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The Right Tone For Tenants

The Right Tone For Tenants

Neutral colour schemes are great for attracting tenants, writes Mary-anne Tobin of Design Addiction.

By: Mary-anne Tobin

1 March 2023

When starting a renovation on your investment property colour plays an important part in the decision-making process.

Often a neutral colour scheme will attract great tenants, increase street appeal and gain a better return on your investment.


The first step in your design process should be to view your surroundings. What do the neighbouring houses look like? Are you situated in an urban setting, a modern subdivision, or are you in an established area filled with trees, character homes or a villa? This is important because it is going to set the tone for your colour scheme palette.

With a more established home, warmer tones will give a sense of security and comfort, whereas an urban home is better suited to cooler tones that will invoke a sophisticated, clean and modern feel.

Decide if a warm or cool neutral scheme will suit your surroundings. In order to make your property aesthetically pleasing and more appealing to a wider audience, choose a “safe” impartial and timeless colour that aligns with your window treatments and joinery.

LEFT Black hardware is popular at any price point.

BELOW Tiles offer more protection than laminate floors.

OPPOSITE A neutral colour scheme will have a wider appeal for tenants.


Because the interior walls are a dominant feature throughout any home, it creates the first impression for your future tenant. Avoid using bold or unique colours. You may love a velvety red feature wall, but does that appeal to the masses? Could you potentially lose that perfect tenant by using such a bold choice? Most would prefer a neutral colour where they can add their own personality with furnishings, and with changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act tenants can request subtle changes such as this. Try to appeal to the masses.


Neutral schemes come in many forms. Examples of neutral colours include beige, taupe, brown, cream, black, white and grey.

My best advice is if in doubt go grey. Grey is a neutraliser; as a colour it works with a range of hues from taupe or beige to green and blue, the options are endless. The best thing about grey is that it pairs so effortlessly with a wide range of furnishings which gives your future tenant the ability to visualise their furnishings in your living spaces.

Resene Sea Fog is a beautiful white with a hint of grey, but even better is Resene Double Sea Fog, which is slightly darker and gives the look of barely wet concrete which will also help to conceal dirt and, even better, fingerprints. It’s a win-win for you as the landlord, and your tenant.