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Landlords Get Educated

There’s a new education programme available for selfmanaging landlords, which will ensure they’re across all aspects of land-lording, writes Sharon Cullwick.

By: Sharon Cullwick

1 July 2020

NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) has developed an education programme specifically for the self-managing landlord. Those who undertake it learn vital basics, confirm their competency, and become recognised as better landlords. It is expressly designed for the newer investor, however, it contains information that even the most experienced property investor will benefit from learning. The purpose of the programme is to help you run your property investment portfolio like a professional.

The Education Programme for Self-managing Landlords consists of 13 online modules. It covers the Residential Tenancies Act, necessary forms and documents, fixed-term and periodic tenancies, and the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord. It also includes how to successfully rent out your property, what you should know about property maintenance and improvements and how to carry out a property inspection. It also looks at how to handle tenant issues, and the processes to follow if things go wrong. Once each module has been completed, the user must complete a skills test before moving on to the next module. A Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of the programme.

‘Landlords need to gain knowledge if they are to cope with all the changes coming through the industry’

NZPIF developed the programme in response to the demand for knowledge from owners/managers of private rental properties. Although not specifically designed for property managers, it does give the user a general understanding of what is involved in looking after a property.

Many countries are now making it compulsory for an owner/manager to have some formal training before they are permitted to look after the tenants in their rental property. NZPIF believes it will only be a matter of time before this is also the case in New Zealand.

Take Up The Challenge

In late March, the first intake was limited to 50 participants. However, due to high demand, the intakes have increased to 100 participants per month. The programme can be completed within the month and takes about six hours. Self-managing landlords have a real thirst for knowledge and this programme fills that need.

Landlords need to gain knowledge if they are to cope with all the changes coming through the industry. The proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act include unlawful acts and monetary penalties that could hinder a successful property investment strategy.

If you are a member of one of the 19 local Property Investors’ Associations throughout the country, the Education Programme for Self-managing Landlords is offered free as a NZPIF membership benefit. It is also available to associate members and non members for a fee. For more details, click on the advertisement for the programme on the home page of nzpif.org.nz.


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