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Small Company, Big Recognition

Small Company, Big Recognition

Titirangi’s Rental Bureau is making a big splash in the field of property management.

By: Victoria Heyes

30 September 2022

The Rental Bureau in Titirangi, Auckland, is on a mission to change the rental industry landscape for good, and is getting the accolades to prove it. The company is a finalist in two categories in the Westpac Business Awards 2022: Excellence in Customer Service Delivery, and Excellence in Innovation, and was a finalist (top three) in the REINZ Awards 2022 for Property Management Company of the Year (Small Office) – an award they took home in 2021.

Even in the face of recent industry challenges, they seem to be thriving. Who is behind this company in West Auckland’s leafiest suburb and what gives them an edge that sees them consistently recognised above the rest?


Victoria Heyes started The Rental Bureau from her garage in early 2015, with zero clients, but a firm belief that she had something new to offer. Based on her own experiences renting, she thought that tenants deserved better, and that most property owners wanted that too.

Victoria was passionate about her vision to overcome the pernicious “us vs them” philosophy that seemed entrenched in the industry. “I simply thought that there was a better way for everyone,” she says, “tenants deserve good service, and owners want to know that good service is being delivered, but it felt that something was being lost in translation.”

“In May 2015, I signed up my first client. After five miserable viewings on rainy days, I had failed to secure a tenant, and the client decided to take their business elsewhere. I cried. I nearly quit then and there – but I didn’t. I learned from the experience (rainy days do not show properties at their best), and made a vow to keep learning from every single stumble.”

It worked, and Victoria’s client base grew, alongside her team (now six), who she credits with The Rental Bureau’s success. “Our fully qualified team excels in outstanding property management, uses the most up-to-date technology and most of all works closely together to provide first-class customer service to our tenants and property owners.”

She says that understanding and highlighting their point of difference, and being committed to maintaining their core values has been key, even if that means that they are not the right fit for everyone. Those values have held strong. “The truth is that unhappy tenants are the worst thing for a property owner’s business. We make sure all of our clients understand that prioritising their tenants is actually the best way to look after their business too.”

A quick Google of The Rental Bureau confirms this, with glowing reviews from tenants and property owners alike. “Outstanding communication,” “a thoughtful group of people,” and “great human beings,” are not terms you usually come across when discussing property managers. It appears that the secret behind the team’s success might be the simple fact that they genuinely care about all of their customers.

“Our tenants are our customers, and our goal is to give them great customer service. We deliver this on behalf of our owners, ensuring excellent maintenance of their asset by working with the best local suppliers. This win-win-win approach is one of our core values at The Rental Bureau, and ensures a positive
experience for everyone involved.”

Judging from the customer feedback, it seems like Victoria’s vision for The Rental Bureau to topple that “us vs them” attitude is just the shake up the industry needed, and if the recognition the company is receiving is anything to go by, it might just be starting to work.