flip side of falling house prices? Khoon Goh
52 Investing strategy Time to tighten the belt and get real! An examination of how to get the most out of your finances Ann Loudon
53 Tenancy Management Tenants' and Landlords' rights in building repairs When repairs are underway, the rights of tennants and landlords can change Scotney Williams
54 Mortgages The necessity of using a mortgage broker it is important to ensure that you get the best possible advice in the current climate Sue Tierney
55 Property Developing Consultants, paperwork, councils and consents Once you have bought a property for developing - what comes next Adrian Low
56 Regional review Dunedin: Mecca of the South The outlook in this southern city is not entirely gloomy David Killick

Issue number 55, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Housing Slow road to recovery Housing Commentary June 2008 Jenny Ruth
18 Profile Property Chameleon - Mark Ferguson Mark Ferguson changes with the market and believes property is the greatest pathway to wealth Jo Ferris
22 Pope in Paeroa Angel of Harlem 22 years old, 16 houses, one street. Laurence Pope is fast becoming world famous in Paeroa for transforming a run-down street in Paeroa. Andrea Fox
28 Investing strategy What's the plan Stan? Guidance from the property veterans to navigate the current market Andrea Fox
34 Investing 101 Negotiation and settlement tricks Seasoned property investors often say you make the most money on a property at the time of purchase. This article tells you how Diana Clement
38 ANZ Survey results Investors predicting sunnier times ahead The latest survey from ANZ shows property investors are surprisingly optimistic about the market and its outlook for the next five years. However exonomists are a little more pessimistic Diana Clement
42 Investing strategy Why you need to change to become wealthy It is vital to growth and success to be willing to step outside your comfort zone Michael Yardney
44 Creating Cash Flow Developing for cash Property developing can generate good profits, but there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary. Karen Clark
47 Renovation Budget blowouts Budget blowouts and what to do about them Jane Eyles- Bennett
48 Economics OCR Changes don't make for a sunnier outlook Any reductions in the OCR will be slow to benefit the housing market Khoon Goh
49 Accounting Boarders and flatmates A look at the tax rules on boarders and flatmates Mark Withers
50 Mortgages Financial principles to save you from debt Tips on how to make your money go further Sue Tierney
51 Tenancy Management Tenants privacy and landlords inspections Landlords' and tenants' responsibilities in tenancy inspections and how consideration of personal property is key Scotney Williams
52 Valuations RIP dwelling purchasers Tips to minimise the loss if you are forced to sell your portfolio Rene McLean
53 Tenancy Tribunal Bates v Harvey Corporation and Bates v Kanaria The responsibility of landlords in a mortgagee sale; Mould and mildew minimisation are a joint landlord/tenant responsibility
54 Regional review Hamilton: Cruising the river city Hamilton has a flood of houses on the market, so now is the time to start snapping up the bargains Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 56, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Reaching for the stars from ground zero Israeli immigrant Erez Tal shows how willpower, hard work and chance meetings made him a property investor Jo Ferris
22 Tenancy Law changes Rewriting the Rules There are dramatic changes underway to the RTA. As property investors and landlords, you need to know what the new rules are and how they are likely to affect your investing Rob Hosking
26 Tenancy Management Residntial tenancy amendments impacting landlords Examines limited tenant liability, landlords responsibilities and the no letting fee rule Scotney Williams
28 Investing 101 Doing the Mortgage Dance Covers the basics of how to raise finance for property investment Diana Clement
34 Investing strategy 10 Habits of successful property investors A look at the common habits of people who have created their wealth and how you need to implement similar habits to become successful yourself Michael Yardney
36 Creating Cash Flow Get creative with lease options A look at the ins and outs of lease options Karen Clark
41 Renovation Insulation - Your invisible friend The first in a three-part series looking at insulation and the options for landlords and property investors
42 Immigration The Immigration Effect The relevance and impact of immigration on the housing market - reveals some surprises Andrea Fox
48 Accounting When is a sale a sale? Talks about the income recognition rules associated with the timing of property sales Mark Withers
49 Mortgages Traps of terminology A look at terminology traps, which helps clarify the confusion between 'refixing' and 'refinancing' Sue Tierney
50 Economics Batten down the hatches Investors need to batten down the hatches in order to ride out the market correction Khoon Goh
51 Investing strategy Wising up on property trading As high interest rates and a stall in capital gains hits, investors are realising the pitfalls of high leveraging Ann Loudon
52 Tenancy Tribunal Clarke v Pask and Grenney v Selkirk Contractual Remedies Act - misrepresentation needs to be material to give the right to terminate a tenancy agreement. Need to establish reliance upon misrepresentation - asbestos in ceiling
53 Regional review Invercargill: Southern gems Invercargill boasts NZ's lowest house prices and there are still gems to be found in this southern city for long-term investors. David Killick

Issue number 57, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Henry Clothier - An eye for business His imagination and strong philosophies on life have helped him transform the Waikato town of Tirau. Jo Ferris
22 Survival Guide Master this market Property is dropping in value and some investors are finding themselves in a tight spot. But every downturn has a silver lining Andrea Fox and Diana Clement
28 Investing 101 Advanced finance options A look at the more creative options for raising the money to pay for your property investments Diana Clement
34 Investing strategy Four ways to use leveraging to build your wealth Use leveraging in borrowing, your relationships and networks, your time management and even your thought patterns Michael Yardney
36 Renovation Choosing a property to renovate Renovation tips to help create cash flow Jane Eyles- Bennett
41 Renovation Warm front beckons for landlords Installing insulation is cost-effective and also helps keep tenants longer
42 A Day in the Life The property manager diaries We spend a day to see what property managers get up to Andrea Fox
48 Investor psychology Psychological traps of investing Investors can sometimes make irrational decisions because of their past experiences. Here's how and why it happens, and some ways to avoid it happening to you. Michaela Ryan
50 Accounting FLIP tricks An examination of the unique tax issues related with fixed life intangible property, otherwise known as FLIPs Mark Withers
51 Mortgages How to get money out of the bank A look at the criteria banks use in deciding whether to lend you money David Tillman
52 Economics Housing correction not evenly spread Sections on the property market are escaping the downturn woes Khoon Goh
53 Valuations The sky is falling. Or is it? Have we reached the depths of winter in the property market? Rene McLean
54 Tenancy Management The impact of residential tenancy amendments How amendments to the RTA will affect investors and landlords. This article features address for service; landlords going overseas; bonds and bond claims; temporary rent reductions Scotney Williams
55 Tenancy Tribunal Murdoch v Air Pacific and Xpearson v Conway Looks at the obligations of the landlord to insure and the rights of the tenant to the benefits of the insurance. Fair Trading Act - landlords entitlement to seek damages for repairs
56 Regional review Manawatu: Rural riches Manawatu has a laid-back rural lifestyle, the country's largest university, the lion's share of the NZ defence force and a property market that isn't looking too shabby either. Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 58, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Is now the time to buy? The next big boom To buy or not to buy is a question vexing property investors. Some are convinced a downturn is the time, others believe it is a matter of wait and see. Andrea Fox
28 Investing 101 Doing the numbers A look at how to budget, calculate rate of returns, identify risks and tools to use Diana Clement
34 Swaps Get into the swaps market If you can't sell your property, swap it. A look at what's involved in the swaps market and how lucrative it is in a depressed market, or at any stage of the property cycle Diana Clement
36 Renovation Renovating student accommodation Owning student accommodation can be hugely rewarding if done properly. Learn how to renovate property to suit students Jane Eyles- Bennett
41 Renovation Why I insulated 80 properties Landlords who have made use of the insulation subsidy and how it's benefited not only their investment properties but also their tenants
42 A Day in the Life A learned art How do valuers come up with their numbers? Spend a day with one to find out the tricks of the trade and learn the skilled art of valuation Vicki Holder
46 Mortgagee sales Beware the mortgagee buzz Mortgagee sales have the potential to be very good bargains for property investors, but there are hidden stings to be aware of Andrea Fox
50 Accounting Leasing tax issues Issues specific to commercial property leasing Mark Withers
51 Mortgages Where to go when the bank says no Options for finance when the bank turns down your loan application. David Tillman
52 Economics The three stages of adjustment The three stages of adjustment Khoon Goh
53 Strategy The disappearing wealth paradox Challenging the disappearing wealth paradox. Where does money go when investments go bottom-up? Ann Loudon
53 Toolbox Spelling out the numbers New software to help doing the numbers of potential investments. NZ Property Investor's Cashflow Forecaster CD Jenny Ruth
54 Tenancy Management RTA change defies logic Amendments to the RTA: Increase in rent when substantial improvements have been made; increase in rent due to unforseen circumstances; accelerated rent or damages prohibited; responsibility for outgoings Scotney Williams
55 Tenancy Tribunal MacDonald v Wallis and Baker & Kailahi v Tanner Find out if landlords need to inform tenants if they have on-sold the property and if notice of tenancy termination is valid via email
56 Regional review Nelson: Under the sun Sunshine and a pleasant lifestyle make Nelson a popular place to live and a safe bet for investors Karen Clark
66 Toolbox Warning: Potential hazards ahead How safe are your investment properties? Get in-depth hazard reports specific to your property online Diana Clement

Issue number 59, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Shaken but not deterred Inspirational Gisborne property investor Catherine Coombes is guided by her intuition and unique psychological approach to creating wealth Jo Ferris
22 Rental safe havens Rental safe havens Where's the bext place in NZ to weather a downturn; where are rents most stable and prices holding steady? Andrea Fox & Diana Clement
28 Investing 101 The T.A.X files Tax is a vital part of investment success and can even be used to your advantage. Make the taxman your friend. Diana Clement
34 Renovation Fix it before it breaks Spring is a great time to do annual maintenance tasks and future-proof your properties Mark Trafford
36 Investing strategy Five simple steps for prosperity When you understand and do what successful investors do, you get to become one of them. Michael Yardney
38 A Day in the Life Getting to know your mortgage broker Spend a day with a mortgage broker to find out how they can benefit your property investing Vicki Holder
42 Bare land What to do with bare land Land is becoming a good option for investors, but should you build, subdivide or move an existing property? Andrea Fox
46 Accounting Who's afraid of the IRD? What to do in advance and how to cope of the taxman comes calling Mark Withers
47 Mortgages To fix or not to fix How to avoid being bullied by the banks into fixing for loger terms Sue Tierney
48 Economics On edge and on guard What happens in the US and UK could well affect your investments here Khoon Goh
49 Strategy Master the art of negotiation How to negotiate to get what you want Tracy Hintz
50 Property management Make the Tenancy Tribunal work for you Armed with knowledge, a landlord can harness situations to their advantage Pat Allen
52 Valuations The downward spiral Property values are still dropping; don't expect stabilisation yet if you ascribe to the theory that it's the numbers that matter Rene McLean
53 Legal Good news for landlords More amendments to the RTA: The definition of reside; new unlawful acts committed by tenants; fixtures; landlords' responsibilities Scotney Williams
54 Regional review Rotorua: Hot opportunities Rotorua is one of the country's hottest tourist attractions and is also a hot spot for investors looking for long-term rental gems. Maddy Milicich & Philip Macalister

Issue number 60, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
13 Landlord of the Year award Love thy tenants Profile of the winners, Andrea and andrew Elliot, and runners-up Kevin and Megan McCarthy and Lorna and Jeff Goodin.
18 Profile High flyers Fiona and Allistair Gillespie are savvy investors with a love of freedom and flying, and a portfolio to match. They're also clued-up on how to add value to their properties Jonathan Underhill
22 Learning from mistakes How to avoid the burn Learning from others' mistakes Diana Clement
28 Investing 101 Protecting your assets How to structure your investments so they stay safe and minimise tax Diana Clement
32 A Day in the Life The art of property finding Property finding is about research, spotting good deals and knowing your clients Colleen Simpson
36 Renovation Hot tips for hot property Improving the garden will increase the appeal and value of your investment property, and it's cost-effective and easy Jane Eyles- Bennett
38 Accounting Foreign losses across the ditch Changes in Australian tax legislation is making NZ an attractive investment option from both sides of the Tasman Mark Withers
39 Mortgages Changing tunes How to make sure the bank doesn't change its mind over your loan - what to look out for and avoid David Tillman
40 Economics Dark cloud over predicted rate cuts Although rate cuts are good news, the reasons behind them are not Khoon Goh
41 Strategy The five step system More tips on how to master the art of negotiation Tracy Hintz
42 Property management Best bang for your buck Competition is heating up for attracting good tenants. Find out where you can find the best of the bunch Pat Allen
43 Legal More positive changes RTA amendments: Landlord access; notice; rights of renewal; abandonment Scotney Williams
44 Regional review Tauranga: Bargains in the bay Tauranga's property market has been turned on its head, with some areas reaching the bottom and others yet to hit. Is it still a good option for investors? Adrienne Jervis
56 Toolbox Tools for smart landlords Courses for property managers reviewed. Becoming a better landlord will make you a better investor Diana Clement

Issue number 61, 2008

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Investing strategy The myth of risk Dispelling the myth of risk and encouraging a new way of thinking Michael Yardney
18 Profile Passion for property Patience, passion and prudence is what drives Nelson property investor Glenn Morris, who has built up a successfil portfolio of commercial and residential properties step by step Karen Clark
22 Cash flow positive properties How to find cash flow positive properties A guide on how to calculate and create cash flow positive properties Diana Clement
28 Investing 101 Juggling DIY and delegation We look at the question of managing your property. Being responsible for managing tenants can be a daunting task and there are lots of things to consider when deciding to DIY or delegate Diana Clement
32 A Day in the Life Hands-on philosophy Find out what it takes to be a successful do-it-yourself landlord by spending a day with Chris and Gwen O'Leary Jo Ferris
36 Renovation 7 must-do tips for renovating in turbulent times One thing to be aware of is knowing exactly what you are getting into - surprises are not your friend Mark Trafford
38 Accounting A landmark land sale decision Is it possible to buy land with the ultimate purpose of selling it and not be taxed on the sale? We take a look at a High Court case that clarifies the circumstances Mark Withers
40 Mortgages Breaking out Breaking out of fixed rate loans may be a better option than staying put Jonathan Michell
41 Economics Seeds of recovery The fundamentals are starting to align themselves in favour of the property market Khoon Goh
42 Valuations Keep it real Be realistic about your valuation - we are all in the same leaky boat Rene McLean
43 Property management Hot tips summarised Ttop five tips to keep you and your tenants happy in 2009 Pat Allen
44 Legal Last but not least The last article in the series on RTA amendments and how they affect landlords Scotney Williams
46 Regional review Face of the future Manukau City is a young and diverse city that's going places - fast. There are some exciting ventures planned that could well see property investors very happy in the near future Patricia Moore

