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From Antique To Unique

New Zealand is full of older housing stock that may not meet the new requirements for rentals, but there is a clever solution.


3 December 2023

If your rental property needs upgrading, is it best to renovate or remove and rebuild?

It’s a good question ... New Zealand is full of older housing stock that may not be meeting the new requirements for rentals, and this can leave landlords in a tricky place with costly renovations needed to bring homes up to standard.

For many rental homes in this category renovating may not be the most cost-effective option. Have you considered removing the existing home and building a new home, or multiple homes in its place?

Many don’t consider the possibility of removing the existing home and building new on the site. But this offers several options such as building one home, or multiple on the site to maximise rental returns. Newer homes will not only be up to the new standards but can also be highly sought after by tenants favouring new builds.

Building new also offers the option to maximise your section by building multiple homes or units on the one site if permitted.

How can GJ's help?

GJ Gardner Homes are very experienced in remove and rebuild and subdividing and can offer knowledge and expertise throughout the process.

For remove and rebuild they can assist with having the existing home removed or demolished. With subdividing, they can advise on the subdivision potential of your section and coordinate the resource consent preparation with a land surveyor.

A great example of this is seen in a project from GJ’s Manukau team. This saw them remove an existing property from a site in the popular One Tree Hill location, then build two modern family homes. This provided the owner with the option to either live in one and rent the other or rent both!

To learn more about this process or the potential of your site, talk to your local GJ team today.

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