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Take the headache out of a new home

Transbuild homes come into their own when a quick recovery from a natural disaster is needed, writes Sam Paterson.

By: Sam Paterson

31 March 2023

Recent natural disasters have negatively impacted many people and families around the country, and the mid to long-term impacts are still being realised. Many families have lost their personal possessions, but most importantly their homes.

Further stresses and pressures will be added if their insurance policies aren’t up to scratch. In recent years building costs have risen significantly and it’s possible the policy will not take those cost increases into account. What happens the next time there is a natural disaster? We’ve got some solutions to help.

What would you do if your home insurance didn’t cover the replacement of your home?

The most likely scenario is that you’ve had a home that you’ve been happily living in for years. Each passing year you’ve paid your insurance premiums, giving you a sense of safety and security that in the event something happened the insurance company would make a payout or repair your home.

Life would carry on ... but the reality may be quite the opposite, whereby the insurance premium you’ve been paying is to cover a replacement value of $600,000 when the actual cost of replacement is $800,000.

Going into battle with your insurance company will result in further delays without a guarantee of getting a larger payout, the immediate need of a home and the long-term prospect of a big shortfall ... where does that additional money come from?

The solution: Get a Transbuild home to replace your damaged home. Firstly, building off site offers significant time savings, so you’ll get your home sooner than a traditional on-site build. This could be in as little time as three to four months with our pre-consented plan range. A direct result of this is our homes are affordable and far more cost-effective; ranging from $300,000 to $600,000.

Additionally, you do not have to compromise on finish quality or specification. You’re getting a brand-new home that is architecturally designed at a fixed price and backed by a Master Builders’ Guarantee.

All of this results in reducing stress by having certainty and taking control.

Transbuild homes are installed on piled foundations. This helps water to flow under the home in the event of a flood.

‘Our homes are affordable and far more cost- effective’


Our homes are installed on pile foundations. Piles are faster and cheaper to install, a benefit if the budget is tight. Your home will be elevated in the event of a future flooding event by default. Using pile foundations assists the water to flow under the house and helps in displacing water.


We’ve been around since 2012, so that’s 11 years of delivering homes for our clients. We’ve got a track record in delivering for first home buyers, mums
and dads, commercial operations, large-scale developers and everything in between.

In October, 2022, we were awarded the title of Fastest Growing Construction Business in Auckland and the Upper North Island by Deloitte Fast 50.

It’s a recognition of our experience and capabilities. Transbuild places a great deal of importance on professionalism, duty of care and responsibility towards its people, clients and environment. Our overarching purpose is helping Kiwis achieve a place to call home. With a team of over 60, we’ve all been directly or indirectly
affected by the recent events and we want to do our part to help.

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