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The Benefits Of Taking Exceptional Actions

Being aware of the four degrees of action within each property cycle is vital to your success, writes Nichole Lewis.

By: Nichole Lewis

31 August 2022

I’m a strong believer that anything is doable in property, if you never let anyone hold you back. I’m Nichole Lewis, your new property coach. With over 20 years in property, I’ve certainly had plenty of ups and downs; learned tough lessons and had some massive wins achieving unbelievable deals.

As a property mentor my job is to inspire and drive my clients to achieve their property goals, giving them as much help as they need.

Seeing you achieve results which gives you freedom, time and the ability to help others, is what being a great mentor is all about for me.

What are your goals for the year? What actions are you taking? Are you moving forward regardless of your financial position? Do you shrug off the negativity around property and find the opportunities waiting for you? Look for solutions instead of problems?

Success Tips

Being aware of the four degrees of action within each property cycle is vital to your success:

  1. Do Nothing – even this requires work, energy and a specific thought process; allowing the wrong people to get in your head; letting fear hold you back.
  2. Retreat – backing away, or not taking the action you said you would because you’re avoiding a negative experience; procrastinating; accepting your excuses. Instead, you need to drive yourself forward.
  3. Normality – just doing enough to get by, be average and survive; getting just one house and thinking you can’t do any more; being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy; thinking you can’t afford more property; not continuously learning. Instead, be hungry to reach that next level and find people who inspire you.
  4. Exceptional actions – taking multiple actions to become exceptional, build a legacy and live your life to its fullest. This is where we want to be. Always be thinking of how to keep moving your property dreams forward. These are the clients I love to mentor so we can build each other up and help those around us.

You can achieve levels much higher than you think. I’d like to start my role as your property coach by challenging you to achieve your next property action before the end of the year. Whether it’s your next rental, a “no money” deal, a joint venture, a property flip, a family home or a commercial building, your next deal is waiting for you to find it.


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