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Hot Spots For Capital Gains


By: Property Investor Team

1 June 2016

MYVALOCITY.CO.NZ Is A New Website providing research and valuation data. This month they have identified what they believe are the current top Auckland suburbs to invest in for future capital gain.

In terms of selection the process followed was:

➊ Identify the top growth suburbs in the past 12 months in terms of price.

➋ Look at neighbouring suburbs to find the highest growth potential.

The Results

The suburbs with the highest potential form an arch around the traditional suburbs in the central city and North Shore, as they have close proximity to the city, while remaining far more affordable.

These suburbs are likely to gain from the spill over effect with home buyers priced out of the traditional areas. Suburbs such as Mount Roskill have excellent transport links but still have a median price that is far lower than its neighbours.

There are also places like Otara sneaking in there, as this remains a cheap and well-connected suburb, if a bit rough round the edges.


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