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Looking Ahead To Conference

There is still time to register for this year’s NZPIF conference, as Andrew King explains.

By: Andrew King

1 August 2022

Like a lot of people, I am really looking forward to attending the NZPIF conference in Palmerston North this year. The good news is that the number of attendees has been increased, so if you haven’t registered yet, there is now some available space,

It is such a buzz to be going to a conference again after two hiatuses. It’s a shame that we have not been able to get together since 2019 due to the Covid restrictions. While I’m looking forward to this year’s conference in Manawatu, I would like to acknowledge the Wellington Property Investor’s Association for putting so much heart, effort and funds into the attempt for conferences in 2020 and 2021.

We are all grateful to the Wellington organisers for their hard work and are so sorry that their plans for an amazing conference were dashed, through no fault of their own.

The Line Up

The Manawatu conference is looking like an incredible event that will undoubtedly satisfy all the pent-up expectations from missing two years of conferences. Jeremy Corbett will no doubt provide us with many laughs over the weekend in his role as master of ceremonies. The speaker line-up and topics are excellent and bound to be as thought provoking as they are informative and practically useful.

So much has been happening in our industry over the last three years. Some good, some not so good and some just bloody awful.

The NZPIF and local property investor associations have been working hard to provide a voice for rental property providers, but it is difficult when those in power just aren’t listening. We have kept you as up to date as we can and provided strategies and tools to assess how you will be affected and how you can make the best of the situation you are faced with.

Time To Share

Despite stimulating and experienced speakers, there is no doubt that the conversations with other conference attendees will be particularly beneficial this year. It will be more important than ever to be surrounded by like-minded people for a long weekend immersed in property. No doubt there will be much to talk about in between the sessions and at the functions.

As rental providers I believe we have been mischaracterised as speculators who contribute little to New Zealand and the New Zealand economy. As providers of shelter and homes for people to live in, we provide an essential product and service to around a third of New Zealanders.

This is a tremendous and essential contribution to the economy. In my opinion we mostly provide excellent homes for people to live in, and we do so in a most cost-effective manner with excellent customer service. This is why we have expanded our logo to include the tagline “Proud Providers of Rental Homes”.

Stand Proud

We want our members to be proud of what they do, and we want to help them achieve their goals as much as we can.

I’m sure everyone attending this year’s conference will benefit from the positive energy of other attendees and will learn many strategies and ideas that will help them on their “Journey to Success”, the very appropriate theme of this year’s conference.

I am looking forward to meeting as many attendees as I can so register now if you haven’t already.


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