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Securing A Future Amid A Health Scare

Property investment can still make sense no matter what the diagnosis, writes Stevie Waring.

By: Stevie Waring

24 October 2023

Mum Di Foster had a major health scare a few years ago. Overnight, her whole perspective shifted.

She wanted to start a plan like she was going to live to 80 ... even though the doctors had told her she might not make it until next Christmas. Here’s how Di used property to secure her family’s financial future.

Di and her husband, Steve, wanted the “ultimate lazy investment”. They’d sold two of their businesses, and they’d accepted that part of their life was over.

The couple were ready for the next adventure, but it took them a while to get started with property. Residential property had always been on their radar. It seemed like a much more low-key risk, and it was obtainable.

Di found her way to Opes Partners through a family recommendation. Her cousin had talked about a “crazy guy” who had coached her to buy an investment property.

So, Di set up a meeting, and now she’s been working with Andrew Nicol for five years.

What attracts Di most is the hands-off aspect of it. If she could make a purchase, and then never think about it again, that would be great. Fair to say, she and her husband did not fantasise about spending their weekends renovating property.

Taking The Plunge

The drive for making that first purchase was a very serious health scare. All of sudden Di wasn’t sure she was going to see the next year.

But knowing that she needed to provide for her five-year-old son, whether she was alive or not, was the driving factor for Di to take the plunge.

Di says a terminal diagnosis completely shifts your perspective. Instead of writing out a bucket list, she became grounded and clear on her goals.

She wanted to be set up financially, regardless of what happened.

“I’m a firm believer in thinking: I might die tomorrow, but I absolutely want to plan like I’ll be here till I’m 96,” she said.

Expert Advice

Without the help of Opes, Di doubts whether the pair would have been able to back themself in buying a property.

At the time, they were reeling from a cancer diagnosis.

A property investment plan seemed like too much to do alone. But they made the decision, and they never looked back.

Di and Steve had quite a lot of prior knowledge in economics, business and housing, but not in property investment.

But Di says, if you don’t have the knowledge built in … you can find it. Her advice: Get people around you who are interested in improving. It’s about finding people you can trust, and getting the right information, she says.

That’s the mindset you need to succeed. And no, you’ll never get it perfect, but it’s good to be in the arena doing something.

Brighter Future

Di and her husband are trying to get a third investment property over the line.

They bought their second, about two years after the first.

Now that they’ve paid down some debt, they’re ready to get the next one. If that doesn’t work, there will be a hard six months of getting it together, but Di won’t be giving up.

She’s a lazy investor at heart, and that’s what suits her. And, no, she doesn’t know everything about property – she doesn’t need to. For her, it’s the best time saver.

Di and Steve’s experience might resonate with a lot of parents.

It can be about prioritising our children’s financial future … even if we aren’t here to enjoy it with them.

As Di’s journey shows, you don’t need to be an expert in property investment to succeed.

You just need a team of people around you that do.

If you want the same service Di and Steve received, your next step is to book a Portfolio Planning Session with us at Opes Partners.

Disclaimer: Just remember this is a column in a magazine, going out to thousands of people. It’s not personal financial advice. But, it is an example of what can be achieved with personalised financial advice. If you are wanting to book a consultation, email us through the website at https://www.opespartners.co.nz...


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