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Opportunities In Changing Student Rental Market

Market demand for student-focused rental services is opening the door to increased opportunities for landlords.

By: Property Investor Team

31 December 2019

A bold new Waikato property management company aims to help landlords and students take advantage of the changing rental landscape.

The team at Hatch Property Management, based in central Hamilton, is dedicated to changing what both landlords and students think about accommodation and the relationships needed to manage it.

General Manager Martin Thomas says it is focused on helping landlords understand students’ growing needs, so the letting process is much smoother. “We want to help move people away from the traditional notion of what students are like and student housing is like.” “Students’ needs have changed rapidly… it’s really moved further upmarket. The international student market has helped but as it’s changed, domestic students are also looking for better accommodation. As the accommodation continues to improve, so do student expectations.”

Thomas says this trend will only intensify and landlords need to be ready. “Quality accommodation attracts quality students. If students find a place they like, they will stay where they are. Many students want fully furnished units and they don’t like to move.” Thomas says his team, including Senior Property Manager Deborah Kay, has over 15 years of experience in the Waikato student market and understands what is needed for both landlords and student tenants. They love building long-term relationships, which will connect landlords and properties with respectful students.

“We want to ensure it is good for both parties. From the landlord’s point of view, this means their property is well-looked after and the money goes into the bank account with no fuss.”

Thomas says Hatch is focused on adding value for its landlord clients, with tailored management options available. It has excellent connections with the Waikato’s main tertiary institutions, including the support and experience of the Wintec Student Residence Trust. “By combining big picture thinking with smart, everyday actions, Hatch looks to change industry perception of student renters, while also offering landlords, investors and developers value-add propositions to optimise returns and peace of mind.”


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