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Top Habits Of Effective Landlords Revealed

Top Habits Of Effective Landlords Revealed

The art of using technology and best practices to work smarter, not harder, is the key to success.

By: Sally Lindsay

31 July 2023

Creating a strong property investment portfolio offering financial stability and the opportunity to grow your wealth, goes far beyond owning properties and collecting rent.

Successful landlords are using their skills and habits combined with AI-powered technology that focuses on efficiency, happy tenants, and long-term profitability. This results in a win-win situation for all involved.

We asked our Keyhook landlords to share their habits and tips. Whether you are a seasoned property investor or just starting out, we’re confident these essential habits will elevate you to the top tier of successful landlords.

One Channel

Communicating with your tenants is the single most underrated skill for landlords to master.

Sarah, a Keyhook user, swears by a single channel of communication. “Pick one way to message your tenant. Having one channel means requests and updates don’t get missed because of sending via email or text, or other messaging app,” she says.

“Using Keyhook to communicate with our tenants has been a game-changer. It has allowed us to maintain clear lines of communication, promptly address concerns, and build a strong rapport. The platform streamlines communication and ensures there’s a record of every conversation which means we have a more transparent, understanding relationship with our tenants. It’s awesome.”

Proactive Approach

“Being the ambulance at the bottom of the tenancy cliff rarely works, and just leaves both parties feeling stressed and burned out,” says Keyhook user Emma.

“Taking a proactive approach to maintaining the property means we can address any issues before they turn into bigger problems. Using Keyhook for maintenance means I’m able to get all the jobs done quickly and easily that if I had otherwise put off, could have turned into much larger and expensive repairs.”

Reclaiming Time

Keyhook’s automation features streamline various tasks involved in managing a rental property, allowing landlords to reclaim their time.

Hamish, who owns three investment properties, says, “Keyhook has completely changed the way I run my rental business. It reminds me about upcoming inspections, rent reviews, and it automates all these processes and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

“I can keep all of my documents in one place, and thanks to Keyhook I’m no longer spending my evenings buried in spreadsheets.”

By embracing effective communication, proactive maintenance, and leveraging smart tools like Keyhook, landlords can significantly enhance their efficiency and profitability of property management.

Working smarter, not harder, is the key to long-term success, so landlords can maintain a healthy work-life balance while their rental properties thrive.

With these practices and uses of technology, landlords can have an organised and sustainable approach to property investment.