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Tiny Homes - Why Are They Suddenly So Popular

Director of Titan Homes, Taylor Green, explains what’s behind this new trend in tiny living.

By: Taylor Green

1 December 2022

This 22m2 tiny home is priced at $64,990.

Every year, thousands of Kiwis are opting to buy pre-built tiny homes instead of going the traditional route of building on site. Why? The main advantages are short build times, lower prices and the simple buying process.


Most tiny home builders have specialised factories where they can build multiple homes at once, regardless of the weather or season. “At Titan our build time is four to eight weeks from order. When you build inside you don’t have to worry about things like a week of rain which can slow down a build and expose the materials to the elements,” explains Green.


Because these homes are built in a factory setting, there are streamlined processes, bulk buying and general economies of scale. This means tiny home builders can often build 30 to 40 per cent cheaper than onsite builds.

Plus, all costs are agreed up front in a contract. There are fewer variables when building off site, so the tiny home builder knows what their overheads are and can happily offer a fixed price. “We find the fixed cost build is real peace of mind for our customers,” Green says.

Titan’s subsidiary businesses also help with their economies of scale. Director, Tom Price, has been building large-scale developments for 15 years, owns a roofing business and a construction business. “Titan Homes are so affordable because we use the same materials, the same licensed builders and the same kitchen and bathroom suppliers that we do for our developments.”

‘We find the fixed cost build is real peace of mind for our customers’ TAYLOR GREEN


Tiny home builders have already done the hard work of designing and optimising spaces for a smaller footprint. There are set plans to choose from based on the general size you’re after. It also means that once you’ve decided and ordered, you don’t need to spend any time project managing the builders or the daily questions that might come with it.

But if you do have a dream design in your head, you can find a tiny home builder that can bring this to life. “At Titan, we’re one of the few builders who don’t charge extra for custom designs. We simply price fairly on a square metre basis plus additional features.”


Once these homes are built, tiny home builders work with specialised freight companies to deliver to site, typically on the back of a Hiab as they can then drop directly on to the foundations, or be towed if they are built on wheels. “Even if the access is tough, using a combination of Hiabs and local cranes, there’s always a way to get the home delivered. We haven’t come across a site where there’s not a solution. Right now we’re even exploring delivering homes for a lodge with a helicopter in the Marlborough Sounds.”


For the most part, buyers are owner occupiers looking to downsize or reduce their cost of living. There is also growing interest from investors who are looking for fast ways to add income to their properties. “Get in touch with us to understand if tiny homes are right you,” says Green.


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