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The Benefits Of Staying On-Trend

The Benefits Of Staying On-Trend

Keeping up with current design will boost your project’s appeal and contribute to a thoughtful development portfolio, writes Anthony Corin.

By: Anthony Corin

1 July 2024

When we look into the demographic of new home buyers we can see their priorities are changing with the times.

What the buyer wants now is different from what buyers wanted 20 years ago. There are trending design elements proving popular with current buyers, making them attractive features for developers to include.


Sustainability in the construction industry continues to push through as a leading trend buyers care about. People are increasingly conscious about their carbon footprint and what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment.

Marketing a build constructed from eco-friendly materials is a fantastic way to appeal to buyers as well as contributing towards a greener future for residential construction. To select an eco-friendly system it’s wise to compare construction types by performance in a building life cycle assessment. These assessments are designed to showcase the build’s energy efficiency throughout its entire life, from material manufacturing, construction, use of the build and end-of-life recycling.

Low Maintenance

As people become busier there is less time to take care of the home. This is why low maintenance properties are a huge bonus for buyers today. This often comes in the form of landscape design, especially in smaller spaces such as outdoor living for townhouses, where there isn’t the room to use a lawnmower.

Designing outdoor living to incorporate features such as AstroTurf and mixing up hard materials like decorative stones and wooden patios can help keep the space looking neat and tidy without the constant need for maintenance.

Edge shrubs such as Corokia hedge offer an evergreen and native plant option that’s easy to care for and will provide privacy. Collaborate with your landscape architect to design the perfect outdoor space that will embrace the balance of creating an inviting and low maintenance backyard.

Smart Homes

We can’t avoid the fact that technology is becoming increasingly necessary for a modern lifestyle. Technology is being used to make life easier, more convenient, and safer. Use of smart technology in your project will give the final build a more contemporary selling point.

Smart homes incorporate features such as remote controls to adjust lighting and heating. Advanced security systems and property surveillance protects the buyer by valuing their safety and comfort.

Smart homes also help accessibility. Buyers with needs outside the scope of typical design standards benefit greatly from accessible technology for their movement and interaction around the home.

The Look

New home buyers embrace modern minimalist aesthetics. Designs with a focus on sleek, clean lines and neutral colour palettes are desirable because buyers can start afresh and furnish their home from a clean base.

Contemporary and streamlined building shapes featuring earth tones and varied cladding materials such as dark steel and natural wood is a trending style. Inside, there’s a focus on simplicity and functionality with open-plan layouts, muted colours and uncluttered features that promote a sense of spaciousness and serenity. These cohesive and simple trends align with contemporary preferences for a quiet and simple living space.

When pursuing property development, a key indicator of a successful project is one that considers the end buyer. As time goes on, buyers will prioritise different home features. These needs continue to change, so keeping up to date with current design trends will help your project’s appeal and contribute towards a thoughtful and on-trend development portfolio.

Anthony Corin and his team specialise in property development and construction using ICFs and operating through a relational contract, open-book system. Shorcom Ltd, 0800 SHORCOM, www.shorcom.co.nz