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Keyhook, innovative end-to-end self-management

Investors are ditching expensive management services in favour of a digital platform with the added benefit of an expert human support team.


30 April 2023

Keyhook is saving Kiwi landlords time, money, and frustration when it comes to managing their property portfolios. Property investors across New Zealand are ditching their expensive management services in favour of the digital platform. Easily accessible via phone and computer, Keyhook handles compliance, maintenance, arrears chasing and more all in one app but with the added benefit of an expert human support team available around the clock to sort out unexpected problems.

Keyhook, co-founded by Wellington property investor Luke Nicholls and Silicon Valley CTO Aaron Rama, was born of Nicholls’ frustration with the options available to him as he began managing his first investment property.

“I had a couple of bad experiences with property managers early on, and I found the leading self-management software solutions were unintelligent and dated. They also lacked a human element that I felt was a prerequisite for any tenancy,” he says.


Keyhook takes leading technology and pairs it with a team of knowledgeable industry professionals who provide a human touch to support landlords and tenants whenever they need it. This unique two-pronged approach has seen hundreds of users join Keyhook month-on-month so far this year.

“One of the best examples of the human element having real benefits is through Keyhook’s maintenance feature,” says Nicholls.

Tenants request maintenance through the Keyhook app and are, in turn, contacted by a Keyhook maintenance manager who works with them to diagnose the issue and suggest simple solutions where appropriate.

“Things as simple as flipping a switch or cleaning a filter are far more common than a lot of people might think,” says Nicholls.

One in eight maintenance requests submitted through Keyhook is resolved without having to call a tradesperson, which prevents false callouts and saves landlords unnecessary costs and headaches.

When tradespeople are required at a property, Keyhook’s designated maintenance managers source estimates and coordinate repairs, meaning that, for landlords, rental maintenance issues are reduced to just two clicks of a button.


Keyhook’s user-friendly interface is lauded by landlords and tenants, and allows tenants to quickly report maintenance issues and communicate with their landlords, meaning things get fixed faster and tenancies are more transparent.

As interest rates rise and regulations continue to squeeze the pockets of Kiwi property investors, more landlords are on the lookout for ways to cut costs where they can.

At just $4.99 a week, Keyhook is truly an all-in-one solution for self-managing landlords. The lifespan of an entire tenancy can be managed through one app, which handles everything from finding a tenant to calculating taxes, conducting inspections, and creating documentation, all while providing expert support throughout.

By self-managing using Keyhook, landlords stand to save over $2,000 in annual management fees*. Plus, by automating the mundane tasks involved in property management and outsourcing the time-expensive tasks that require human interaction, landlords are saving themselves hours of time and stress.

Download the Keyhook app today and join the thousands of Kiwi property investors who have never looked back.

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