Issue number 62, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
12 The Hard Yards The Secret Power of Persuasion Using persuasion in negotiation Michael Yardney
14 Renovation Flooring and window treatments Choosing carpets or hard flooring, curtains or blinds to increase the value of your property for minimum cost Jane Eyles-Bennett
18 Profile Sweet Success - Michele Coker The secret of Michele Coker's success. Andrea Fox
22 Forecast for New Year 2009 Outlook Experts Forecasts for 2009 Jo Ferris
28 Investing 101 Tenancy Management Tools for landlords for successful tenancy management and finding good tenants. Diana Clement
32 Coastal Property Perusing the coast. Beach properties as investments. Adrienne Jervis
36 A Day in the Life Playing the mediation game A day in the life of DBh mediators - Rental Disputes and disagreements. Vicki Holder
40 Accounting Mortgage break penalties-what are the issues? Breaking fixed mortgages for floating rates or lower interest rates Mark Withers
41 Mortgages Being smart about structuring debt Striking the right deal on your rate is important and changing the way their loans are organised. Jonathan Michell
42 Economics Useful predictions for 2009 Predictions on house sales, prices, mortgage rates and the job market. Khoon Goh
43 Property management Attracting and maintaining tenants Tips for keeping current and prospective tenants happy Pat Allen
44 Negotiation Why now is a good time to buy Any time is a good time to buy if you buy well. Adjust your strategies to suit the market conditions. Tracy Hintz
45 Tenancy Tribunal Tency Tribunal decisions of interest to property investors Landlords should keep comprehensive records and an agreement over termination of tenancy is binding. Letting fees payable must be included on agreement
46 Regional review Gisborne Real Estate Investment opportunities in Gisborne.
60 Mortgages Short will see you sweet for now Fixing short will give you flexibility to take advantage of falling rates but the future is still cloudy Maria Scott

Issue number 63, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
11 Commercial property Light amidst the tempest Focus shifting from credit crunch to impact of the wider economic downturn. Supply of investment property by motivated vendors will likely increase. Tenant retention critical. Zoltan Moricz
12 Housing Fishing for good news Housing Market data little to cheer about. Jenny Ruth
16 The Hard Yards Learning the smart way Property Investors can learn from other mistakes, learn faster & should educate themselves. Michael Yardney
18 Profile Small steps, giant lessons How Bruce and Irene Remnant build wealth in property. If being a landlord isn't for you, hire property managers Jo Ferris
22 Why we're buying now Why smart investors are buying now Property Investors strategies: Ed and Debbie Van Den Roek, Nancy Caiger, Colin & Lorraine Beaumont, Mike and Tahnee Bailey,Scott & Raewyn Dodd Karen Clark
28 Renovation Tales of the Kiwi DIY Investor DIY not always the easiest and cheapest option. Mark Trafford
30 Investing 101 Part 15 - Driving for success. How to overcome a lack of motivation, find inspiration and help in becoming an accomplished property investor. Dianna Clement
34 Provincial Service Towns Serving up profit Fast FActs about Feilding,Greymouth, Asbburton & Kawerau Andrea Fox
38 A Day in the Life The helping hand of the law Lindsay Lloyd Christchurch MDS Law Colleen Simpson
42 Accounting Holiday home tax crackdown IRD Auditing holiday homes & LAQC's Mark Withers
43 Mortgages From the trenches Substantial increase in the number of mortgages taken out. Loans more affordable in past 3 months. Types of property investors are different from a year or two ago. Jonathan Mitchell
44 Economics Are we there yet? Until global economy recovers NZ economy will remain subdued. Average duration of a downturn is 4 years. House prices have only fallen 5%-7% but number of houses sold is down 45%. Labour market will hold the key to how housing market fares. Khoon Goh
45 Property management The death of a tenant Tenancies immediately terminate on the death of a tenant, so no provision for rent past the date of death. Pat Allen
46 Valuations Comparing influences Pressure affect property market: Market sentiment, Difficulty in obtaining a mortgage, economy, global instability, fear,immigration, mortgage rates, rents, unemployed, cost to build etc. Rene Mclean
47 Tenancy Tribunal Tenanct Tribunal decisions of interest to property investors. Retention to title clauses and how that relates to fixtures in a property.
48 Regional review Weeding out bargains in the Garden City Christchurch - Sharpest drop in house prices in Canterbury. Oversupply of rental property. Investors believe prices will fall further. Rising unemployment. Pockets of opportunity including commercial property. Colleen Simpson

Issue number 64, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
10 Housing Tread cautiously House prices continue to tumble, sales drying up and time to sell is lengthening Jenny Ruth
14 Profile Thinking outside the square Katikati investors & orchard owners David and Cindy Thompson answered their predicament of housing seasonal kiwifruit workers by becoming landlords as well. Jo Ferris
18 Property management Game on Property management bill is getting another rewrite aimed at encouraging stable tenancies in better kept homes and landlords to better manage them. Rob Hosking and Vicki Holder
24 Renovation The secret to adding value Set renovation goals and make a plan. Avoid DIY employ tradespeople and project manager and get what you want by being fair, patient and respectful. Jane Eyles-Bennett
26 Investing 101 Part 16 Staying ahead of the scammers Typical property scams such as inflated property values, over-priced seminars, Ponzi schemes, Affinity scams, Lottery frauds, Diana Clement
30 The Hard Yards Thriving in difficult times Get your property portfolio thriving by seeing obstacles or setback as opportunities to grow and learn. Michael Yardney
34 Tax Guilty by association The institute(Chartered Accountants) wants the 'associated persons' provisions culled from the bill. Jenny Ruth
38 A Day in the Life RTA referees Debra Smallholme - A day in the life of a Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator Vicki Holder
42 Accounting Tax issues on separation When relationships break up both parties are obliged to split their assets - including their property portfolios held in trusts and LAQCs Mark Withers
43 Mortgages Under mortgage stress Ways of structuring your mortgage payments to help in tight times such as mortgage holiday, interest only loans, Top up your loan to fund mortgage payments or consumer finance debt. Structure business and rental debt for tax purposes, negotiate a good interest rate Jonathan Mitchell
44 Economics Land slump on the way Land prices need to to drop 40% to make building a viable option. Khoon Goh
45 Property management When you know you're being too nice Being too soft on tenants? There comes a time when you have to clean out a property by terminating a tenancy. Pat Allen
46 Tax Maximising cash flow in a recession Ideas to improve cash flow for investors Mathew Gilligan
47 Tenancy Tribunal Tenancy Tribunal decisions of interest to property investors Appeals by landlords in relation to a house being uninhabitable and tenants restricting landlords and prospective tenants access.
48 Regional review Hutt City - Pockets of Potential Things to consider when buying a Hutt City property: Is your property in right school zone? Off-street parking? Public transport? Flooding? Dux Quest piping? apartment building? Morning sun vs afternoon sun? Motorway links? Jonathan Underhill
53 Mortgages Bottom Line for borrowers Although rates are dropping there is still funding problems in the market. Fix for a shorter time if you are planning on repaying your debt over a 12 to 24 month period Maria Scott
60 Toolbox Birds eye view Google Street enables property investors to check out potential houses and areas from comfort of their own computer. Diana Clement

Issue number 65, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Profile Tina Chan - Defying the downturn How Tina Chan 24 yr old turns $20,00 savings into $1m of equity in less than a year. Diana Clement
18 Creating Cash Flow Back in Black Where to find cash flow positive properties in NZ? Vicki Holder
24 Renovation Choosing a trademan Mark Trafford has advice on how to go about finding the best contractors and traps to look out for. Mark Trafford
28 Investing 101 Exiting gracefully Creating exit strategies while building up your portfolio with tips from Greg Wells. Dianna Clement
30 Ventilation Healthy home, happy tenant Part 1 Heating & ventilation of rental properties Diana Clement
34 The Hard Yards Playing as a team Property investment is not an individual sport. Success comes when you play as a team Michael Yardney
36 Tax IRD on Tax - Change is Afoot IRD is in middle of scheme to tax old property transactions and could see changes to tax laws. Targeting individuals & LAQCs Rob Hosking
38 A Day in the Life Color me briliant Anthea Baker-Shreeve set up Homebase, a homestaging, furniture hire and interior design firm. Diana Clement
44 Accounting GST Update Mark Withers highlights what type of property6 activities result in owing GST Mark Withers
45 Mortgages Helping the kids into property Jonathan Mitchell looks at the best structure to help your children into their first home or first investment property. Jonathan Mitchell
46 Economics Taking the cautious approach Look for opportunities that are presenting themselves, but don't lose sight of the bigger picture. Khoon Goh
47 Valuations Cost versus value Be careful when renovating an existing property, as the cost of the build may be more than the added value when finished. Rene Mclean
48 Tax Keeping it close to home American tax liens sound enticing but the risks multiply the further away from home investments are. Mathew Gilligan
50 Regional review Queenstown-Queen of aces Property in Queenstown & Wanaka may be as cheap as its ever going to get due to the current market downturn. Karen Clark
55 Mortgage Rates Lock n' load Borrowers are now being told to lock down fixed rates but if gambling more your style wait and see if longer term rates will drop further. Maria Scott

Issue number 66, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
12 Housing Clear as mud Economists are saying there are signs of recovery in the housing market but beware reading too much into the latest figures. Jenny Ruth
16 Profile Scott & Raewyn Dodd Get alongside an experienced investor who is willing to act as a mentor. Surround yourself with a good team of experts such as a lawyer, accountant, valuer and bank manager. Karen Clark
20 Investing strategy Robert Kiyosaki on how to invest now Robert Kiyosaki explains how investors can profit from the current economic mess and gives you his new rules for investing. Diana Clement
26 Renovation Jane Eyles-Bennett - Renovating to sell Renovating to sell is entirely different to renovating to rent out to tenants or live in yourself. Jane Eyles-Bennett - gives advice on how to get the most value out of the least amount of money. Jane Eyles-Bennett -
28 Rentals Short term Lets - Keeping it brief Karen Clark explains what sort of returns do Short Term Lets yield and how much risk is involved? Karen Clark
34 The Hard Yards How important is timing Michael Yardney explains how important timing is for property investing strategies. Michael Yardney
36 Ventilation Venting for Value Part 2 - How to make properties warmer and dryer for tenants looking at ventilation systems and the huge value they add to properties. Diana Clement
38 A Day in the Life Elise Vine - Pathways to riches Elise Vine director of Pathway to Wealth is all about finding the best pathway to lead people to their financial goals and dreams. Jonathan Underhill
42 Tax GST update part 2 Mark Withers update on GST for apartments. Mark Withers
43 Mortgages Million dollar question Jonathan Mitchell tackles the most commonly asked question - when should you fix long term. Jonathan Michell
44 Economics Bounce bounce bounce Is the housing market bouncing back? Khoon Goh
45 Property management Checklist to keep in mind Pat Allen gets back to the basics to remind investors of the importance of the fundamentals: Condition, Location, Previous use, Existing tenants, ongoing management & neighbours Pat Allen
46 Tax Keeping you posted Mathew Gilligan updates on developments in: Associated person rules - delayed, IRD loses doctor case, Mathew Gilligan
47 Tenancy Tribunal Tenancy Tribunal decisions of interest to property investors A case relating to the importance of understanding terms in a tenancy agreement specifically Section 78(1)(g) - Tenancy agreement set aside because of mistaken belief by tenants, letting fee refunded and how Mediators orders are binding
48 Regional review Winning in the wine country Hastings in Hawke's Bay lifestyle main lure that gives investors interesting choice by Jo Ferris Jo Ferris
54 Toolbox Property doo-da-dey Review website www.propbd.co.nz by creator Bob Dey. An alternative view on what is happening in the wider Auckland market. Diana Clement
55 Mortgage Rates How 'bout that rollercoaster Mortgage rates have been up and down recently, with the latest predictions that they will fall again Maria Scott

Issue number 67, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 The Hard Yards Sitting on the recession sideline Michael Yardney explains how and why he is not participating in the recession and how you can too. Stay informed about what is happening in the world economy but don't become overwhelmed by it. Michael Yardney
18 Profile Paul Reid - Feeling the apartment beat Paul Reid is on a role with an ever-expanding apartment portfolio based solely in Auckland's CBD. Vicki Holder
22 Apartment Market High-Rise, High Returns Is now the time to buy apartments? Sonia Speedy
28 Rentals Accidental Landlords - Turning accidents to your advantage accidental landlords a by-product of the current downturn in the property market. Not selling either because they can't find a buyers or get the price they want they rent instead. Leading to a rise in the number of landlord. Karen Clarke writes about how to get up to speed with the role. Karen Clark
34 Renovation The efficient do-up How to keep your renovations within budget. Having a BUDGET is the most important. Mark Trafford
36 Ventilation Pumping up in popularity Part 3 - Options for heating rental properties. Heat pumps a drawcard for tenants. Diana Clement
38 A Day in the Life Helen Gatonyi -A helping hand Helen Gatonyi is a tenant advocate with Christchurch's Tenants Protection Association. Colleen Simpson
42 Accounting GST adjustments - change of use Mark Withers discusses the issue of GST clawbacks on trading properties that are let to tenants before sale. Mark Withers
43 Mortgages The demise of non-bank lenders If your loan is with a second tier lender, the best move could be to switch to a main stream back Jonathan Michell
44 Economics Catching red herrings Khoon Goh explains why OCR cuts haven't been passed on to borrowers and why he believes lower floating rates are a red herring. Khoon Goh
45 Property management Dealing with tenant rage What to do when tenants get abusive and why landlords must stay in control Pat Allen
47 Valuations Signs of Life Property sales numbers and prices returning to a level of normalcy. Rene Mclean
48 Regional review Waitakare City - Clean and green out west Waitakere City is making a name as an eco-friendly city and some good bargains for investors. Vicki Holder
446 Tax Do I need to pay GST on rent? Mathew Gilligan answers questions about GST relating to development properties changing to residential rentals. Mathew Gilligan

Issue number 68, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Rachel Bisset & Chris Webster - Driven by determination Jo Ferris talks with young property investors couple Rachel Bisset & Chris Webster from Christchurch. Jo Ferris
20 Tenancy Management Protecting your assets Tenants are a property investors greatest assets - how to avoid tenant trials and tribulations. Karen Clark
26 Mortgagee sales Catching fall-of-the-hammer deals Mortgagee sales not always a bargain. Diana Clement examines the numbers around mortgagee sales and dealing direct with the property owner before the suction is completed. Diana Clement
30 Renovation Hot tips for renovating Renovating on a budget and how to stay on track money-wise. Jane Eyes-Bennett
34 Statistics Understanding Statistics - Statistics pick n' mix How to compare the different sets of data and which ones are an accurate reflection on the market Jenny Ruth
36 The Hard Yards Climbing the investment ladder Michael Yardney explains the five typical levels of investing and how to make it to the top. Michael Yardney
38 A Day in the Life A Day in the Life of a building Inspector - Peter Everest The real insiders guide. To make sure they don't end up with a lemon of an investment property - use a property inspector. Maria Low
42 Bartercard Bartering for positive cashflow In times of tight credit criteria investors need to get creative. Using Bartercard Property can be the difference in tipping the scale towards positive cash flow. Vicki Holder
44 Accounting To depreciate or not to depreciate What to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to depreciate your investment property. Mark Withers
45 Mortgages What to ask and expect when fixing rates Jonathan Michell explains how to waive fees when refixing your mortgage and what else to expect from the bank. Jonathan Michell
46 Economics Consulting the map Khoon Goh takes a look at his predictions at the beginning of the year to see where the market is travelling and potentially where its heading Khoon Goh
47 Tax Fun and games with capital gains Mathew Gilligan reviews the tax rules in relation to property sales. Mathew Gilligan
48 Commercial property Letting unit title properties A Unit title checklist for landlords Michelle Jones
50 Regional review Marlborough - Opportunities amidst the vines Wins, sun and an attractive lifestyle make the Marlborough region an appealing choice for investors looking for steady returns. Karen Clarke
54 Toolbox All about property Diana Clement test-drives the property information website www.zoodle.co.nz Diana Clement

