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Importance of Staying Up With Information

Importance of Staying Up With Information

There has never been a better time to join your local property investors association to ensure our politicians make owning good rental properties viable, writes Sue Harrison.

By: Sue Harrison

31 December 2022

The New Zealand Property Investors Federation was established in 1983 in response to the development of the Residential Tenancies Act introduced in 1986.

The “federation” is the national body for the 17 affiliated property investor associations which represent the interests of all rental property owners in New Zealand. As the industry advocate we take a balanced role in considering the rental industry as a whole, including the requirements, rights and responsibilities of tenants and owners.

The federation and associations are legally separate, not-for-profit organisations working together for the common cause of building a better residential rental property industry. For over 35 years our associations have successfully followed a set pattern of local management.

But the world in 2023 is very different from the world of the 1980s and the initial gatherings of enthusiastic rental home providers. Technology, legal legislation and sponsorship play a bigger part in how we function in 2023. We have many more tools available to members these days and an information highway to keep up to date with changes in our industry.


Housing is “hot property” in the political space, so 2023 may well be our busiest.

The constant introduction of law changes, not just to the RTA, but also privacy, health and safety, building and property managers, plus the upcoming changes in the Incorporated Societies Act means NZPIF management has a much more formal role to play, and has a legal and financial responsibility to members.

For the most part local committees are still responsible for searching out the best speakers for events to learn and network. It is the grassroots nature of our organisation connecting like-minded people striving to make good decisions, be diligent owners and landlords and work through the ups and downs of our industry that helps one and all.

It is the success of our people that provides good homes for good tenants, a task that would be well beyond the scope of any current or future democratically-elected government.

The reality is that most Kiwi landlords are ordinary working mums and dads who own one or two properties while trying to secure their own financial future.


We can only do this with the amazing people and property investor associations nationwide that offer their support by way of news, meetings, support, club rooms and their committee time to members.

Then there is “Rentskills”, the NZPIF landlords’ education course, and the many other tools available through our website which have been created by members to assist investors.

We must also acknowledge and extend an enormous thank-you to all those people who make our associations so successful – all passionate about helping others
make good investment and property management decisions.

It’s such a pleasure as president of the NZPIF to be able to encourage and nurture such dedication. It is also brilliant for NZPIF to be able to lobby government, speak to media, provide sponsorships and other awards and prizes to encourage members on their investing journey.

There has never been a more important time to join your local property investor association to ensure our politicians make owning good rental properties viable again by repealing the counter-productive legislation and tax laws. And that’s before you listen to our great speakers and chat to fellow investors – all great value for money. Join up now: www.nzpif.org.nz.