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Easy Care By Design

G.J. Gardner’s new builds are designed to be low-maintenance, which makes them ideal for landlords.

By: Joanna Mathers

2 July 2023

Investment properties can come with the added workload of extra maintenance. However, when building new you have the opportunity to reduce this.

Building new offers a variety of benefits for investment properties, including meeting the Healthy Homes standards, and the choice to design with low maintenance in mind.

Considering low maintenance design and materials creates the possibility to reduce the time and cost associated with rental property upkeep for you and your tenants. It’s therefore important when planning to invest in a rental property to consider the long term as choices made in the design stage of a home can have significant cost and time saving benefits in the future.

Building new allows you to consider low maintenance products that can help save you time spent on property maintenance.

Time And Expense

All homes require maintenance to perform correctly. Low maintenance design focuses on reducing the time and expense required by these activities, a valuable consideration for an investment property.

The design of the home will play an important role in the reduction of maintenance. Simplifying design elements, ensuring adequate storage space, and reducing elements that require frequent cleaning, wiping or dusting, can all aid in reducing the required maintenance and wear on your property.

When it comes to construction materials it’s important to consider the annual maintenance and overall life expectancy of the product.

Upkeep Headache

For example, a higher maintenance dark cedar weatherboard may lose its appeal when you consider it needs expensive re-staining every few years.

On the other hand a fibre-cement weatherboard only usually requires repainting every 10 to 15 years.

These types of decisions can help reduce the maintenance required for your investment properties and free up your time for other opportunities.

Talk to the G.J. team about low maintenance design for your new investment property, which will help you reflect on the benefits of your investment rather than the upkeep.

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