Issue number 69, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
10 Housing Flying Low but steady Jenny Ruth writes about the housing market still showing signs of consolidation in June. Jenny Ruth
14 Profile Coral Wong - Hatching profit from property Coral Wong with high goals, strong strategy and a foray into chicken farming has developed a successful property portfolio and two thriving businesses. Diana Clement
18 Feature What you need to know about P - P the hidden dangers of Obligations regarding clean-up and what disclosure is needed for tenants and future property purchasers. Jo Ferris
26 Housing Affordable Housing Series - Moving mountains for profit Relocating houses and whats involved. Vicki Holder
34 Investing made easy Investing made easy - Knowledge is power Its time to get savvy and commit time, capital and some knowledge Sonia Speedy
36 Renovation Wishing up on maintenance Maintaining your properties is the key to running a smooth investment business. Mark Trafford
38 Insulation Insulating your assets What the new insulation scheme offers and what the benefits are. Vicki Holder
40 Housing NZ Leases Guaranteed rent: is there a catch? How do Housing NZ leases stack up as an investment idea? Diana Clement
44 The Hard Yards Investing for the cycle Michael Yardney explains how low liquidity and high stability is the way forward. Michael Yardney
46 Accounting Insight into audit activity The tax audit is the primary tool in the IRD's tax compliance arsenal Mark Withers
47 Mortgages The shareholder's account Jonathan Michell explains how re-jigging your debt in a shareholder's account save you money? Jonathan Michell
48 Economics The two-sided market Khoon Goh looks at the two sides of the housing market recovery. Khoon Goh
49 Valuations Survivors, thrivers and cadavers Rene McLean asks which category you fall into? Rene Mclean
50 Regional review Porirua City - Capital Prospects Porirua City holds much potential for investors. Rob Hosking

Issue number 70, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
12 A Day in the Life The great property puzzle Jenny Ruth explains housing data and the differing information currently available. Jenny Ruth
14 Landlord of the Year award A winning passion for property Debbie Van Den Broek, this year's winner of the Landlord of the Year award.
16 Profile Knowledge of a lifetime - Jodi Cottle Cottle's rules - properties must be cash flow positive, liveable, tidy, and in decent area. Treat it as a business and don't be soft. Diana Clement
20 Back to the Future The property investor of the Future Five new investing rules for future success.
26 Investing made easy Building solid foundations Property portfolios are built one brick at a time Sonia Speedy
28 Housing Affordable Housing Series - New and affordable achievable? Vicki Holder explores the benefits and things to be wary of when investing in a new build compared to investing in existing, older properties. Vicki Holder
34 REINZ Sale and Purchase Agreement New S & P agreement under the spotlight New Sales and Purchase Agreement Vicki Holder
38 Renovation How much should you spend? Jane Eyles-Bennett answers commonly asked renovation questions by investors. Jane Eyles-Bennett
40 Insulation So many products, so little space. Benefits and downsides of different insulation materials Vicki Holder
42 The Hard Yards Running against the pack Michael Yardney challenges what type of investor you are and explains how to be successful, you need to be going in the opposite direction from the 'pack'. Michael Yardney
44 Accounting GST headaches from services apartments Mark Withers explains GST issues surrounding serviced apartments, holiday homes and home stays. Mark Withers
45 Mortgages Protecting your assets Jonathan Michell looks at how investors can protect their assets and families from the unexpected. Jonathan Michell
46 Economics Hold 'ur horses Khoon Goh warns the housing market is still facing headwinds. Khoon Goh
47 Landscaping cultivating calue Simple tidy gardens add instant value to a rental property and are easy for tenants to maintain. Darryl Pierce
48 Regional review North Shore City - A shore thing Auckland's North Shore offers a fantastic lifestyle, but what does it offer investors? Diana Clement
60 Toolbox Get Smart Diana Clement looks at new rental listing sites: www.getleased.co.nz and www.getrented.co.nz Diana Clement

Issue number 71, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
11 Commercial property HOw to reap rewards Commercial Property is all about timing and improving rental income Mahesh Ranchhod
12 Housing Bridging the great divide Opninio is sharply divided on where residential property market is heading? Jenny Ruth
16 Profile Isabella Hockey - Golden tactics Isabella Hockey shares her golden investment tactics & tips. Karen Clark
20 Rentals Rental Growth - Whats'the deal with rents? Top 10 TLAS suburbs for rental growth throughout the country Sonia Speedy
28 Investing made easy State of Play Some tips for investors in the current market. Sonia Speedy
30 Renovation Renovation Is now the time to build? Mark Trafford
34 Affordable Housing Series Kitset Homes - Packaged Profit What kitset homes have to offer investors. Are they a good option in the current market and with a wide choice, it pays to do your homework and find out what the overall completed costs are likely to be. Vicki Holder
36 Renovation How long should my renovation take? How long your renovation should take and how to make sure it stays on target. Jane Eyles-Bennett
40 Insulation Installation tips The best way to install insulation, the costs, things to be wary of and tips for doing it yourself Vicki Holder
42 Feature Musings with De Roos - Back to basics Dolf de Roos takes a look back at the path the property market has taken over recent years and reinforces how important getting the basics of investing right are to survive a downturn. Dolf de Roos
44 Accounting Repairs and maintenance or capital improvements How do you figure out if money spent on a property is maintenance or improvement when claiming tax? Mark Withers
45 Mortgages Thinking outside the box What funding is available if you don't fit the banks standard lending mold? Jonathan Mitchell explains how contributory mortgages could be the answer. Jonathan Mitchell
46 Economics Mixed Messages Khoon Goh explains the mixed messages the housing market is giving and what investors should focus on. Khoon Goh
47 Valuations The valuation conundrum Rene McLean looks at the values of development land, apartments and 'cheapies'. Rene McLean
48 Property Conveyancing David vs Goliath History of conveyancing Kim Matheson
50 Regional review Southland - Invercargill The Invercargill property market has escaped the dips and dives. The education sector has had a significant impact on Invercargill, helping to stabilize the rental market. David Killick
50 Regional review Rodney District - Prospecting Rodney Rodney District once the home of many Aucklander's baches has become become increasingly developed over the last 30 years. Diana Clement

Issue number 72, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Housing On the mend The housing market continues to be on the mend with Sept figures showing a second year-on-year monthly increase. Jenny Ruth
18 Feature How to achieve ' No Vacancies'. Develop strategies to reduce vacancy times when properties are inevitably empty,keep desirable tenants and have rock solid tenant selection processes. Diana Clement
22 Profile Liz Harris - Million-dollar mum Liz Harris started as an accidental landlord and now has a property empire to rival the best of them. Some tips: Never borrow for renovation or improvement - fund from cash flow Vicki Holder
28 Tenancy Tribunal Harmonising disputes - advice for dealing with Tribunal Applications. Landlords often get frustrated with the disputes application process. Heres what to do to make the process smoother. Vicki Holder
34 Investing made easy Investing made easy - Working backwards In order to build a substantial portfolio you need a solid plan that will get you into more serious property. Sonia Speedy
38 Affordable Housing Series Clean, green and beautiful Sustainable building issue and how investors can make it work. Vicki Holder
42 The Hard Yards Michael Yardney 9 golden rules of investing. Michael Yardney
44 Accounting If no capital gains tax, what then? Mark Withers explains the alternatives to capital tax gains Mark Withers
45 Mortgages What to do with the silver lining What to do with the extra cash from those lower mortgage payments. Jonathan Michell
47 Property Conveyancing Sale and purchase essentails Essential clauses to include in Sale and Purchase Agreements. Kim Matheson
48 Tenancy Tribunal Tenancy Tribunal cases of interest to investors Cases and outcomes relating to the importance of wording in a Tenancy Agreement and that presumption referred to in the Residential Tenancies act doesn't apply in all cases.

Issue number 73, 2009

Page Subject Title Description Author
12 Housing Singing to its own tune Jenny Ruth investigates if housing market in another growth phase or in another downward spiral. Jenny Ruth
16 Profile Aaron Power -Power of one Builder & investor Aaron power found a niche in relocation and development-devising a novel complementary cash flow business that keeps on rolling. Jo Ferris
20 Feature Fastest recovering suburbs - Fresh Growth Top 50 suburbs showing the fastest recovery since the bottom of the market earlier this year. Sonia Speedy
34 Property Maintenance Everything you need to know about holiday maintenance How to keep your rentals safe and tenants happy over the summer holiday season. Mark Trafford
36 Investing made easy Finding alternatives Sonia Speedy looks at why spreading your risk by investing in other types of investment isn't such a bad idea. Sonia Speedy
40 The Hard Yards Michael Yardney - Overcoming your fears Typical fears involved in property investing and how action is the best way to conquer them. Michael Yardney
42 Accounting Associated persons: answering your question Mark Withers addresses some questions on the newly introduced associated persons rules. Mark Withers
43 Mortgages Lenders and their attitudes current lending environment for property investors. Jonathan Michell
44 Economics Predicting predictions Khoon Goh reflects on his predictions for the year past to see how on-the-money he was. Khoon Goh
45 Property Conveyancing Electronic revolution Electronic Conveyancing is the way of the future Kim Matheson
46 Economics The J.O.B effect The effect unemployment has on the housing market and the economy as a whole. Khoon Goh
46 Valuations One in the same, only different Why there are often differences in valuation figures and what you need to think about when scoping out a potential valuer. Rene McLean
47 Commercial property Finance in the credit crunch Commercial property have been difficult to finance. Mahesh Ranchhod
48 Regional review Waipa District - Picture perfect Waipa's biggest towns, Cambridge and Te Awamutu are picture perfect on almost every level. Vicki Holder

Issue number 74, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Profile Pat Baker - Secret ingredients Pat Baker's how's and why's of property investing. Diana Clement
18 Forecast for New Year 2010 Preview - Future Footing Jo Ferris talks to experts in the industry for predictions on the year ahead to help property investors. Jo Ferris
22 Profile Profile Flashbacks Michele Coker, David and Cindy Thompson, Tina Chan, Paul Reid, Coral Wong & Jodi Cottle Jo Ferris and Diana Clement
26 Commercial 101 Crux of commercial The basics, plus the skills and information you need for investing in commercial property. Karen Clark
28 Coastal Property Canvassing the kiwi coasts Property prices have ebbed dramatically in some coastal areas as a result of the recession but there are signs the tide is turning. Karen Clark
34 Investing made easy Taking heed of the past Taking heed of past lessons and recapping the basics. Sonia Speedy
34 Negotiation The art of negotiation Negotiation is a delicate art as much about people skills as hard-and-fast specialist knowledge. Diana Clement
36 Goals and Plans Vision for a new decade How to create and tailor your master plan vicki Holder
38 Property Maintenance Perfect planning Having a maintenance plan is the easiest way to stay on top of problems. Mark Trafford
40 Renovation Areas for adding the most value What areas should you renovate to add the most value? The three key factors to consider: Who is your target market? The existing state of the areas?What are you planning to do with the property i.e selling or increasing yield? Jane Eyles-Bennett
44 The Hard Yards 5 lessons from the downturn The most important lessons to come out of 2009 and why preparing for the next cycle now is important Michael Yardney
46 Accounting Off-the-plan on the radar The latest initiatives from the IRD's Property Compliance Division in relation to off-the-plan properties. Mark Withers
47 Property management Helping with the war on P Property managers and landlords can help in the war on P and the Customs Investigation team advice.
48 Economics The best is some way off The worst may be over but don't expect a boom yet. Khoon Goh predicts: Interest rates will get higher, housing demand will decrease, Regulatory and tax changes impacting on housing will be introduced, house price gains will ease but rents will rise. Khoon Goh
49 Commercial property Its all about timing The best deals are done in the recession Mahesh Ranchhod
50 Regional review Whangarei City - City of 100 opportunities Known as the city of 100 beaches, there is good buying but most investors are waiting. Diana Clement
54 Toolbox New-age negotiation www.propertydeal.co.nz Diana Clement

Issue number 75, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Lynette Butler - Doing the twist Lynette Butler has developed a rental property portfolio worth $2.75m with a simple strategy to look for the hidden potential which can turn an average rental into an above average one. Karen Clark
20 Feature Your guide to property indicators Property Investors can tap into a wealth os statistical information but its seems they tend to rely more on anecdotal evidence and local pulse.
27 Commercial 101 Pick n' mix or straight fix Different sectors of commercial properties and the importance of matching type to target Karen Clark
40 The Hard Yards The biggest obstacle to becoming wealthy The biggest obstacle when starting down the wealth creation path is - ourselves and our 'financial thermostat'. Michael Yardney
42 Accounting Holiday Homes income tax treatments When you can claim tax back on holiday homes used for both renting and personal use. Mark Withers
43 Economics Out of sync After the first synchronised global housing boom and bust last decade, recovery seems disjointed. Khoon Goh
44 Mortgages ANZ's mortgage borrowing strategy Short fixed rates are still showing the greatest value. ANZ
45 Valuations Depreciation basics Depreciation is a big deal for investors and there are changes coming. Steve Tucker
46 Property Conveyancing Acting out the REAA Overview of the Real Estate Agents Act that came into force November 2009 Kim Matheson
47 Commercial property Property versus shares Listed property versus direct investment in the current market Mahesh Ranchhod
48 Regional review Kawerau and Tokoroa - Central timber towns Exciting developments in the pipeline for Kawerau & Tokoroa Jehna White and Madeleine Milicich

Issue number 76, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
17 Profile Playing for cash Caroline Pearson and Alan Sims Madeline Milicich
20 Feature Tax Report - New era for property investment How the rules around residential property investment are going to change forever and what you need to do to prepare for them. Philip Macalister and Rob Hosking
26 Commercial 101 Fund finding fun Part three:The different streams of funding available and their criteria and expectations. Karen Clark
34 Feature To depreciate or not to depreciate Valuation and Depreciation Sonia Speedy
38 Renovation The numbers game How to renovate your investment property without overcapitalising and why it comes down to numbers - even before you've purchased. Jane Eyles-Bennett
40 The Hard Yards Have faith its nothing new Booms and busts in the property market are nothing new Michael Yardney encourages investors to hang in there, the slump is not forever Michael Yardney
42 Accounting 3 bullets dodged but still a round in the breach Investors should be vigilant to the threat of a targeted capital gains tax in the future Mark Withers
43 Mortgages The perfect application How to achieve the perfect application and why bank statements are so imperative to the loan approval process. Jonathan Michell
44 Economics Running out of puff Housing market is slowing possibly due to uncertainty of the future landscape for property investment. Khoon Goh
45 Commercial property Leasing with confidence The traps to be wary of when leasing commercial property and strategies for avoiding defaulting tenants. Mahesh Ranchhod
46 Property Conveyancing Understanding title estates There are 5 different types of estates in which you can purchase investment properties. Kim Matheson
47 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations Is a tenant liable for debt even though they are not living at the premises and does the sale of a property subject to tenancy mean the rent can be raised without notice?
48 Regional review Money in metropolis After a tumultuous few years, the Auckland central business district apartment market is finally gaining lost ground. Vicki Holder
54 Toolbox Cashing in on rugby-mania Landlords can make the most of the Rugby World Cup by renting out their properties short term. www.2011rugbyaccommodation.co.nz and www.rentmyspace.co.nz Diana Clement

