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Is It Time To Level Up?

With the right people around you anything is possible, writes Nichole Lewis.

By: Nichole Lewis

2 September 2023

At one point in every property investor’s journey – we face the challenge of how to get to the next level. We ask ourselves – how do I get the deposit? How can I get bank approval? How do I find the right property? How, how, how?

I asked these questions over and over for years. Naturally, we ask those around us what they think. Depending on the answer we either give up, buy the wrong property – making ourselves cash poor – or buy right and accelerate our growth.

Who Not How

How, as I have recently discovered is the wrong question to ask. Instead, we should ask “who”?

  • Who challenges you to reach levels you didn’t think you could?
  • Who teaches you the right way to accelerate your wealth?
  • Who is your role model (yes even if you’re buying house 20)?
  • Who elevates your thinking?
  • Who moves you to the next level of deal making with confidence?
  • Who can show you what you don’t know?

If we have the wrong “who”, we’re in danger of giving up or making a mistake.

I’d had the wrong “who” largely because I didn’t know any different. Well-meaning family not in the property game or colleagues at work with an unqualified opinion. Even successful property people just looking out for themselves by talking me into buying their property.

But the right network of “who” really explodes your growth.

Now I have money partners, business coaches, high net worth investors, commercial specialists, property professionals and great property friends that I can go to for anything. Those people are the reason I got to where I am. And the reason I’ll get to where I’m going.

You often hear the old saying “your network is your net worth” but have you ever stopped to think about what that really means?

The Right Network

Ask yourself where do you want to be in five years? Is your current network going to get you there? Usually, the cold hard truth is no. Not unless you alter course and level up. And that requires a new more elevated network.

I am not a natural networker. In fact, the opposite. I had to force myself to go to events where I knew no-one. My story was one of failure and not something I wanted to share. Forcing myself to do that one thing, go to events and talk to people, was the best decision I ever made.

To think, I used to force myself to go to a job I hated for years and work eight hours per day dealing with annoying customers. Why did I find networking so hard? It was only a few hours of talking to amazing people over coffee or drinks and I would always come away motivated and inspired having met people who would become friends for life.

In August I put out a survey to a very select group of successful investors to ask them what they need to “10-times” their portfolio. The answer – access to more people who have already done it.

In other words, networks of the right people.

That’s what my new programme “InTENsify” is going to deliver – high powered networks, high powered thinking, challenges to elevate you and your results. A top group of the best “who” in the property business to help, support and guide you to reach new heights.

Email me if you’d like to add your wisdom to the InTENsify network or be one of the select few reaching new heights.

Nichole Lewis is CEO at The Property Lifestyle, an international best-selling author, property mentor, public speaker and passive income expert. Creator of Property Quadrants™ formula, she helps people replace their salaries with passive income. Contact Nichole to talk property and see how she can help you [email protected], 021 582 107, www.thepropertylifestyle.com, www.nicholelewis.com


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