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Millennial Inspiration

Millennial property investors: it’s not a group you hear about often. But they are out there actively investing and they are inspiring – especially for those feeling overwhelmed by current challenges.

By: Miriam Bell

1 October 2019

Millennials: they’re a much maligned generation when it comes to property. If they are not being presented as fixated on spending rather than saving, they’re portrayed as the generation who has been locked out of property ownership.

So we have the stereotype of avocado smash eating, social media obsessed millennials who are not able to buy homes, let alone invest in property.

But after attending a series of property investment conferences where there was a high percentage of people who’d be categorised as millennials, it seemed to me the truth might be somewhat more complex. That’s because there was clearly significant millennial interest in property out there.

After I did a bit of research into millennials and investing generally, it became apparent that reality is indeeddifferent to the story that holds sway in the public consciousness. That’s when we decided it was time to take a closer look at Kiwi millennials and property investing.

That decision has come to fruition in this issue, which we’re calling our millennial’s issue. Our lead article gives life to our original concept, telling the stories of a collection of inspiring, young investors along the way. Additionally, we profile a millennial trader couple, Brenda Ni and Nathan Mudafar, who started their property journey just four years ago but who are powering along now.

What is striking about the millennial investors we profile is how different they are to the stereotype. Without exception, they are knowledgeable, determined, focused on their end goals, and willing to make sacrifices to achieve them.

While some of them believe it is harder for millennials to get on to the property ladder and to move up it than it was for earlier generations, not all do. However, even if they do think the challenges are greater these days, all of them feel it is possible. Many mentioned the importance of mind-set and the ability to be adaptable as key to becoming an investor.

I found each of them, and their individual stories, inspiring – and I hope readers, particularly those just embarking on their property journey, do too. They prove that, despite all the obstacles investing in property can be done, whatever your age.

To me, they also prove that the extreme anti-investor sentiment that comes to the fore all too often does not represent everyone. Rather there are many people who see property investment not as something inherently bad but as a good way to create income and build wealth. That leaves us hoping that our magazine will inspire, motivate, educate and give resolve to those out there who are keen on investing, especially if they feel under siege.

In this issue, alongside our millennial offerings, there’s some great content on getting a property ready for sale and an incredible renovation that transformed a single dwelling into a multi-income goldmine. May it all serve you well.


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