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Get Property Smart

A new tool that enables investors to make more informed decisions has just come on to the market.

By: Property Investor Team

1 May 2020

RealESmart.co.nz is an app that draws on reliable market data to help investors work out the likely returns, and decide on potential residential property investments. It does this by calculating the borrowing required, factoring in the expenses associated with owning residential property, and working out net/gross yields on a property.

It also provides handy information on market trends and property data, saves multiple properties to compare the relevant data and generates reports for property professionals like mortgage advisers and accountants. Developed by property consultant Vesna Wells and her husband Tony, the original concept came about back in 2002 when they wanted to get into property investment themselves.

“We set up an Excel spreadsheet to help us make property decisions on properties. Sixteen years on, we were looking for an app that was more sophisticated and that drew on reliable industry data.”

But they couldn’t find anything in one place, so with the help of Wellington’s Abletech, they built one, which was then road tested by a wide range of property professionals.

Wells says they connected with respected data platforms and applied their own industry understanding to enable an intelligent and seamless user experience. “We did a soft launch of RealESmart.co.nz quietly in December last year and this quiet rollout has now attracted over 1,100 users. “Our users have found the app provides them with the ability to make informed decisions about property and, across the board, 95% of users find it really easy to use too.”

It is possible to find out more about the app, which Wells hopes will help make property decisions easier for investors, at the website, RealESmart.co.nz. ■


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