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Surefire Ways To Make Your Rental Stand Out

Why do tenants keep passing your property by? Sarah Dawson reveals hot tips and tricks for bagging the best tenant.

By: Sarah Dawson

31 May 2019

Getting Your Rental Property to stand out from the crowd can be a daunting task, especially for a new investor. Vacancies are one of a few things that can derail your real estate investing career. But don’t fret these simple steps can ensure your rental property looks its best and appeals to quality tenants. Best of all, you’ll get the income you deserve from the property and your time will be freed up to focus on other things.

Refreshed Property

With modern day technology, prospective tenants can search and compare properties easier than ever before, via the Internet. If your property has cracked paint, an unkempt garden or stained carpets, that may be all it takes for a prospective tenant to remove it from their wish list. Maintaining the property and doing something as simple as refreshing the paint can significantly increase your property’s popularity and value.

Presenting a well-kept property will decrease your vacancy period and potentially enable you to increase your weekly rental charge.

Know Your Market

Conducting thorough market research is vital when gauging the rental price of your property. The Internet makes it very easy for prospective tenants to compare prices.

Overpriced properties can remain vacant for extended periods of time which can leave you in a financially challenging situation.

Low-quality photos can turn off even the most inexperienced renter. Take plenty of photos of your property, with a good camera, in good lighting.

Surefire Ways To Make Your Rental Stand Out

Natural sunlight will be your best bet. Showcase the best parts of the property and the focal points as much as you can. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the property is clean and inviting before you start snapping photos.


A property that looks badly maintained is obvious to prospective tenants. Poor management of maintenance issues can also result in a strained relationship with your future tenant. Not only this, if your property is not maintained to a high standard, it can result in property depreciation.

To avoid any major issues with your tenant, think about replacing such outdated systems as air conditioning or the oven, which may cause more trouble than they’re worth in the long term.

Last, but most certainly not least … keep it as clean as possible. This might seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many landlords and property managers overlook this simple yet highly effective tactic. Mow the grass, trim the hedges, vacuum the carpets.

A large part of how people form opinions on properties is to do with if they can see themselves living there. You want your property to appeal to them, and doing these simple things will help with that.


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