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The Secret To Building A Quality Investment

The Express Range of homes offers investors the best of both worlds. Homes purposefully designed to be great to live in and at a great price.


25 September 2023

When building a new home for investment there’s a few priorities that need to be met: a quality product, efficient build time, and at a great price. Ticking off all three of those needs is GJ’s Express Range; homes purposefully designed to be great to live in and at a great price.

Building a new home rather than buying an existing home comes with plenty of benefits for those looking for an investment. A new healthy home that meets all the new rental requirements can provide a great benefit to those not wanting to factor in expensive repairs and maintenance or upgrades to an existing home.

GJ’s Express Range offers investors a great opportunity to improve the housing stock of New Zealand while having modern, well built, quality and healthy homes in their portfolio. With the Express Range GJ’s can build you a modern and stylish home at an affordable price without compromising on quality. While this is true of all G.J. Gardner homes, the Express Range has some additional elements to maximise efficiency.

Island Express plan.

Quick And Easy

These homes have been designed and engineered to maximise efficiency of the build. By standardising structural elements GJ’s can reduce the cost and time taken to generate plans for permits and eliminate additional engineering costs associated with structural changes or complex design.

Colour consultants have developed several modern colour selections for you to choose from, utilising a selection of high performing materials that create a stunning personalised finish to your home.

Great Product

Fast and affordable doesn’t mean compromise. These homes have been pre-engineered, and the products selected provide the very best value possible. No compromise has been made to the high-quality products GJ’s use in all their homes, selected from some of the country’s leading suppliers. The products are undoubtedly the most cost-effective solutions. All fixtures, fittings and materials are from the same reputable suppliers used for all G.J. Gardner homes.

Quality Finish

The Express Range will be finished to the same exacting standards as any G.J. Gardner home. All their builders are professional tradespeople, and their preferred subcontractors have been carefully selected for their expertise, reliability and commitment to quality workmanship.

Island Express plan.

Proven Certainty

Your local GJ’s franchise will provide an agreed contract price for completing the home, which will include everything you would expect (some builders regard excavation, drainage, tiling and other items as “extras” or allow only minimal sums). GJ’s leave nothing out.

Permit Process

Due to the straightforward nature of these designs, they do not have a high-risk building matrix. This contributes to more efficient processing of permits through council, and the full cost of the building permit is included in the price provided by your local franchise office.

The final assurance is this: more New Zealanders trust G.J. Gardner to build their homes than any other builder.

G.J. Gardner Homes is proud to be New Zealand’s Most Trusted Home Builder having built almost 23,000 homes throughout NZ, with every home completed.

To discover for yourself why more New Zealanders trust G.J. Gardner to build their homes year after year than any other builder visit gjgardner.co.nz.


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