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Energy-Efficient Home Loans

Greener, healthier homes are all the rage and now Westpac is joining the drive, with a new loan product for its home loan customers.

By: Property Investor Team

1 April 2020

The bank announced recently that interest-free loans of up to $10,000 to improve energy efficiency will now be available to its home loan customers.

Known as Westpac Warm Up, the loans are intended to help fund the purchase of heat pumps, solar panels, ventilation, double-glazing or insulation.

Westpac chief executive David McLean says big businesses have a duty to take action on important social, economic and environmental issues like climate change.

“We think climate change is the biggest environmental issue we face and is a very real threat to our economy and wellbeing.

New Zealand needs to accelerate its response to climate change.”

As such, they have an important role in the transition to a cleaner economy through their lending, he says.

“That’s why we’re committed to offering products and services that can cut our customers’ costs and their carbon footprint.

“Our new Westpac Warm Up loan offering is one way we can help New Zealanders make their home more energyefficient, while also improving the quality of our housing stock for future generations.”

The new loan product was announced as part of a broad package of initiatives on the part of the bank, which has just become New Zealand’s first carbon zero certified bank.

But Westpac will be competing against one of its major rivals, ANZ, in the clean, green, environmentally friendly space.

Through its Healthy Homes loan product, ANZ offers interest-free home loan top-ups of up to $5,000 (for four years) for insulation and heat pumps. ANZ also has a scheme where it offers up to 1% off home loans for new build properties that meet sustainability and energy efficiency requirements.


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