Issue number 77, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Oliver Phillips - Mr Kitchen Mr Fix-it Property investor Oliver Phillips discusses his start and strategies Diana Clement
16 Profile Andrew and Andrea Elliot - Unexpected rewards For Andrew and Andrea Elliot property investment has led to new skills and a Landlord of the Year award 2008. Karen Clark
20 Feature Auckland's Future Hotspots Keys factors to consider: Demographics, Regional growth, Accessibility, Neighbouring suburbs, Schools and MOE plans, Immigration and Resource consent changes.
28 Commercial 101 Part 4 - How to stack the numbers Commercial property has to be affordable for you and give you the return on your investment that you're seeking. Important to do due diligence Karen Clark
34 Illegal Renovations How to deal with illegal renovations What you can do if you purchase a property with unpermitted renovations. Diana Clement
38 Debt Diaries Part One - Prevention better than cure How to avoid tenant debt, what to do if you are owed money and how to get it back. Sonia Speedy
40 Property Maintenance When to get help from the professionals When to use a professional and why they can add extra value to a property Mark Trafford
42 The Hard Yards 4 areas to focus your forces 1.Buy the right property 2.Have a plan 3.Review your property portfolio 4.Manage your risk Michael Yardney
44 Accounting Silver lining in depreciation changes Depreciation changes may come as a blessing in disguise. Mark Withers
45 Mortgages Bank fees-lots of dollars, no sense What a difference putting that extra money on the mortgage could take off you loan term Jonathan Michell
46 Economics Whats the deal with demand The mechanics of demand for housing and the relation to household size and immigration. Khoon Goh
47 Commercial property Now is the time for action Why now is the perfect time for commercial property investors to find bargains and ways to add extra income to make a deal sweeter. Mahesh Ranchhod
48 Valuations Tax, values and you The impact of proposed tax changes on property values Steve McNamara
49 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations Tenancy Tribunal cases when the peace and quiet of neighbours is impacted by tenants, and the need for landlords to keep an eye on tenancies especially incoming rent.
50 Regional review New Plymouth - Investing in the 'Naki Taranaki's main centre is a hive of activity with good investment potential due to the stable nature of the housing and employment markets. Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 78, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Cash Flow Postive Areas How to create Cas flow postive portfolios Where cash flow positive properties can be found NOW. Sonia Speedy
26 Commercial 101 Part 4 - Tax implications Understanding the tax implications of commercial property investment needn't be taxing and is essential if you want to maximise your returns. Karen Clark
34 Joint ventures Joining forces Joining forces with like-minded investors can be a powerful strategy for increasing your portfolio but there are fish-hooks and market factors to consider along the way. Diana Clement
38 Debt Diaries Part two - Claiming back lost ground Recovering money owed from tenants can be a landlord's wort nightmare but there are ways to make the collection process a lot more successful. Sonia Speedy
40 Renovation Tips for renovating to sell Crucial aspects of renovating a property for sale including attention to the exterior as street appeal is extremely important Jane Eyles-Bennett
42 The Hard Yards Why property makes sense Shares versus property debate and why investing in an imperfect market is perfect for creating wealth. Michael Yardney
44 Accounting The evils of ring fencing Some of the reasons why ring fencing should be avoided as a tax reform measure. Mark Withers
46 Mortgages Budgeting for success How you can achieve your goals through budgeting. Jonathan Michell
47 Economics Whats affecting our rates Why mortgage rates have moved a great deal over the past year despite no movement in the OCR. Khoon Goh
48 Commercial property Homework for success The issue you should cover with due diligence when considering a commercial property investment. Mahesh Ranchhod
49 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations A landlord living with tenants can be covered under the Residential Tenancies Act and tenants can not be expected to pay for issues such as water rates if the correct information is not given by the landlord.
50 Regional review Tauranga City - Investing in sunshie Tauranga offers more than sun, surf and lifestyle. Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 79, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Paul Wright - Big is good Wellington investor Paul Wright believes in buying in bulk and his penchant for multi-unit rentals has proven to be a formula for success. Karen Clark
20 Your Budget Guide Property still holds its own Property investment is still a viable option, despite being hit by tax changes in last months budget. Rob Hosking and Sonia Speedy
26 Commercial 101 Part 5 - Structuring for success To succeed in commercial property investment you need a game plan, which means identifying your goals and how you're going to achieve them. It also means deciding what ownership structure is best for your circumstances. Karen Clark
34 Education The changing face of education The education market has taken off again in recent months. Vicki Holder looks at what happened to the old players and who's king of the castle now. Vicki Holder
38 Debt Diaries Part 3 - Taking responsibility What is a property manager's responsibility when it comes to tenants owing rent? Investor's lessons and tips to avoid being owed money. Sonia Speedy
40 Renovation Matching material to your project. The important things to consider when renovating a property and how choosing the right materials for your project is vital. Mark Trafford
44 Accounting Counting the positives Why the uncertainty around tax changes has had a positive effect on property investment. Mark Withers
45 Mortgages Financing construction projects Building and renovation as an option to add value in the current market. Jonathan Michell
46 Economics Expecting a quiet winter Higher borrowing rates, pressure on house prices and the current global economic situation, the property market looks set for a quiet winter. Khoon Goh
47 Commercial property Managing your commercial portfolios How to ensure property managers work for you. Mahesh Ranchhod
48 Valuations How does a valuer value? Three different types of valuations and why you need to understand them. Direct comparison, income and replacement. Steve McNamara
49 Property management Hot properties, happy homes How easy it can be to keep tenants through warm and healthy housing. Brent Sullivan
50 Regional review Ashburton - Offering a kiwi slice of life. The Ashburton District is a diverse area offering both established employment opportunities and a future potential for growth. Madeline Milicich
54 Toolbox builderscrack.co.nz - A cracking good idea Builderscrack.co.nz is an online forum enabling tradespeople to tender for work and is a fantastic tool for investors to use in the current climate. Diana Clement

Issue number 80, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Trevor and Sandy Giles - View from the inside out Trevor and Sandy Giles are all about the Auckland market and have carved a tidy little niche for themselves. Diana Clement
22 Budget Update Digging deeper"Tax traps for the unwary How to avoid potential traps in the property tax and qualifying company changes. Alan Scott
24 Feature Steve McKnight - Making money the monopoly way Australian property investor guru Steve McKnight shares his property investing strategies and how he went from zero to property hero. Sonia Speedy
30 Strategies for selling Dressing to sell How to go about staging your property for sale. Vicki Holder
34 Long term maintenance What's the long term plan stan? Changes to regulation will see multi-ownership properties needing to organise long-term maintenance plans. Diana Clement
38 Commercial 101 How to find the perfect property Where to look and what to look for to make the process of finding the right commercial property a lot easier. Karen Clark
42 Renovation Cooking up value with kitchen renovations How kitchen renovations will give investors best value for money. Jane Eyles-Bennett
44 The Hard Yards How to invest like Warren Buffett The investing strategies of the great Warren Buffett and how property investors can apply them to their own strategies. Michael Yardney
46 Accounting Does the new dawn herald a grey day Mark Withers looks at the issues surrounding changes to LAQC rules investors need to be aware of. Mark Withers
47 Mortgages The bank and you How the credit crisis has affected banks attitudes to rental property lending, plus current headwinds investors are facing and how to deal with them. Jonathan Michell
48 Economics Finding equilibrium Khoon Goh four predictions for the housing market and why the second half of this year should see balance restored Khoon Goh
49 Commercial property Diversifying accross the ditch Diversity is often the key to a successful investment portfolio and why Australia is a good option for commercial property investors. Mahesh Ranchhod
50 Property management Not all are created equal What to look for to find the perfect property manager. Brent Sullivan
51 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations What constitutes provision of services provided by a landlord and why the difference of opinion between body corporate and landlord do not negate the obligations of the landlord to the tenants.
52 Regional review Wanganui - Returns in the river city With a colourful mayor Michael Laws and strong historical returns from the property market Wanganui is a city with potential. Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 81, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Feature Laurence Pope - How the dream was shattered How Laurence Pope's property investments turned to financial disaster. Philip Macalister
18 Feature Raising Rent - HOw to raise the roof on rents Strategies that will help make rent increases more palatable for tenants and landlords. Sonia Speedy
20 Learning from mistakes Master of history: Lessons from the downturn What smart investors can learn from those mistakes to become masters of history Andrea Phillips
26 Selling Tapping into private potentail Is selling privately the way to go or just false economy? Vicki Holder
30 Property Maintenance Your maintenance toolbox What you need in your maintenance arsenal to avoid costly issues. Mark Trafford
34 Commercial 101 Part 7 - Finding value Determining the value of commercial property is complex requiring specialist knowledge, but understanding the process can certainly help you make better investment. Karen Clark
40 The Hard Yards Secrets of the rich Michael Yardney shares the secrets and attitudes of wealthy investors and how to make your money work for you rather than the other way around. Michael Yardney
42 Accounting Floating profit Yacht Charters -A different type of potential housing investment and how returns compare to the more traditional landlord. Mark Withers
43 Mortgages Why you should use a broker The extra value a mortgage broker can add to your investing strategy Jonathan Michell
44 Economics Putting recovery into context Khoon Goh puts the current export-led recovery into perspective for the housing market. Khoon Goh
45 Commercial property Important Indicators Indicators important to the commercial property market and also how they all inter-connect Mahesh Ranchhod
46 Property management How to attract quality tenants What landlords can do to increase the appeal of their properties to prospective tenants. Brent Sullivan
47 Valuations Hurdles removed for claiming depreciation With recent rule changes and clarifications around depreciation, investors have every reason to claim. Steve Tucker
48 Regional review Dunedin - On the mend Dunedin is hurting from the recession but has a lot to offer property investors with its university market. Carmen Houlahan
54 Toolbox Rent on time every time www.rentontime.co.nz A new website designed to allow tenants to pay by credit card. Diana Clement

Issue number 82, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
10 Feature RTA Amendments Key changes to the RTA rulebook Andrea Phillips
16 Profile Jay Bennet and Jane Williams Couple Jay Bennett and Jane Williams have chosen alternative property investing strategies such as lease options. Sonia Speedy
20 Feature Finding freedom through property Three property investors who are doing it full-time: Shane Allen, Robyn Marsters and Kent Leicester Andrea Phillips
26 Feature Audit advice - What to do when the IRD want you. What investors need to know in order to be prepared if the IRD come knocking. Diana Clement
30 Feature GST in a nutshell GST changes and their main impacts Eugen Trombitas and Paul McGonigal
34 Renovation Bathroom renos and how to add value What investors need to consider when renovating bathrooms. Jane Eyles-Bennett
36 Commercial 101 Part Eight - How to find tenants Attention to detail pays off when marketing commercial property to prospective tenants. Karen Clark
42 The Hard Yards 8 mistakes to watch out for. Michael Yardney shares eight costly financial mistakes that investors need to correct before its too late, if they want to achieve wealth Michael Yardney
44 Accounting When is a chattel not a chattel? The IRD clarifies what constitutes a chattel with a three-step process Mark Withers
45 Economics Market stalemate The housing market is in a locked draw, with prices needing to adjust further in order to clear surplus stock and get the market moving again. Khoon Goh
46 Commercial property Investing in retail Why investing in retail is one of the safer options when considering commercial property. Mahesh Ranchhod
47 Property management Where owners go wrong Common mistakes landlords make when managing their properties and how to avoid them. Brent Sullivan
48 Landscaping The landlords guide to lawns There is an art to perfecting a lawn and one which is well worth mastering because of the added value to your rental property. Darryl Pierce
49 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations Section 38 Breach of quiet enjoyment
50 Regional review Turning it on for the future Hamilton is a city going places. With an increasing population and steady job market demand for rental housing looks to remain stable in future. Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 83, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Re-setting reality George and Joy Thompson have successfully achieved their property goals with some hard lessons learnt. Madeline Milicich
20 Feature Aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquake - Shaken to the Core Investor's stories from the Christchurch earthquake. Carmen Houlahan and Madeleine Milicich
26 Feature aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquake - An investor's first-hand account Janine Ogier's first hand experience of the quake. Janine Ogier
28 Feature Letting Fees - Let the field be levelled Letting fees are now able to be charged. Jenny Ruth
30 Renovation Renovate Now Three types of renovation projects that are flourishing in the current market. Renovating to rent, trade or sell. Mark Trafford
34 Commercial 101 Lets talk Dotting the i's and crossing the t's when drawing up commercial leases. Karen Clark
40 The Hard Yards The 5 levels of wealth The five levels of wealth and where investors sit on the ladders Michael Yardney
42 Accounting Commercial building fit-outs Why commercial fit-outs are different from residential. Mark Withers
43 Economics Righting the imbalance How far house prices need to fall in order to correct the stalemate in the market. Khoon Goh
44 Commercial property Knowing how to sell Fundamentals to consider when selling commercial investments. Mahesh Ranchhod
45 Property management Getting up-to-speed Some changes to the Residential Tenancies Act Brent Sullivan
46 Valuations Leaky sentence for life Why re-clad leaky homes still carry bad stigma Steve McNamara
47 Landscaping Weeding out problem plants How to stop weeds before they get too big. Darryl Pierce
48 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations When tenancies involving families are covered by the RTA plus a reminder to carry out regular property inspections and avoid maintenance issues
50 Regional review Sitting strong for future growth The current Marlborough building industry and long term prospects look healthy Karen Clark

Issue number 84, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Vicki Letele - 360 Degrees Vicki Letele Setting up a business, amassing a strong portfolio and helping others into property too Vicki Holder
20 Feature ANZ Investor Survey - Getting real and following the rules Investors are adopting good strategies and running their portfolios with increasing professionalism. Andrea Phillips
26 Feature Unusal Investments - Leakers as Investments Intentionally buying a leaky home for investments. Diana Clement
28 Feature Strategies to sell - Selling through an agent Advice and tips for selling through an agent to make the selling process as smooth as possible. Vicki Holder
30 Feature LAQC Amendments Changes to qualifying company and LAQC regimes and what options investors have available to them. Mathew Gilligan
34 Renovation How to get a Designer Look How to get a designer look without blowing your renovation budget. Jane Eyles-Bennett
36 Commercial 101 Part Ten - The art of managing tenants To manage commercial tenants well you need specific knowledge and skills and the ability to adjust to the economic environment. Karen Clark
42 The Hard Yards Wealth myths that hold you back - Part One Michael Yardney Michael Yardney
44 Accounting Apartments and GST Apartments and their GST position Mark Withers
45 Property Investment A Buyer's market There is still plenty of opportunity out there for buyers looking to invest in residential property. Sandy Richardson
46 Property management How to attract quality tenants Three easy tips for attracting the type of tenant you want in your rental. brent
46 Property management How to attract quality tenants Three easy tips for attracting the type of tenant you want in your rental. Brent Sullivan
47 Landscaping How to create edible gardens Vegetable and fruit gardens are back in vogue - how to create a an easy-care garden suitable for rental property. Darryl Pierce
48 Commercial property Negotiating the best deal How to negotiate the best commercial deal possible Mahesh Ranchhod
49 Economics Running in Tandem How the housing market operates in tandem with the wider economy. Khoon Goh
50 Regional review Manukau Finding value in South Auckland Vicki Holder

