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New Year, New Look

Mary-anne Tobin, of Design Addiction, gives her insight into 2024 interiors, a year of refresh and reset.

By: Mary-anne Tobin

30 December 2023

We are going to see continued emphasis in our home spaces to create an invitation to escape from our daily hustle and provide a sanctuary to recover and reset. I think we can all agree we deserve some much-needed rest. With rising interest costs and Covid fatigue overhanging, 2023 has been a challenging year for many Kiwis.

Purchases of larger furniture items may be reduced, and educated consumers will focus more on styling their homes or renovating existing properties. Airbnb listings will increase as an appealing method to source additional revenue. Reduced travel budgets will evoke a desire to renew our existing home interiors in resourceful and inviting ways.

Soft neutrals will continue to be popular.

Floral Statements

The outdoors will be brought back indoors; floral designs will be making statements. Green tones will align with the floral prints, but with more muted tones such as olive and sage. The psychological impacts of using green are also positive as it represents harmony and health, so it is a very restful hue.

Blue hues are also calming and productive, which can aid in reducing stress and helping relaxation. With more focus on nature this brings warmth and texture into spaces – reclaimed woods, paired with golden and sand hues, creating tonal spaces working together beautifully as a colour palette. Deep earthy browns will ground our spaces. Grey is out, brown is in, nature is here to stay next year.

Natural fibre products such as sheepskin, merino and Tibetan will be used as layering with throws, exuding warmth into our living areas. Dried floral arrangements, branches and organic sculptures will be seen more to style properties. Heavier curtain fabrics will become more prominent, reminding us of the stability our homes comfort us with.

For the modern interior soft neutrals will continue to be popular, underplayed earthy neutrals, caramels, burnt orange and muted green tones. Textured walls, such as Venetian plaster, and lime finishes for a marble/limestone aesthetic will elevate our homes further.

A nature focus with reclaimed woods and sand hues.

Moody Hues

While there will always be appeal for bold, vibrant colours, we will see more of a moody energy with darker interiors, leather, and more detailing. The Lexus SUV in Nori Green is a good example of this deep moody green.

What’s your colour crush for 2024? Resene Summer Rose – a muted terracotta beige, faded with antiquity. Resene Double Duck Egg – a complex muted green, grey, and blue. Resene Baring Head – a moody and stormy grey green blue. Resene Times Square – a nearly black neutral.

In terms of upholstery and wallpaper I see some exploration in design. The Canvas by Mokum fabric range from James Dunlop is stunning for a teen room. We could see more softer hues such as Resene Summer Rose or Double Duck Egg Blue in nurseries. Resene Contented is also a gentle and warm option for these areas. Miss Lolo has recently announced a 2024 floral wallpaper range, and a collaboration with Incy Interiors for a new children’s/tween wallpaper range, which is exciting to see.

Following overseas trends black could be seen more again.

Black may be back

New Zealand is typically slower to take on international trends, and we could see some soft black features entering the decor scene. With celebrities such as Kylie Jenner launching her new black faux leather fashion line Khy, and Renowned international interior designer Kelly Wearstler is also seen in black more frequently, you could see these fashion statements enter home interiors.

By incorporating black into an interior, it helps to anchor and ground a space. Using subtle features and accessories such as leather detailing surrounding a mirror, black light fittings or sconces, or something simple like a black picture frame, decorative cushion or black marble book ends.

Working from home offices and hybrid working options will continue to develop. We will continue to create a harmonious home and work environment. Design is three dimensional; more emphasis will be taken on the design and conceptual planning, from walls to ceilings, to floors and property styling. We won’t be taking risks next year; it will be more educated methodical design planning.

Favourite Five

When times get tough financially, we support our local artists and small businesses. A more serene and tailored identity for home will be important in 2024. We will see more handmade pottery with organic shapes and textures and continue to educate ourselves on environmental awareness with a focus on sourcing sustainable products.

  1. Ned Collections has released a hand-crafted gorgeous bluff bowl due to be released March 2024.
  2. The mid-brown sheepskin collection and Margot chair from Hawthorne Collections.
  3. Frank and Earnest Ceramics also make the most delightful and affordable unique handmade glazed mugs right here in Hamilton.
  4. Artists such as Author Ceramics express creativity with curved and organic ranges, made with clay and sand from our NZ shores – the Rosa and Marlow pieces are a beautiful addition to any home.
  5. The Canvas by Mokum fabric range from James Dunlop is stunning.

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