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Picking The Right Coach Pays Off

Having a great team of helpful advisers will set you on a rewarding investment journey, writes Anthony Arcilla.

By: Anthony Arcilla

1 October 2022

Property Investment, to the everyday normal person, has a bit of a negative stigma behind it.

In my mind, the typical investor may look like someone who has a lot of knowledge, is ambitious, drives a luxury car, has cash to burn, and someone who wears a business suit all week.

As someone who’s dedicated 10 years of his professional career in the marketing and digital content industry, the idea of investing in property was not even a thought I wanted to have in my life plan. Did that change? Yeah, it kind of did.

This piece explores what it takes for someone like me to fully dive head first into the property industry and slowly take an interest in it.

As for context, I have been working with Lucia Xiao basically since she started her property coaching business and I have been producing Finax’s content (full time) for a year and a half. I didn’t think she would see me fit in her company because its primary focus is finance and mortgages and I have no prior work experience in those industries.

But Lucia saw my potential and I was very quickly thrust into the property world, tasked with creating content without knowing anything useful about it.

Education Is The Key

Fortunately, I had Lucia and a great team of helpful advisers around to educate me every step of the way

‘Property investment started creeping into everything I did’

I grew up in a Filipino family, so culturally the idea of buying a house was simply to just live in it for the rest of your life. No-one mentioned that buying more than one house was an option. My uncomplicated goal was to purchase a home.

However, working and breathing property for 40 hours a week you tend to absorb other options. All the videos and other content I produced covered a different section of the massive subject of property investment. Every project was always new to me. I would bury my head deep in research just so I could figure out the pros and cons behind it and gain a full understanding.

Now, to any other employer, that would seem like a disadvantage because I would spend some time learning rather than knowing the subject already, but Lucia wasn’t wired that way. To her, it was more beneficial to see someone finally click and see all the great possibilities investment can offer. Ultimately, once they’ve caught the vision, the goal is to share their experience and property wins so others can start to think investment is achievable by anyone.

Over my time working at Finax, my mind gave way to so many possibilities. Property investment started creeping into everything I did and bled over into my personal life. I didn’t even notice until I caught myself talking to my wife about different banking products. At one point, with a frustrated tone in her voice, she told me to change the subject because apparently all I had been talking about for weeks was buying houses and how easily it can be done.

Make Or Break

It’s obvious that not everyone has the chance to be in my position and work where I do, literally forcing myself to learn even minor details of the property market.

And I’ll admit I’m still no expert. Having someone like Lucia who is willing to share her knowledge is probably the most important part in all this. All I had to do was listen, write notes, and apply it to my own situation.

We've said it many times before, having a coach will make or break your success. For me, I was lucky enough to have a coach and an amazing team around me to help me start my property investment story. So, if you’re ready, pick up the phone and call an adviser. Even if it’s a small start for you, like buying a townhouse, it’s still the beginning of something you’ll be rewarded for if you work hard at it.


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