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Six Fast Ways To Get Awesome Tenants

Six Fast Ways To Get Awesome Tenants

The process of finding high-quality tenants may seem daunting, but with help from Keyhook, it can be an easy ride.

By: Joanna Mathers

2 July 2023

Finding reliable and responsible tenants is half the battle for property investors. More so if it’s your first property, and you’re not quite sure what to look for in a great tenant.

The process of finding high-quality tenants may seem daunting, but with help from Keyhook, it can be an easy ride. Here’s how to attract awesome tenants for your property, fast!

Are You Ready?

Awesome tenants are looking for a long-term place to call home. Is your property up to scratch? A clean and well-kept property is a solidly good tactic for finding wonderful tenants who will see the love and care you’ve invested in your property and treat it with the same respect. Check your property for any maintenance issues, inside and out. A fresh coat of paint is a low-cost way to significantly enhance the feel of your property, and an obviously well-cared for home is one many more people are interested in living in.

Set A Fair Price

Setting a fair rental price widens the pool of people who can afford to live in your home, and attracting a larger group of people increases your chances of finding good quality, long-term tenants.

Screening Tenants

Nothing good can come from a lax screening process. But putting in the time now will pay off when you consider factors such as credit history, employment stability, and rental history with references from previous landlords. We know it can be tempting to skip parts of this, especially if it’s for a potential tenant you really like, or even someone you know. Keyhook can take the awkwardness away and manage this process for you, from just $15+GST per tenant check.

Advertising Rates

Managing dozens of different listings on every property rental website can be a headache. Keeping track of applications, property viewing requests, and questions about the property can quickly become an unwieldy beast! With Keyhook you just list once to list everywhere, and you can access the cheapest ad rates (really!) for the top property rental websites, and manage all questions and messages from one central location. You know it makes sense.

Be Professional

There is nothing more important than securing top-notch tenants for your property, quickly and efficiently. And people looking for a new home rarely have time on their side. The vibe you give through your responsiveness is an attractive quality to a good tenant, too. Respond to inquiries, and schedule property viewings quickly using the Keyhook app; it keeps a full record and you can choose to get alerts and push notifications when a tenant has been in touch.

A landlord who takes an age to respond is not someone a good tenant will be excited to communicate with over maintenance or similar issues. Give your prospective tenant confidence that you are ready, willing and able to manage your rental property properly.

Maintenance Issues

You might have one property, or several in your portfolio. But one thing’s for sure, no landlord wants to be tied up all day with maintenance problems. Ask any experienced landlord about how they manage maintenance of their properties, and they will tell you: the secret sauce is outsource. When we say Keyhook handles all of your investment property management requirements, we mean all. Everything from listing your property for rent, using our clever AI feature to write your ad, running background checks, handling rent payments and even doing the heavy lifting of getting quotes for maintenance issues AND organising suitable times with your tenants ... Keyhook does it all.

Attracting awesome tenants to your rental property doesn’t have to be time-consuming or challenging. By following our guide and signing up with Keyhook, you can streamline your tenant search and attract responsible tenants who will treat your property as their own.

Keyhook is New Zealand’s No.1 property management app. The platform marries the newest technology and expert human support to make your self-management easy, efficient and stress-free. Download it now on Apple or android, or visit www.keyhook.com. To speak to one of our friendly support team, email support@keyhook.com