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Technology To Manage A Premium Property

Technology can help expand your portfolio and for the time-poor, it can help manage property more efficiently.


1 April 2015

Today Investors Have An Amazing Set Of Tools To Manage Their Investments From Anywhere, At Any Time – Justin Melton

Last month I wrote about the importance of maintaining a premium property. This month I follow on from this topic with technological advancements that can help you manage your premium property.

If you are a new investor or looking to expand your portfolio, have you thought how you will manage this property? This is something which needs serious consideration, especially when you are self-managing multiple properties. Technology can eliminate the stress and guesswork from self-management.

Online At The Ready

When searching for an investment property, we all turn to the internet. We have our shortlisted properties, property information and rental return information available at our fingertips. So why wouldn’t you do the same when managing your property? Having property, tenant and invoice information at your fingertips will make your life far easier as a landlord.

The number of Cloud-based property management applications has surged in recent years and created a competitive market for management products. These applications connect investors with property professionals and tenants, integrate to email, work schedules, CRM databases and other online real estate services. Today investors have an amazing set of tools to manage their investments from anywhere, at any time.

On-The-Go Solutions

Wireless internet connectivity allows our desktops, laptops, iPhone, Android and Microsoft devices to connect to cloud systems at home, at work and on the run. For the time-poor investor, this on-the-go solution makes property management simple and straightforward.

Through these applications you can attend to arrears, property maintenance, inspections, invoices and bank reconciliation. Mastering the functionality of these applications is where you will save time to help you make the most of your investment.

Third-party integrations to applications such as MailChimp and New Zealand-based accounting application Xero ensure all your investment information is stored in the one place. These integrations are also cloud-based which, again, allows for online access from anywhere at any time. Cloud applications create secure data backups of all your data, eliminating the need for manual data backups.

As an investor, you may be reluctant to invest in technology but I would highly recommend it. Tools that are designed to save you time and simplify the management process are always worth investigating. See how self-management can be simplified and look into investing in a leading software application. Justin Melton, general manager of sales and marketing at Rockend, Australia’s leading provider of property software.

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