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How To Reduce Your Costs: – A Case Study

How To Reduce Your Costs: – A Case Study

There is help out there to prevent the Kiwi dream of property ownership turning into a financial headache.


1 October 2023

In recent times, the rental property market has presented considerable challenges for investors, driven by rising interest rates, regulatory changes, and increasing living costs.

Many investors have considered exiting the market or faced negative gearing. But Anna, an Auckland-based property investor, has found a way to cut costs and regain control over her rental properties at a time when she was considering getting out of the game.

The Predicament

Like many property investors, Anna focused on residential properties and was conscious not to over-leverage herself. However, the surge in interest rates coupled with the removal of interest deductibility had a substantial impact on her financial stability.

“My costs continued to rise, and my mortgage payments began to feel like an expense rather than an investment in my future.”

For Anna, the Kiwi dream of property ownership had turned into a financial headache.

The Turning Point

Anna considered selling her entire investment portfolio, but she was hesitant to part with her hard-earned assets. Determined to reduce her costs, she identified property management fees as a significant expense that could be trimmed.

A friend introduced her to Keyhook, a property management app promising simplicity for landlords while eliminating the need for a traditional property manager. Intrigued by the idea, Anna decided to give Keyhook a try and reached out to them via their website. Within minutes she was speaking to a member of their support team. “And from there I never looked back.”

Seamless Transition

Anna’s transition from her property manager to Keyhook was straightforward and stress-free.

“My Keyhook account manager handled everything – from set-up to communication – and it all fell into place. When it was time to switch, I logged into the app, and everything was ready.”

Immediate Relief

Anna noticed immediate improvements in her financial situation.

“My rent is deposited in my account on the same day it’s paid, with no significant deductions. It’s far less stressful.”

With Keyhook, Anna no longer had to contend with delayed rent payments or high management fees. However, the most rewarding aspect of switching to Keyhook was the savings: Anna anticipates saving over $4,500 annually across her two rental properties in property management fees. For her, this meant the difference between a negative and positive cash flow.

Path To Freedom

If you’re looking to reduce costs and gain control over your rental properties, consider making the switch to Keyhook. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and providing expert human support, Keyhook offers simple solutions for self-managing landlords, saving you thousands of dollars in property management fees and giving you back your valuable time.

With Keyhook, you can enjoy the convenience of same-day rent collection, responsive support, and substantial cost savings.

Join Anna and countless others who have discovered the path to financial freedom with Keyhook. Visit keyhook.com today to learn more and embrace a brighter future for your rental properties.

Keyhook is New Zealand’s No. 1 property management app. The platform marries the newest technology and expert human support to make your self-management easy, efficient and stress-free. Download it now on Apple or android, or visit www.keyhook.com. To speak to one of our friendly support team, email support@keyhook.com