Issue number 85, 2010

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Jan Berry - Pick 'n' mix strategies berry fruitful Jan Berry is a property investor who is prepared to experiment with different strategies and invest in different countries. Diana Clement
22 Feature North vs South Why the south is hot
28 Feature Alternative Investments Holiday parks and campgrounds as investments Diana Clement
30 Renovation Seven Deadly sins of renovatiing Seven common mistakes that can lead to renovation hell. Mark Trafford
34 Landlord of the Year award "If it not fun it's not worth it!" Nancy Caiger winner of NZ Property Investor of the year. Vicki Holder
36 Commercial 101 Pooling funds for commercial exposure How pooling funds can allow you to buy higher quality property and lower the risk. Karen Clark
42 The Hard Yards Wealth myths that hold you back - Part two Michael Yardney continues exploring the common money myths that hold many people back from achieving their financial goals. Michael Yardney
44 Accounting Thanks, we've had enough tax change now Sum up of tax changes from the past year and concludes they come with a silver lining. Mark Withers
45 Property Investment Pre-approval maximises your buying power Sandy Richardson looks at your buying power and revolving credit, Off set home loans and how much to borrow? Sandy Richardson
46 Commercial property How to best invest in commercial property The million dollar question that every investor has is: Will I get it right when purchasing property? Mahesh Ranchhod
47 Valuations Squeezing cashflow from chattel depreciation With all the changes made to residential depreciation what cash flow benefits can investors gain from the new regime? Steve Tucker
48 Landscaping Right plant right place Getting the right plants in the rights place around your property. Darryl Pierce
49 Economics How I scored Khoon Goh evaluates how accurate his predictions for the year have been. Khoon Goh
50 Regional review Rotorua - Bubbling away One of NZ's top tourism destinations Rotorua also has plenty of plans for the future and opportunities for investors. Jehna White

Issue number 86, 2011

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Kevin Green - From mud to mogul Welshman Kevin Green now UK's largest private sector landlord
22 Feature The forecast for 2011 2011 Looking ahead - Experts give their top tips and best forecasts for 2011 Andrea Phillips
28 Alternative Investments Carparks - Park your money here Could carparks be the affordable entry point into the property market? Diana Clement
32 Renovation Makeover or overhaul - Redecoration or renovation The difference between redecorating and renovating. Mark Trafford
34 Commercial 101 Lessons from the experts - When things go wrong Experienced commercial investors talk about some of the snags they've had to contend with. Karen Clark
40 The Hard Yards US investments - Too good to be true Anyone tempted to invest in US property because of the rock bottom prices should go in with their eyes wide open. The economy is at a standstill - and indicators suggest that it's only going to get worse. Michael Yardney
44 Accounting Tangling with taxes Tax implications on repairs and maintenance versus capital improvements Mark Withers
45 Property Investment The ins and outs of registered valuations Why banks ask for a valuation on properties. Sandy Richardson
46 Property management An act of interpretation The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2010 Donna Russell
47 Landscaping Hedging your bets Advantages of hedges on your property Darryl Pierce
48 Economics The 2011 forecast: Conditions easing Khoon Goh goes out on a limb and makes some concrete predictions about what the property market will do in 2011 Khoon Goh
49 Commercial property The risks and rewards of developing Property investing can be an entry-point to the riskier world of property developing. Mahesh Ranchhod
50 Regional review Napier - Glimmers of optimism for Napier Investors An international art deco hub and major export port, Napier's property market has been struggling during the recession - but some investors believe that the market is beginning to turn. Jenny Ruth

Issue number 87, 2011

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Jan and Lyle Galloway - It's not rocket science Aucklanders Jan and Lyle Galloway have built a solid and successful portfolio - all with a view to an independent retirement and financial freedom.
24 Coastal Property Beachside Bargains Property near the water from seaside sections and holiday homes Adrienne Jervis
30 Housing Unhappy HNZ Landlords - Landlord "screwed" by HNZ Housing NZ Home LEasing Scheme comes under fire, online and in major newspapers. Benn Bathgate
34 Alternative Investments Motel Makeovers Motel conversions and makeovers and whether to convert to residential? Landbank? Or restore? Diana Clement
36 Commercial 101 A well-timed exit Exit strategies are essential if you want to get the most out of your commercial property investments and exit the market. Karen Clark
42 The Hard Yards The business of financial freedom Treat your property investment like a business, you're fast track your financial success. Michael Yardney
44 Accounting The drivers of success The economic drivers of property investment: Rental yields, Interest rates and overall purchase price of property Mark Withers
45 Property Investment Building and using equity How to make the most of finance to build and utilise the equity in your residential portfolio. Sandy Richardson
46 Valuations 2011 values: Bricks 'N' Mortis? Steve McNamara looks at interest rates, immigration, job security, building consents, first home buyers, mortgagee sales, rent reviews and overall outlook for 2011. Steve McNamara
47 Landscaping Making gardenin easier What are the perfect plants for an investment property? Those that require the least maintenance. Darryl Pierce
48 Economics Floating for long-term savings Weighing up the benefits of fixed versus floating - how you can choose the which option best suits you? Khoon Goh
49 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulation Maritime tenants, separated tenants, signs on the lawn.
100 Regional review Nelson - A place in the sun The Nelson-Tasman region's abundance of sunshine, and natural gems such as beaches and mountains prove a strong lure for holiday makers and property investors. Karen Clark

Issue number 88, 2011

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Lester Haycock - A piece of a dream Lester Haycock how to sell the same property again and again to different people? Amy Hamilton Chadwick
22 The Hard Yards Be prepared to be scared Take a long-term view, rather the attending to the media scaremongers. Michael Yardney
25 Tax The best tax deal for you What do the tax changes mean? Even the experts disagree. Brenda Ward
30 Renovation What do landlords actually want? Maintenance plan for your properties is more important than ever - not just for asset management but also for safety and wellbeing of your tenants. Mark Trafford
34 Alternative Investments State of possibility US investment: The American property market. Diana Clement
42 Accounting When is a boarding house not a boarding house? Defining a commercial property can be more complicated. Mark Withers
43 Property Investment Your guide to guarantees Why banks request guarantees. Sandy Richardson
44 Property management Great management, great results Why you should use a property manager rather than managing your properties yourself. Donna Russell
45 Commercial property Why buy commercial? The advantages of commercial property investments make it a wonderful way to build wealth over the long term. Mahesh Ranchhod
46 Economics Don't get too excited Slump may have eased but housing market still operating at low levels. Khoon Goh
47 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations Landlords responsibilities for stairs, not advertising with discrimination and Fixed term contracts.
48 Regional review Northshore Profits by the sea. Popular bet for both landlords and tenants. Vicki Holder

Issue number 89, 2011

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Feature Rocketing rents: Just hype or here to stay Demand for rental accommodation is causing rents to skyrocket to record levels. Amy Hamilton Chadwick asks the experts. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
21 People and Property People and Property - Love and the sea Half of Christine Hosford's year is spent abroad, and she spends the other half sailing and living her dream lifestyle.
24 Buying and selling The changing face of real estate What happens when new technology meets real estate? The process gets faster, smarter and more independent - and the buyer is the winner. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
27 Toolbox Free Reports Buyer's reports for free at www.freereports.co.nz
28 Feature Christchurch - The earth moved David Killick reports from earthquake-ravaged Christchurch which the face of property investing has been changed forever. David Killick
34 Alternative Investments Just the ticket for parking How a garage can also be a spare room. sleep-out, office or storage space to rent. Diana Clement
38 Profile Graeme Sievwright - Pub to property In just 18 months, beginner investor Graeme Sievwright has amassed six lucrative properties. Vicki Holder
40 The Hard Yards The first 7 habits of successful property investors - Part one Michael Yardney explores the first seven traits that mark successful property investors Michael Yardney
42 House Values The Taxman cometh Depreciation - the time to file your tax return. Steve Tucker
44 Commercial Landscapes Looking to low-rise Lower and broader buildings are likely to change the cityscape in Christchurch CBD Neale Taylor
45 Commercial intelligence HOw thw quake hit the market Commercial investors have hard lessons to learn from natural disasters. Mahesh Ranchhod
46 Accounting Tax Attack Sweeping tax changes keeping accountants busy. Mark Withers
47 Property Investment The right loan for you In property investment, its important to structure your loan appropriately to maximise returns and minimise costs. Sandy Richardson
48 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations Tenancy Tribunal findings: When partners become tenants, tenants engaging in illegal activity & Eviction of squatters.
49 Economics Housing shortage alert ahead Stay-at-home kids could be all that is preventing us from facing a housing crisis Khoon Goh
50 Regional review Lower Hutt -Making History today The historic Lower Hutt area has become popular for investors, but the market is likely to remain flat there. Rob Hosking

Issue number 90, 2011

Page Subject Title Description Author
14 Renovation Sharon Newey's guide to renovation - Clever rooms Whether to leaving rooms or change them? Sharon Newey
20 Property Maintenance Chill out: 5 winter must-dos Attend to seasonal maintenance to avoid dampness and disasters later. Mark Trafford
22 People and Property From New York with love John Palino, own TV show, brand of pizza and also property investor. Brenda Ward
26 Investor insights My worst mistake What some investors would do if they could wind back the clock. Vicki Holder
26 Legal For what it's worth Two central Otago valuers have been fined for overvaluing a property.
30 Alternative Investments All together now Families have banded together to buy baches for years. Now this form of ownership is being formalised. Diana Clement
34 Toolbox Smartphone Apps Smartphone applications for property investment.
38 The Hard Yards 11 more secrets of successful property investors From taking full responsibility for both the good and the bad to thinking differently from the average investors. Michael Yardney
40 Commercial Landscapes Signs of Life New energy is returning to the commercial markets. Neale Taylor
42 Commercial intelligence Look for a silver lining Are we in a recession? Mahesh Ranchhod
43 Property management Check mate When picking a property manager it pays to ask questions. Donna Russell
44 Valuations Information is power When looking to buy property go out armed with the best information to help you negotiate. Steve McNamara
45 Tenancy Tribunal Trials and tribulations The Tenancy Tribunal helps to solve differences
46 Property Investment The cost of lending For many property investors, interest is the largest ongoing expense. Sandy Richardson
48 Your accountant Rule becomes clear The new Look Through Company becomes rule becomes clear. Mark Withers
49 The big picture Tenants or homeowners Rents have to rise but make sure they don't scare tenants. Khoon Goh
50 Regional review New Plymouth - From the mountain to the sea It's apparent isolation has stirred New Plymouth to get on and get active, making it a great place to invest in property Sarah Foy

Issue number 137, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author

Issue number 138, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Financial Education Trump Card For Fiona From social work to property investment, Fiona Camberun has a simple recipe for success Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
26 Feature Follow the money to hottest 10 boom spots If you want to know where to buy next for the best yields and biggest capital gains, chase infrastructure and development. Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
36 Renovation Place reliance on a good appliance Are your rental appliances up to scratch or is it time to renew? Liesl Johnstone

Issue number 139, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
1 Profile Property's Good Sport Success in property investing isn’t that different from achieving in sport. Both take time, practise, determination and the ability to push past setbacks. Cycling fanatic, property investor and Auckland Property Investors’ Association president Andrew Bruce has certainly learnt a lot over the years, from both property and sport Carolyn Brooke
1 Regional review Bountiful pickings in fruit bowl for canny investors The housing market in Hawke’s Bay may be flat but smart investors are reaping a good harvest. Jenny Keown
26 Feature 6 key lessons property investors have learnt from their mistakes With mistakes come wisdom. Property investing mistakes, however, can be more expensive than most so unless you want to be a wise bankrupt, it is better to learn from others. Vicki Holder
32 Feature KEVIN GREEN : SOCIAL HOUSING SUCCESS STORY A homeless boy who became the UK’s biggest private residential investor tells how social housing investment worked for him. Vicki Holder

Issue number 140, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile From WINZ Reprobate to Property Rock Star Given advice at a young age to 'work smart not hard', Matt Thorburn used his nous to forge a successful career in property investing. From an initial interest in music to a property portfolio worth more than $6 million, he's strumming to a different tune these days, writes Amy Hamilton Chadwick. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
26 Feature Stop the bull tax experts speak out You can’t get away from it. In the media and on talkback everyone has an opinion about property investors raking in untaxed profits supposedly to the detriment of first-home buyers. In this article, we sift the truth from the hyperbole to uncover the true story about tax and property investment. Margie Macalister
32 Feature Smart phones, smart landlords, smart business The iPhone was launched in 2007, yet now smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Smart landlords are making the most of these exceptional gadgets to streamline the business of property investment. Diana Clement
36 Renovation Renovations on a shoestring $0-$20,000 In the first of a three part series, Carolyn Cossey talks to Steve Nicholson about renovating on a shoestring budget. Carolyn Cossey
50 Regional review Sweet Smell of Good Buys in Rotorua Is Rotorua New Zealand’s best kept secret? The property market in Rotorua lags well behind its neighbours yet the city is New Zealand’s premier tourist destination, Margie Macalister reports. Margie Macalister

Issue number 141, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile My Property Rules Former My Kitchen Rules NZ contestant Aaron Gascoigne is equally at home in the boardroom, the kitchen, the boat – or overseeing his property portfolio. Miriam Bell
26 Feature Four legged tenants What is your position on allowing pets in rentals? Landlords who do allow pets gain access to a larger pool of tenants, can potentially charge higher rent and tenants may stay longer. So why are more than 90% of advertised properties available for rent not pet-friendly? Amy Hamilton Chadwick
32 Feature Programmed for success Property investment is all about the numbers. Nothing crunches numbers better than a silicon chip. Diana Clement
48 Regional review New Zealand's Crown Jewel Queenstown is booming, so property prices and investor confidence are on an uphill trajectory with the summit nowhere in sight. Liesl Johnstone

Issue number 142, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Angela, 29, seeks more property A tough upbringing gave Angela Strang the resilience to become mistress of her own destiny. Liesl Johnstone
26 Feature Starting with 60k Experts give their advice on how to get your property portfolio started in today's market. Vicki Holder
32 A Day in the Life Out of China: Chinese Kiwi's tell their stories Chinese investors have been getting flak for supposedly pushing up Auckland house prices. We go looking for the real story about Chinese investors. Henry Acland and Margie Macalister
50 Regional review Evolving CBD Makes for Investor Opportunities The times they are a-changing for Auckland's CBD. Once down-at-heel, the area continues to be overlooked - and this means opportunities abound for canny investors Miriam Bell

