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House Hunting On The Run

Property hunting can be simplified with the latest technology, explains Sarah Dawson.S

By: Sarah Dawson

1 December 2015

House hunting can be a time consuming and daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Modern technology has transformed the real estate industry, from the way we search for properties, and communicate with agents to the way we process our financial funding.

Technology is a powerful tool for the savvy investor and if used correctly it can save an abundance of time and help lead you toward your ideal investment property.

So what are some technology tips and tricks for house hunting on the run?

Personalised Search

Increasingly more property websites now have applications which feature the latest property listings. The applications make for a user-friendly experience when searching on a mobile device. These apps allow you to create a profile where you can save personalised searches based on property criteria.

For example, your search may include all one bedroom apartments in Auckland and surrounding suburbs which feature parking and are under $450,000. There’s no need to re-enter this information every time you use the app, you can simply click on your saved search to view the latest properties.

Better yet, you don’t even need to access the apps to find the latest properties on the market - you can be notified as soon as a property matching your personalised criteria is listed.

These notifications can be pushed through to your mobile or email, to ensure you are on top of the latest listings. From here you can short-list your favourite properties, create schedules of open homes for inspection and receive reminders for upcoming auctions.

Home Inspector Gadget

Communication with contractors is key to a stress-free build process. Ask any active investor and their Saturday mornings will be filled with back-to-back open home inspections. Timing is crucial for these appointments, with many inspections only offering a 15-30 minute window to view the property. But you’ll never miss an inspection again with Google Maps. Utilise the application to plan the best route between all of your open for inspections.

Investing in property is an emotional exercise even for a seasoned investor. It is often easy to let emotions get the better of us, especially given the sums of money involved. Paying too much for a property because of heightened emotions is a dangerous move which can work against your welll-aid investment plans.

Emotional Tools

Creating and using an investment checklist can help check your emotions while searching. Using such list tools as Evernote, or even the notes tool in your mobile phone, can help ensure you make the right decision. Use this list as a set of parameters for the property and if the property does not fit the criteria then move on.

It’s a good idea to list things on which you are willing to compromise as well as those nonnegotiable items. If you’re unsure whether you’re making the best investment, consult your list to ensure you’re making a calculated decision.

Using these simple tools can make the world of difference when investing, saving you time and helping you make the best investment decision. Happy house hunting.


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