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Couple Score An Investment Hat-Trick

Couple Score An Investment Hat-Trick

A first foray into property proved confusing until a specialist entered the conversation, writes Kathy Faulkner.


3 December 2023

Anita and Tim’s first foray into property investment saw them buy three at once, but they almost didn’t take the plunge because they were getting conflicting advice from their financial adviser ... and Opes.

Here’s how Anita and Tim, of Wellington, used property to secure their financial independence.

What Got Them Started?

Anita and Tim had spent 14 years pouring all their spare cash back into their business.

And it worked. Tim was running a successful business while Anita was at home with their young kids. It was a luxury they had worked so hard for, and now it was paying off.

At the same time, they found themselves with spare cash, and they had been looking to diversify their investments for some time. Managed funds were one option; property was the other. As a passive investment, property was the preferred choice.

That’s when Anita started listening to the Property Academy Podcast. The next step was to talk to their financial adviser about how to get into property investment.

Why Opes Partners?

Opes wasn’t Anita and Tim’s first choice. Sure, they were avid listeners of the podcast … but they already had a financial adviser, and had worked with this person since the start of their business.

However, the couple felt this adviser was taking a very generic approach to property investment, whereas Opes’ financial advisers specialised in property investment.

Anita described it as like a GP versus a specialist. While she was conflicted, her gut told her she needed to go with a property specialist. And after a chance meeting with economist Tony Alexander in a coffee shop, that’s the decision she went with.

“I needed to have someone to sit down and hold my hand,” she said. “And I may have been more needy than the average person.”

Before switching advisers, she didn’t know what the difference would be.

“I thought what I was getting from the other adviser was normal. But then when I stepped over to the Opes side, I was wowed. This is how it’s supposed to be,” she said.

All About The Plan

For potential investors, Anita and Tim say you’ve got to have a plan, and someone to help you get there. This was the biggest learning curve for them with having two financial advisers. “And you’ve also got to meet them regularly, otherwise you’re just floating around in space,” she says.

Anita says that without her and Tim’s forethought, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Being successful doesn’t happen by luck, she says.

Which Investments?

It was important for Anita that the couple had diversification in their property portfolio. This is because the best data suggests the risk should be spread across different property markets.

“Imagine if an earthquake hit again,” she says. “Obviously, no-one wants that to happen, but if one did hit our home and an investment property – it would be a double whammy.”

So the couple bought two properties in Christchurch (a standalone and a two-bed townhouse), and a property in Auckland (a three-bed townhouse).

Brighter Future

Anita says like travel, property investment can bite like a bug. They’ve started with three and will look to buy five or 10 more. They’ll see what number they can get to before Tim turns 50. That way if he gets to 50 and doesn’t want to continue working, he doesn’t have to.

After the three properties settle and have tenants, Anita will seek advice again on strategy.

“It’s been a lot, especially doing three at once,” she says. “But now I feel like I’ve got the confidence to do the fourth. It’s just a case of when the banks will allow us”.

Next Step

Anita and Tim’s experience might resonate with a lot of potential investors. Maybe you’ve got a financial adviser who you feel isn’t giving you the best property investment advice. It’s OK to have more than one.

If you want the same service Anita and Tim received, your next step is to book a Portfolio Planning Session with us here at Opes Partners.

Disclaimer: Just remember this is a column in a magazine, going out to thousands of people. It’s not personal financial advice. But, it is an example of what can be achieved with personalised financial advice. If you are wanting to book a consultation, email us through the website at https://www.opespartners.co.nz