Issue number 143, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Young Doctor making great house calls Pleayo Tovaranonte dutifully studied at medical school to realise his parents’ ambitions for him. Ultimately a lifetime of fifteen hour days and being worn out by the time he was 40 was not the future he saw for himself. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
22 Feature Seven tips for stress free landlording With good processes and systems, managing your rental properties can be a rewarding experience Amy Hamilton Chadwick
32 Feature 10 ways to be a green landlord Karen Withers shares ten ways to care for the environment and your tenants at the same time.
48 Regional review Hamilton: river city on a roll At the hub of the golden triangle, Hamilton’s growth is surging as powerfully as the mighty Waikato River that runs through it. Adrienne Jervis

Issue number 144, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
21 Profile Back in the Black From live-in renovating to DIY property management, Heather Black is a tenacious investor who has done the hard yards. Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
22 Profile Dolf de Roos back in town Property investing legend Dolf de Roos returned home to New Zealand recently to talk to property investors. This is what he had to say to them. Philip Macalister
37 Renovation Hit The Deck As quintessentially Godzone as hokey pokey and jandals, the deck has become an integral part of our laid-back Kiwi lifestyle - and renters value their decks every bit as much as owner-occupiers do! Louise Richards
48 Regional review Whangarei: Paradise Found The winterless north is proving an enticing prspect for cashed-up Auckland buyers. Susan Edmunds

Issue number 145, 2015

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Property Investment Lead: Banking On Change The recent number of regulatory changes means securing finance for your next investment property, or refinancing a loan, is far more complicated. To help with your lending decisions NZ Property Investor has collated the findings from its annual Lending Survey.
24 Property Investment Housing with a Heart Glaswegian Jess Denholm's foray into property investment was originally motivated by a desire to retire at age 45. Louise Richardson
30 Feature The Wolf Talks Turkey The Block NZ is like a lot of property investments: from the outside it looks like a great way to make some easy money with a lick of paint and some well-chosen ornaments. Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
48 Regional review Regional Review: Christchurch Few things about Christchurch city at this time are straightforward. The population, post the February 2011 earthquake, has rearranged itself and the rearranging will continue into the foreseeable future. Liesl Johnstone

Issue number 146, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile High Hopes For Buoyant 2016 Bright skies are ahead in 2016 as our profiled investors look to the future. We caught up with some of the people who featured in Property Investor last year to ask them what they’ve been buying since we last spoke, and what their plans are for the year ahead. Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
24 Feature Blue Skies Ahead: Insider Predictions for 2016 Blue Skies Ahead: Insider Predictions for 2016
36 Renovation Street Appeal: How to elevate the first impression of your rental Whether your property’s value is soaring high or standing still it makes sense to maintain your asset as neatly as possible. If you allow an investment property to become derelict, unkempt and overgrown, tenants will value it the same way you do. Louise Richardson
48 Regional review Regional Review: Tauranga It’s been named the fastest growing region in the country but it’s not just sun, surf and sand making Tauranga attractive, explains Dana Kinita. Tauranga has well and truly shed its reputation as a haven for retirees. Dana Kinita

Issue number 147, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Struggle street to property baron Shortland Street actor Ben Mitchell may be famed for his role on the New Zealand medical drama, but his lesser-known role as an established property investor is what drives this risk-taker, writes Amy Hamilton-Chadwick. Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
24 Forecast for New Year Lead: Economists Talk The latest predictions for the year from leading economists
34 Property Developing Development Series: Part One The first installation in your beginner's guide to developing land. Miriam Bell
50 Regional review Not a Shore thing We review the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast, including all the suburbs. Diana Clement
80 Property Investment Subscriber offer - get The Complete Guide to Landlording Subscriber offer - get The Complete Guide to Landlording

Issue number 148, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Dropout to Young Success A minimum wage job and a desire for financial freedom gave young Auckland property investor Josh Warner the impetus to look for a different path to success, writes Louise Richardson. Louise Richardson
22 Economics Investor Survey 2016: Your Next Bold Move NZ Property Investors’ annual survey of landlord activity reveals an optimistic outlook for 2016. Joanna Jefferies
28 Feature Landlords’ top 10 tax deduction mistakes For the average kiwi landlord, tax deductions are one of the easiest taxation pitfalls – which costs are deductible? Louise Richardson
50 Regional review Regional Review: Wellington South With its close proximity to the airport, the CBD, Wellington Public Hospital and Massey and Victoria universities, demand for rental properties is consistently high in Wellington South. Stephen Dickens

Issue number 149, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Double trouble for investor duo For sisters Julia Clark and Carmen Purvis, teaming up was the only way to get their foot in the door of the property market in 2013. But the risk-taking pair have quickly embraced the strategy to expand their portfolio, writes Amy Hamilton Chadwick. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
22 Property Investment Top 50 highest yielding Hotspots The data is in for our annual round-up of the highest yielding spots across the country - but the figures don’t always tell the full story. Joanna Jefferies
28 Learning from mistakes Dealing With Due Diligence When an investor ticks the ‘cohttps://ieonline.microsoft.com/#ieslicenditional’ boxes on a sale and purchase agreement for a valuation, building report, finance or other relevant health check, are they really covering themselves from potential risk? Diane Clement
44 Regional review Sunny Side Up he 'top of the South' is a regular competitor for the most sunshine hours in New Zealand each year and Stephen Dickens finds that for investors, its rental property offering looks equally as bright. Stephen Dickens

Issue number 150, 2016

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Page Subject Title Description Author
16 Profile Profiles from the past We profile seven investors from the past and reveal hard lessons learned. Vicki Holder
22 Feature Looking back on 150 issues We reveal the cycles, the strategies and the gurus come and gone. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
28 Feature New Zealand's changing population How you can strategise to accommodate the tenants of the future Joanna Jefferies
34 Feature Development Series: Part Four Hold or sell? We explain your options Miriam Bell

Issue number 151, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Cameron Stewart: Property Hunter A young property trader has over 200 property transactions under his belt – but it’s been a steep learning curve, writes Joanna Jefferies. Joanna Jefferies
26 Property Investment Cashing In On Interest Rates Interest rates are historically low, so how can you make the most of them? Amy Hamilton Chadwick reports Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
40 Renovation Insulation: new regulations Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) means insulating rentals is no longer optional. Louise Richardson
50 Regional review Southern (Auckland) charm As the Auckland housing market forges ahead like an unstoppable freight train, it is becoming harder and harder for investors to achieve consistently good yields from their rental properties. Stephen Dickens takes a look at south Auckland and finds a region that while growing rapidly, still offers potential opportunities for investors. Stephen Dickens

Issue number 152, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Profile Investor Profile: From DPB to dream home in under 4 years Failure was not an option as a Hamilton teacher sole parent turned to the property market writes Joanna Jefferies Joanna Jeffries
28 A Day in the Life 10 hottest boom spots Amy Hamilton Chadwick uncovers the spots with greatest growth potential in 2016 and looks back at last year’s predictions to see if we were right. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
40 Renovation Renovations: Ventilate it right In theory, ventilating a dwelling should be as simple as opening the windows wide each day, but in real life, and particularly in rental properties, the situation is far more complicated, writes Louise Richardson. Louise Richardson
50 Regional review Regional Review: Invercargill Growth is looking imminent for Invercargill, but there are some key challenges New Zealand’s southernmost city faces, writes Jenny Keown. Jenny Keown

Issue number 153, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Welcome Mat For Pets A Christchurch couple saw a need for pet-friendly accommodation post-earthquake – but they didn’t predict the resulting rapid growth of their property portfolio, writes Vicki Holder. Vicki Holder
26 Property Investment Balancing Act: How To Handle Housing Market Jenny Keown asks industry leaders the question on everyone’s lips: has the market peaked? Jenny Keown
40 Renovation Renovation: Raise The Roof Amy Hamilton Chadwick finds out why roof maintenance should be high on your priority list. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
50 Regional review Regional Review: Palmerston North Palmerston North’s housing market has long been considered a slow, albeit solid investment option. But there can be strength in the shadows and the eternal student city makes an increasingly alluring option for investors. Miriam Bell

Issue number 154, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Dream team couple reach 120 rental properties Jenny Keown interviews the wealthiest residential investors in New Zealand on how they achieved success. Jenny Keown
24 Feature When to buy - old versus new Second-hand rentals are the typical residential investor’s playground – but are they always best? Diana Clement investigates when buying new is a better option. Diana Clement
42 A Day in the Life Renovation: Paint through the weather Sometimes even small changes to a house or unit can make a dramatic difference, and paint has always been one of the most versatile tools in a property owner’s box of tricks. But painting in wet weather can’t be done – or can it? Louise Richardson takes a look at the latest products. Louise Richardson
52 Regional review Regional Review: Christchurch North Opportunities in Christchurch North Amy Hamilton-Chadwick

Issue number 155, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Young Investor Shares Her Secret Her journey reads like a painstaking step-by-step of how to achieve the dream. There have been setbacks, but she finally feels like she has arrived. Vicki Holder
24 Property Investment Navigating New LVRS Investors are concerned about the impact of the Reserve Bank's new investor-targeted LVRs. Miriam Bell finds out what investors need to know to best traverse them. Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Outdoor Spruce Up Thinking about some rental maintenance work before summer? Louise Richardson lists her top 10 tips for giving your rental a lift before the hot weather hits. Louise Richardson
52 Regional review New Plymouth on the Map While some New Zealanders still have trouble locating New Plymouth, Taranaki’s largest city has a strong vision for growth and for getting itself on the map. Jenny Keown

Issue number 156, 2016

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Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Hadar Orkibi's rules to investing Google Hadar Orkibi and hundreds of web pages appear, most linked to stories and tips on how to invest in property. Vicki Holder
26 Feature Top 30 Suburbs under $300K Joanna Jefferies takes a look at affordable hotspots that have had exceptional growth in the past year and discovers future growth potential. Joanna Jefferies
40 Renovation To stage or not? These days property staging is a big deal, says Louise Richardson. So, what is it? And should you be signing up for professional services or doing it yourself? Louise Richardson
52 Regional review Investor success bubbling away Often described in the Bay of Plenty as Tauranga’s poorer cousin, Rotorua is now giving investors reasons to smile, writes Dana Kinita. Dana Kinita

Issue number 157, 2016

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Property in the blood 2016 Landlord of the Year Kathryn Seque knows a thing or two about rental property - and so she should: it’s the family business. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
24 Feature The "As is where is guys" It’s not easy to pick up the pieces after an earthquake, but five Christchurch guys have found a unique way of contributing to the Christchurch rebuild. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
40 Renovation To DIY or Go Pro? As they like to say ‘DIY is in our DNA’ but is it always safe and advisable to do work on a rental property yourself? Louise Richardson
52 Regional review Regional Review: Mid & South Canterbury With its spectacular scenery and strong agricultural heritage, mid and south Canterbury have much more to offer than just an enviable lifestyle. Stephen Dickens

Issue number 158, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
24 Forecast for New Year 2017 Summer Forecast We speak to the key players for their take on 2017's big issues and find out their plans for the year. Joanna Jefferies
32 Feature Taking Control of the budget We find out how investors can stick to a budget without feeling like they are missing out, at the same time planning for long term financial goals. Diana Clement
38 Commercial property Navigating shaky ground Commercial Property part 5 Miriam Bell
54 Renovation Before you Reno Louise Richardson outlines the key things you need to consider before renovating. Louise Richardson

Issue number 159, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile The Gen Y approach to investing With his deep tan and thatch of wiry hair peppered in a haze of plaster dust from his morning site visit, 25 year-old Elliot Askew Jones doesn’t fit the usual property investor mould. And he’s not. Vicki Holder
26 Feature Top 30 Suburbs with Undervalued Houses We locate the suburbs across New Zealand with the greatest value ranges and pinpoint areas with untapped potential value. Joanna Jefferies
40 Renovation Investing in Storage We all know that storage is key in any home so, in this issue, we identify the key areas where you can create more in your rental. Louise Richardson
52 Regional review Time to invest in Auckland Central High prices and population growth have characterised the Auckland Central suburbs in recent years, but with new transport links and developments on the horizon, opportunities are out there for lateral thinkers. Carolyn Cossey

Issue number 160, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Bold Move Equals Big Success Roy Adams arrived in NZ with little to his name and in a short time has created a property portfolio worth millions. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
24 Feature Bridging the Finance Gap What are the best options for investors trying to find a loan when banks are bound by loan-to-value rules and increasing capital requirements. Susan Edmunds
30 Tax How to Avoid an Audit Are you filing your own tax return? Read this for the most common mistakes to avoid if you don't want to trigger an audit. Joanna Jeffries
34 Commercial property Commercial Property: Tenants Attracting and retaining tenants is critical for success in commercial property investment. We look to a few industry veterans for advice on how to make property appeal to tenants. Miriam Bell

Issue number 161, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile My First Investment Property Reality TV home renovator Jono Frankle has moved on from purchasing his first home into investing in property. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
24 Feature Top 50 Hot Spot Suburbs The data is in and it reveals brand new hotspots with consistently high yields. Jenny Keown
30 Feature Osaki ruling demystified What’s dog pee got to do with your tenancy agreement? If you have heard of the Osaki Ruling then you may have a fair idea. Joanna Jefferies
34 Feature Appetite for apartments Despite a widely-reported Auckland, apartment prices are still increasing-and at quite a rate. Louise Richardson
38 Commercial property Proofing for health and safety A year ago the Health and Safety at Work Act was re-worked and this has meant huge changes for commercial property investors and their liability for the safety of anyone working in or on their premises. Miriam Bell
52 Regional review Hamilton on the Move Growth is forecast for the Hamilton property market, despite a recent market dip. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 162, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Big Bold Strategy Jesse Adams is a young guy with a very bold investing strategy. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
28 Feature Ditch The Dud Ditch the Dud: Time to streamline your portfolio Joanna Jefferies
38 Commercial property Moving into Commercial Commercial Series: Investor profile Vaughn Heslop Miriam Bell
52 Regional review Investment gems in Lower Hutt Regional review: Investment gems in Lower Hutt Diana Clement

Issue number 163, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Hard road to success Richard Gruiters is an experienced Hawke’s Bay-based investor and has done all of his property deals in the Hawke’s Bay Area. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
26 Feature Crunch Time - property cycle revealed This piece looks at the different indicators that show where we are in the property cycle. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
38 Commercial property Selecting a sector In this piece we’ll look at the different commercial sectors - (office, retail, industrial) and the pros and cons of each. Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Make profit by adding a room This month we speak to investors, particularly in central Auckland, who are adding a room to improve yield and increase value. Diana Clement
52 Regional review West Side story In our regional review this month we look at Christchurch West and how it is faring in the rebuild stage. Mary Burgess

Issue number 164, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Profile 24 Properties and a 4HR Working Week Kyle & Tania Elmer are a couple living and investing in Otago. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
28 Feature 10 Dynamite Growth Areas We identify the key locations that have lagged in their growth compared to other nearby locations that have already gone ‘off’ in this cycle. Joanna Jefferies
34 Feature The Self-Managers Guide to Collecting Evidence What kind of evidence stands up in the Tenancy Tribunal?
38 Commercial property 6 Ways to Add Value Adding value to commercial property is an entirely different ball game to adding value to residential property. Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Renovate a kitchen for profit This piece explores how to go about replacing a kitchen in a rental. Amy Hamilton Chadwick

Issue number 165, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Profile Regional rentals yield lifestyle dream This young Ruawai, Auckland investor has created a portfolio by investing outside of Auckland. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
28 Feature 10 Future Boom Towns We identify the top ten spots across the nation where there is big infrastructure spending planned. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
38 Commercial property Commercial: Management This piece looks at what responsibilities the owner of a commercial property has for management and maintenance. Miriam Bell
52 Regional review Affordability growing in West Auckland In our regional review this month we look at West Auckland. Louise Richardson

Issue number 166, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Profile 23 Year Old Duo Turn Over 30M Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell are two young guys from Christchurch who were managing construction businesses before they took that experience and joined together to create Williams Corporation – a new-build development company. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
28 Feature Meth Cover Demystified We explore the recent standards published on methamphetamine contamination in homes and speak to insurance companies on where they stand in regards to the new standards. Joanna Jefferies
34 Feature Niche Strategy: Managing a Rent-by-Room We speak to several investors who are self-managing rent-by-room or boarding houses. Diana Clement
39 Commercial property Syndicating Options We look into getting into commercial syndicates, what kinds of syndicates there are, how much it costs to get into and how to know whether a syndicate is reputable. Miriam Bell
42 Renovation More Bang for Bathroom Buck In this piece we look at bathroom renovations and get the rundown on costs and timelines of how to carry out a bathroom renovation. Jai Breitnauer
52 Regional review Tauranga Growth Slow & Steady In our regional review this month we look at Tauranga. Louise Richardson

Issue number 167, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
26 Feature Holiday rentals equal big yield How to get 14% yield from holiday rentals Amy Hamilton Chadwick
38 Commercial property Commercial Passion Commercial property has always been the one and only investment choice for David Turner Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Renovate units for big profits Renovating units in the current market can yield surprisingly high returns and capital increases Diana Clement
52 Regional review Strong growth in Hawke's Bay Affordable deals with growth potential are still available in sunny Hawke's Bay. Louise Richardson

Issue number 168, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Profile Broke to Blockbuster Suceess This young Hamilton couple immigrated to New Zealand only six years ago and have been very busy since. Aiswarya’s family had never owned a property in India and it was her greatest dream to own her own home in New Zealand. joanna Jeffries
28 Feature Time To Sell? This piece delves into the data to find out how we are selling property currently in New Zealand and look at how our rates of different selling methods. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
38 Commercial property Yielding to the market Interest in commercial property is high and property values are on the rise, so what kind of yield are investors getting? Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Convert your garage We look at the rules and regulations around converting a garage into a second dwelling. Diana Clement

Issue number 169, 2017

Page Subject Title Description Author
22 Profile Boarding house business success Kerry Beveridge is president of the South Canterbury Property Investors association and won 2017 Landlord of the Year through his excellent land-lording practices in Timaru. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
28 Feature Unlock wealth! Ditch your day job You can ditch your day job and live off your properties. Amy Hamilton Chadwick speaks to big-time professional investors on how they did it. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
34 Feature Healthy homes bill This piece covers off everything investors need to know about the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill and what the bill’s potential impact will be on landlords. Joanna Jefferies
42 Renovation Renovation of the year Donna Youngman's project of subdividing and relocating a dwelling, paired with a big DIY renovation won her Resene's renovation of the year award. Diana Clement
52 Regional review Nelson Values hold firm This month we look at the Nelson and Tasman market, the potential for investor opportunity and how it sits in the property cycle. Louise Richardson

Issue number 170, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
26 Feature Year of the yield - your 2018 summer forecast In this piece we look at the year ahead and examine the key issues that we expect will have an impact on investing. Joanna Jeffries
38 Commercial property Commercial: Body corporate managers Why is choosing a body corporate manager so important? Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Make $ from extra space In this piece we look at those extra spaces many properties have and how you can make the most of them. Joanne Jeffries
52 Regional review Hot in Q-Town This month we look at the Queenstown/Wanaka markets, which have experienced incredible growth over the past couple of years. Louise Richardson

Issue number 171, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Throwing out the rulebook This Hawke's Bay couple have done everything investors are told not to, but their success speaks for itself. Amy Hamilton Chadwick
24 Feature What's driving the market? Who can predict where the property market is going in 2018? Joanna Jeffries
38 Renovation $100K profit flip strategy Want to make $100,000 from a single renovation? We speak to an investor couple who aim for this number every time they flip a property. Diana Clement
50 Regional review Rotorua more than bubbling along While some have talked of a decline in provincial centers, Rotorua has bucked any such trends.

Issue number 172, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
24 Feature Buy or Build This piece looks at the real cost of construction and locates areas where you can't even build a house for the cost of buying a property at current market prices. Amy Hamilton
32 Feature Tax Changes It's tax time! We look at potential and real changes to tax rules, as a result of the new Labour government's supposed "crackdown" on property investors. Joanna Jefferies
40 Renovation Rental upgrade with paint Rich Visick's Resene colour transformation improved both the value and tield of his rental. Diana Clement
52 Regional review Regional Review: South Auckland Regional Review: South Auckland Louise Richardson

Issue number 173, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author

Issue number 174, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
26 Feature Tiny House Big Profit Tiny homes are currently trending, but do they make a good investment? Amy Hamilton-Chadwick
34 Feature Feel-Good Investing The opportunity for landlords to pair with transitional (or emergency) housing providers to supply rental properties is a prospect with unexpected upsides. Joanna Jeffries
42 Renovation Win-Win Situation Working alongside tenants to do interior improvements can add value to your investment. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Rock Steady Performer Regional Review: Palmerston North Miriam Bell

Issue number 175, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
26 Feature Young Investors Three young investors share their diverse strategies for becoming landlords. Joanna Jeffries
36 Feature Getting to Grips With Leases Leases lie at the heart of commercial property investment. Miriam Bell reports on what you need to know. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Long-Distance Reno Living eight hours away from your investment property can be challenging, especially when you decide to renovate, as Joanne Mathers discovers. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Energy City Powering On Changes are looming for the country's "energy capital" New Plymouth, but ongoing affordability means the city remains full of investment opportunities, discovers Miriam Bell. Miriam Bell

Issue number 176, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile It makes sense to rent Angela and Adam Plimmer have taken a strategic approach to creating financial security, and renting themselves simply adds up. Joanna Jeffries
24 Feature One Bank Trap Don't get caught out when you sell a property Dan Dunkley
40 Renovation Hidden Potential A rundown rental was bought for $90,000 under CV and renovated. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Regional Review: Invercargill Regional Review: Invercargill Miriam Bell

Issue number 179, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Start Small, Think Big Gurpreet and Kanwal Gill are just new investors, but their savvy strategy is underpinned by a passion for property and a commitment to learning. Joanna Mathers
24 Feature Front-Footing Change Tenancy laws are in line for an overhaul as the Government sets out to make life better for tenants. Miriam Bell
38 Renovation Relocatable Reno These ex-Block NZ winners recently put their renovation skills to the test with the development of a new site in Auckland. Joanna Jeffries
50 Regional review Stately Southern Star Dunedin is a market of two distinct parts, but its affordable prices and healthy returns make it attractive for investors. Miriam Bell

Issue number 180, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Taking The Plunge Kids’ TV Presenter Walter Neilands had a fear of diving into property investment, but with the help of key mentors he’s built a portfolio of high-yielding properties. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Talking Tax The Tax Working Group’s interim report means the possibility of a capital gains tax is the talk of the town. Miriam Bell finds out what the facts of the matter are. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Triple Threat Three young investors have transformed a rundown home in Levin, with award-winning results. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Late Cycle Growth In Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua In the south west of the North Island, property prices and rents are experiencing late-cycle growth. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 181, 2018

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Landlording like a parent NZPIF 2018 Landlord of the Year Leilani Driessen says landlording has parallels to parenting and being a landlord has enabled her to be present for her kids. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Has the sun set on holiday rentals? With all the talk of increased council rates and compliance for short-term holiday rentals, do they still make investment sense? Joanna Jefferies
40 Renovation Pride of the South Years of experience has paid off for the Invercargill renovation expert who won this year’s NZPIF/Resene Renovation award of the Year. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Time For A Sea Change Nelson-Tasman is famed for its lifestyle attractions but its solid price growth and tight rental market make it a good option for investors too Miriam Bell

Issue number 182, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile 2018 Profiles Revisited Joanna Jefferies catches up with the investors profiled over the past year and finds out what they've been up to and their plans for the year ahead. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Time of Change New Zealand’s property market might be in a better place than Australia’s, but investors still need to brace themselves for major change in 2019, writes Miriam Bell. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation On Trend Looking to renovate your rental in the new year? Here are some tricks from those in the know. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Harbourside Metropolis Strong economic and population growth and a tight rental market mean Tauranga remains an appealing option for investors. Miriam Bell

Issue number 183, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Trish Keogh & Kael Blake Why pay someone when you can do it yourself? This young couple have amassed a portfolio with 13 income streams in four years, and they’ve proven that the DIY route is a strategy to seriously consider. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Altered Landscape This year’s Squirrel property investors survey reveals that uncertainty over government policy changes reigns supreme and that’s impacting on how investors go about their business. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Rough Diamond Heather Black specialises in properties no one else wants, and one of her recent renos has proven she’s got a great eye for hidden gems. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Garden City Gears Up A plateau in values and rents has been a feature of the southwest Christchurch market for some time, but this year the market looks on the up. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 184, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Tua Saseve When you get knocked down, get right back up again – Tua Saseve Miriam Bell
24 Feature Feature: Apartments Kiwis are traditionally resistant when it comes to buying and living in apartments but the time is right for investors to take a fresh look at them as an investment option. Miriam Bell
30 Feature Feature: Intentional Damage In the wake of the Osaki decision and more recent Tenancy Tribunal cases finding in favour of tenants, we explore what actually counts as intentional damage and when landlords can claim for compensation. Joanna Jefferies
36 Commercial property Niche Options The riches in 4 niches Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Renovation: Learning Curve Buy for $460,000, renovations $40,000, sold for $550,000 Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Auckland Central has a bright future Auckland Central has a bright future Miriam Bell

Issue number 185, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Lorraine Rishworth Lorraine Rishworths’s marriage breakup was the catalyst for a property investment journey that’s yielded great results and allowed her to be mortgage free in her own home. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Latest Policy Changes Investors have just been dealt a double whammy with the concurrent release of the Tax Working Group’s recommendations on capital gains and the Healthy Homes minimum standards. Miriam Bell
36 Renovation Renovation: Joint Effort A Napier landlord has worked alongside her tenant to transform the interior of a rundown property. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Regional Review: Upper Hutt Upper Hutt has long been overlooked as an investment option but its affordable prices, strong yields and tight rental market mean it is now attracting attention. Miriam Bell

Issue number 186, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Made To Trade Experienced investor Nick Irons shares how he worked his way up to becoming a prolific trader in his hometown, Invercargill. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Best Time To Buy New Buying new builds has never been so easy or attractive and we’ve uncovered five reasons why investors should seriously consider this strategy. Joanna Jefferies
36 Renovation First Time Renovation Success Two young investors embarking on their first renovation project prove that hard savings and hard work do pay off. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review A Place In The Sun Investment in infrastructure and development in Northland means the future looks bright for Whangarei investors – thanks to a tight rental market but affordable prices. Miriam Bell

Issue number 187, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Hippy Van to Hot Property A young couple have set their sights on an early retirement and self-sustainability, and they’re using property investments to get there. Joanna Jefferies
26 Feature Best Ways to Boost Value Keen to add value to your investment property? The Block NZ 2013 winners and reno experts, Alice and Caleb Pearson, share their top tips. Alice & Caleb Pearson
42 Renovation Double Down Two renovations, two great results: we meet a couple who have been bitten by the reno bug. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Buyer Ban Bites in Queenstown The foreign buyer ban was felt the most in Queenstown Lakes, but despite slowing growth, the market has attractive features for buyers. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 188, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Thomas Ward and Jessica Driver A young Auckland investor couple has taken their knowledge of property development to the masses and are now helping others realize their development dreams Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Unusual Lending From prefabs to tiny apartments, getting lending on unusual properties can be difficult. So what can investors do to secure a loan on an unusual property? Dan Dunkley
42 Renovation Renovation A former policeman and yachtie has had great success with a six-week reno project. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Mid & South Canterbury If you’re looking for a stable market with a positive long-term outlook, it’s worth considering Mid and South Canterbury. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 189, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Shane Storey Investing in student flats has been a rollercoaster ride for Palmerston North investor Shane Storey. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Top 20 High Yield Suburbs A changing property investment landscape means the focus is switching from capital gains to yields, so Miriam Bell takes a look at New Zealand’s top 20 highest yielding suburbs. Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Renovation Andrew Wareing drew on the help of his parents to purchase his first investment property, and it’s been a renovation success story. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Gisborne Tairawhiti Gisborne is experiencing growth late in the cycle, and there are still accessible opportunities for investors. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 190, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Profile: Sean & Jules Thomas A Napier couple’s can-do attitude has seen them taking the fast track to early retirement, by growing a rental portfolio alongside their family. Joanna Jefferies
26 Feature Feature: Tech Tools The latest smart technology means investing in property has never been easier. Joanna Jefferies investigates the latest apps and software available so you don’t have to leave your chair. Joanna Jefferies
42 Renovation Renovation Ten renovation tips for adding value the cost-effective way. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: West Auckland Major developments and comparatively affordable prices mean West Auckland is primed for future growth. Miriam Bell

Issue number 191, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Profile: Brenda Ni and Nathan Mudafar A young investor couple bought their first property four years ago, and have completed 14 trades since. Joanna Jefferies
26 Feature Feature: Millennial Investors Millennials are often portrayed as too frivolous or too generationally unlucky to make a go of property investing. But the truth is different and Miriam Bell talks to some young investors who prove it. Miriam Bell
38 Renovation Renovation Two Hamilton investors transformed a single dwelling into a multi-income goldmine. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Rotorua A supply shortage and accessible price points mean demand for investment properties in Rotorua is red hot. Miriam Bell

Issue number 192, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Kristy and Richard Kelly An ambitious couple demonstrates that achieving big financial goals and being excellent landlords are not mutually exclusive. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Options For Investors Building processes are changing and a wide range of prefab options are coming to the fore. Miriam Bell takes a look at the prefab sector and finds out what it has to offer investors. Miriam Bell
38 Renovation Renovation A filthy rental formerly inhabited by a gang has ended up being the winner of the annual NZPIF/Resene Renovation of the Year. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Wellington Central Wellington Central property is in high demand, despite challenges faced by the apartment market. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 193, 2019

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Profile: Daniel and Ashleigh Brown A tenacious young couple has achieved more than they could have imagined in beachside Whangaparaoa, with the help of a successful joint venture partnership. Joanna Jefferies
26 Feature Feature: Short-Term Rentals Going down the Airbnb route might seem like a way to easy riches but, in reality, there’s an awful lot involved to ensure long-term success in the short-term rental market. Miriam Bell
38 Renovation Renovation An experienced investor’s foray into the “posh” part of town has had award-winning results. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Hawke's Bay A severe housing shortage in Napier and Hastings means house values and rents are on the rise. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 194, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profiles Revisited It’s been an interesting time for our 2019 profile subjects. We catch up with them to find out what they’ve been up to and what their plans are for the year. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Summer Forecast New Zealand’s property market is on a sedate rise and the outlook for 2020 is bright, but there are some storm clouds on the horizon. Miriam Bell
36 Renovation Renovation Bought sight unseen this formerly derelict home has given its new owner both capital gains and a steady income. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: New Plymouth Despite the proposed regulation of short-term rentals, New Plymouth still has great opportunities for investors. Miriam Bell

Issue number 195, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
20 Profile Profile Hamish Duke Investing in “problem” apartment buildings and leasehold apartments has allowed Hamish Duke – aka Mr Viaduct – to build up a sizeable, high-returning portfolio in the Auckland CBD. Miriam Bell
24 Feature Feature: Investor Survey This year’s Squirrel NZ Residential Property Investment Survey shows a marked change in investor attitudes to the market, despite the challenges ahead. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Renovation A dilapidated Remuera home is now holding its own in a street of multimillion-dollar properties, due to a top end renovation. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Palmerston North Skyrocketing values and a serious supply shortage characterize the Palmerston North and Feilding markets. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 196, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Ronelle and Kyall Boonen A young couple starting their portfolio have made a habit of jumping in the deep end with their eyes wide shut. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Social Housing There’s a desperate shortage of social housing and that means there’s opportunities for investors who are interested in helping out those in need. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Renovation From 1970s hangover to luxe holiday rental, this Hokianga home is set to be an investment goldmine for its new owners. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: South Auckland The South Auckland market is hot on the heels of Central and West Auckland, with investors and first home buyers flocking to the auction rooms. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 197, 2020

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Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Lauren Worsley A Hawke’s Bay trader and her family show how taking risks in property ultimately pays off. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: COVID-19 Crisis The fast-evolving Covid-19 crisis has now taken hold of normal life and the economy. It’s scary but Miriam Bell discovers it’s probably best for investors to keep calm and carry on. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Renovation A dual income property in Hamilton has been a good earner for its owner since 2007, and will prove even more lucrative post-reno. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Lower Hutt Lower Hutt is no longer a cheap option, yet it still represents good investor opportunities. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 198, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Riyaan Mohamed Riyaan Mohamed went from being employed to wash dishes to owning $1.6 million of property before the age of 26. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: COVID-19 Crisis Property investors may need to fasten their seat belts because the Covid-19 crisis means some may be in for a bumpy ride but, if they can, they should hang on in there. Miriam Bell
30 Feature Feature: Short Term Rentals When New Zealand shut the border to non-residents, there were reports of short-term accommodation flooding the rental market. Joanna Jefferies
44 Renovation Renovation Bought for just $80,000 in 2013, a cute “tunnel house” in Rawene has provided a determined single mum of two with a great first step up the property ladder. Joanna Mathers
54 Regional review Regional Review Tourism has been one of the industries hardest-hit by the Covid-19 crisis, so Miriam Bell looks into what that means for the regional property markets that are reliant on it. Miriam Bell

Issue number 199, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Solid Gold Strategies Former personal trainer Michael Burge has achieved significant success by doing his research and being savvy with his investments. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Creating Extra Value The addition of another bedroom is a tried and true strategy for increasing rent and adding value. Joanna Jefferies
40 Renovation Bright Sparks A married couple who work together as electricians have transformed a filthy Northland house into a money maker. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Apartment Views Apartments for short-term rentals or foreign students have been a popular option for investors but, in the wake of Covid-19, what will happen to apartment markets around New Zealand? Miriam Bell

Issue number 200, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profiles Revisited Where are they now? We revisit some of our profile features from the past 200 issues to see what they’ve been up to and how property has helped them achieve their goals. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: 200th Issue Looking for New Zealand's biggest, most important property investment news and views? For many years Kiwi investors have been able to turn to NZ Property Investor to fulfil that need. So as the magazine marks its 200th issue, it's time to recognise and celebrate that. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Adding Value in Auckland Smart thinking and some unexpected budget boosts have enabled an investor to nearly triple the weekly rental for his homes. Joanna Mathers
54 Regional review Regional Review: Top Growth Spots We take a look at the top 12 locations for property price growth and gains across New Zealand since 2003 and discover previously unknown property hotspots. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 201, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile Renee and Vaughan Tither High school sweethearts without a plan have made some seriously successful moves in the Christchurch property market. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Property Values It’s a commonly held view that property values double every 10 years – but is it true? Joanna Jefferies
36 Renovation Renovation James Phan spared no expense when he renovated one unit in a double-unit dwelling, keeping the other for himself. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Invercargill Covid-19 and the closure of Tiwai Point might pose some challenges for Invercargill but the southern city’s market still has a lot to offer investors. Miriam Bell

Issue number 202, 2020

Page Subject Title Description Author
18 Profile Profile: Dan and Allena Timmins After unexpectedly catching the property bug seven years ago, Whanganui investors Dan and Allena Timmins have built up a high-performing portfolio and now they're keen to share the secrets of their success. Miriam Bell
24 Feature Feature: COVID-19 In August, Auckland was thrust back into alert level three in response to a COVID-19 outbreak, so will lockdown 2.0 derail the Super City's property market? Miriam Bell
36 Renovation Renovation We've teamed up with the good people from Builderscrack to give you a rundown of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your investment property. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Wairarapa A tight rental market and low sales stock means Wairarapa's property market is on the up. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 203, 2020

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18 Profile Profile: Mark and Kathy Fray Nearly bankrupted by their first foray into property investing, Mark and Kathy Fray have managed to pull off a stunning turnaround and build a very healthy, cashflow positive property portfolio. Miriam Bell
24 Feature Feature: Election 2020 New Zealanders are set to head to the polls this month. So Miriam Bell takes a look at what the different parties are promising in terms of policies that impact on property investors. Miriam Bell
40 Renovation Renovation An experienced Auckland renovator is undertaking his first subdivision while wrestling with the challenges of Covid-19. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Regional Review: Dunedin A supply and demand imbalance together with improved housing stock mean Dunedin's values are on the rise. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 204, 2020

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18 Profile Profile Lucia Xiao Lucia Xiao went from living in a state house in South Auckland to helming a strategically crafted, high net worth property portfolio. Her journey makes for a classic – and inspiring - rags to riches tale. Miriam Bell
24 Feature Feature: Property Buying New Zealand's housing market is running hot and investors are out there buying. But is it really possible to pick up a bargain in this market? Miriam Bell
36 Renovation Renovation A renovation that left the owner $20,000 in the red has been hailed as a success. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: East Auckland East Auckland is looking strong despite the impacts of Covid-19, but investors need to be creative to achieve decent yields. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 205, 2020

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18 Profile Profile: ADEN AND ZHENNA HARE This young Rotorua couple went from newbie investors to buying and renovating five rental properties in just one year. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: Short-Term Rentals Despite significant drop-offs in some of New Zealand’s main tourist destinations, holiday rentals are proving surprisingly resilient. Miriam Bell
42 Renovation Renovation A small studio by a pool, which was intended for the owner’s parents regular visits, became an Airbnb for locals when lockdown prevented the family from visiting. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Hamilton A low supply of rental and sales stock means Hamilton prices and rents are on the rise. Joanna Jefferies

Issue number 206, 2021

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22 Profile Profiles Revisited It's been a busy year for the investors we profiled in 2020. Joanna Jefferies caught up with some of them to see how they fared in the post-lockdown months. Joanna Jefferies
28 Feature Feature: Year Ahead The economic outlook is positive, property values are on the rise, and there are still plenty of opportunities for investors in 2021. Joanna Jefferies
42 Renovation Renovation A pandemic, severe injury and illness didn't stop a Tauranga couple from successfully renovating a rundown unit. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Regional Review: Tauranga In the Bay of Plenty demand is outstripping supply and as a result values are soaring. Joanna Mathers

Issue number 207, 2021

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18 Profile Profile Sieni Skelton-Richardson Moving from Samoa to New Zealand in her late twenties, Sieni Skelton-Richardson had a bold plan to achieve financial success. Joanna Jefferies
24 Feature Feature: NZ Property Investor Survey This year's Kris Pedersen Mortgages New Zealand Property Investor survey shows investors are confident about growing their portfolios, in spite of the challenges they face. Joanna Jefferies
42 Renovation Renovation A renovation undertaken by two newbie renovators was a great learning experience and offered the pair a new skill set they can take into future investments. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Christchurch Central After a long period of sluggish price growth, Christchurch is now seeing house price rises across the board. Daniel Smith

Issue number 208, 2021

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16 Profile Profile: Ramin Tavakoli From Iran to Auckland, Ramin Tavakoli’s investment journey spans oceans and cultures, as Joanna Jefferies discovers. Joanna Jefferies
22 Feature Feature: Top 10 Hot Spots In the past year we've seen house price growth across the board, but the top 10 spots for growth are our regional outliers. Joanna Jefferies
40 Renovation Renovation New renovators took a year to complete their first renovation, but it was worth the wait. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Lower Hutt With infrastructure updates on the way and recent "sky-rocketing prices" Lower Hutt looks great for investors. Joanna Mathers

Issue number 209, 2021

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16 Profile Passion For Property Monica Chen’s working life has been property in its many facets, as Sally Lindsay finds out. Sally Lindsay
22 Feature Feature: Off The Plan Buying off the plan hasn’t always been a popular investment option, but with prices rising fast and the RTA amendment in place, it may be worth considering. Joanna Mathers
36 Renovation Renovation A “meth-house” type dwelling has been renovated by an investor who is committed to buy-and-hold. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: North Shore Auckland’s North Shore is booming, and development potential opened up by the Unitary Plan is the focus for many. Joanna Mathers

Issue number 210, 2021

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16 A Day in the Life Profile: Billy Belton Billy Belton has lived a colourful rock-guitarist’s life and invested through many property cycles – which have in turn been kind and cruel – as Sally Lindsay discovers Sally Lindsay
22 Feature Feature: Rule Changes The changes to rules around property investment have ruffled feathers across the industry. We explore what these changes are likely to mean for investors and whether they are likely to make a significant impact on housing affordability in Aotearoa. Joanna Mathers
40 Renovation Renovation A light touch ensured this Palmerston North renovation maintained the design integrity of a charming Art Deco duplex. Joanna Mathers
50 Regional review Regional Review Nelson Tasman In the past six months house price growth in Nelson Tasman has been consistent across the board, but lack of supply is now putting pressure on rises. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 211, 2021

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18 Profile Profile Nick Gentle Property has provided iFind Property's Nick Gentle with the time, space and money needed to achieve his career aspirations. Joanna Mathers
24 Feature Feature: Apartment Spotlight Many apartments took a hit during Covid-19, but as Sally Lindsay reveals, they are once again looking good as an investment option. Sally Lindsay
44 Renovation Renovation A short-term buy, reno and sell investment became a six-year project for a husband and wife team in Tauranga. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Queenstown Wanaka Queenstown and Wanaka property hasn't suffered as badly as other sectors in these tourist towns. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 212, 2021

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18 Profile Profile: Jasmeet Singh A new investor has proven that you can still make money in the current market if you have the right mindset. Joanna Mathers
24 Feature Feature: Strategy Landlords who are worried about the implications of the raft of rule changes are seeking out new strategies to help them achieve ongoing success. Sally Lindsay
36 Renovation Renovation It’s been a nerve-wracking journey for a newbie Christchurch investor. But his bold plan has paid off. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Whangarei Whangārei, the country’s northernmost city and the gateway to Northland, is experiencing a massive house shortage. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 213, 2021

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20 Profile Profile: Jeremy Lawson and Katie Nimon A Hawke’s Bay couple has utilised some unconventional capital raising ideas (including selling dogs) in order to enter the property investment market. Joanna Mathers
26 Feature Feature: Subdivision Opportunities Property prices are not waning and land is at a premium, making it the perfect time for investors to consider subdivision to bolster their assets and cashflow. Sally Lindsay
36 Renovation Renovation Cold weather can lead to rental property woes if issues aren't attended to in time. Builderscrack's handy tips will help you remedy potential problems before they cause major damage. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Auckland Central Auckland’s inner-city harbour and outstanding natural beauty contributed to it claiming the title of the world’s most liveable city ... and house prices reflect it. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 214, 2021

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21 Profile Profile Aveen Mitra Starting with under $1,000, Aveen Mitra has gone on to build an impressive portfolio, and is using his success to give back to the people of India. Joanna Mathers
28 Feature Feature: Residential Yields Property yields are one of the most important buying indicators for investors but they have been plummeting as house prices keep rising. Sally Lindsay
38 Renovation Renovation A run down manor house and adjoining motel in Whanganui have been given a new life due to the hard work and determination of a Raglan-based investor couple. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: South Canterbury Tīmaru is a hidden gem in South Canterbury. We investigate all the property possibilities in this picturesque region. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 215, 2021

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20 Profile Profile Ilse Wolfe Ilse Wolfe has a property portfolio valued at $12 million and an audacious goal to achieve $50 million net wealth. Joanna Mathers
26 Feature Feature: Build to Rent The build to rent market – a new housing sector that is springing up in the growing gap between social housing and home ownership – is giving investors a new way to profit from generation rent. Sally Lindsay
38 Renovation Renovation A new build intended as a holiday home has ended up being a lucrative investment property for an Auckland family. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review:Central Wellington Wellington, the world’s southern-most capital and windiest city, punches above its weight for housing investment. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 216, 2021

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22 Profile Profile: Fiona Baker Fiona Baker might just be the perfect landlord and she’s inspiring friends and family to take the same path. Joanna Mathers
28 Feature Feature: Interest Issues The removal of interest deductability and rising interest rates are a double whammy for investors. But will they lead to a levelling of the property market? BUBBLE Sally Lindsay
40 Renovation Renovation The 2021 NZPIF/Resene Renovation of the Year winning entry was a team effort restoring a 1910 Timaru bungalow to its former glory. Joanna Mathers
54 Regional review Regional Review: Hawke's Bay Visitors choose Hawke's Bay for the food, wine, art deco architecture, rolling hills and beaches. It's also a popular choice for investors. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 217, 2021

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22 Profile Profile: Claire Alderton Claire Alderton’s savvy buying and passion for uncovering the nuts and bolts of property management has brought her financial freedom. Joanna Mathers
28 Feature Feature: Short-term Rentals Short-term and holiday accommodation operators and investors have been hammered by Covid-19 restrictions over the past year, but the opening up of Auckland on December 15 may help. Sally Lindsay
40 Renovation Renovation From dingy and dark, to sun-soaked splendour, this Porirua renovation is a triumph. Joanna Mathers
52 Regional review Regional Review: Rotorua Best known for its shooting geysers, thermal mud pools and Maori culture, Rotorua also has opportunties for investors. Sally Lindsay

Issue number 220, 2022

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