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Turning Treacherous Into Triumph

Whether you prepared for this down cycle and are sitting on cash or didn’t see it coming and are sitting on debt, you have choices, writes Nichole Lewis.

By: Nichole Lewis

31 January 2023

This year we’re faced with what I call the treacherous trio:

1. Interest rates are predicted to hit a high in April, with a large proportion of mortgages coming off their low fixed rates

2. Non-deductibility turning into real cash going to the IRD after completing your end of year tax returns in March

3. Inflation causing more money to leap out of your pockets to buy the basics.

As investors we have a lifestyle to maintain, tenants to retain and houses to sustain. How can we turn the treacherous trio into triumph?


Whether you prepared for this down cycle and are sitting on cash or didn’t see it coming and are sitting on debt, you have a choice:

1. Economise. Go into panic mode and try to cut back. If the treacherous trio has left you with thousands less per month it’s just not feasible to cut that much out of your spending, and it severely impacts your lifestyle.

2. Intensify. Go into opportunity mode and make more money. This is where I excel, using property to make money. Either active income if you need a lump sum to boost your bank account or passive income from multi-income properties to boost your portfolio cash flow.

All you need to do to triumph is find the opportunity. Vendors are open to solutions; investors are open to deals.

For active income you can use money partners. One of my mentoring students just completed a fabulous deal. Paid $550,000 for a do-up and got access to renovate before the 18-month settlement. I’m his money partner; we both boost our bank balances.

Renovations with long settlements and access is a great way to exclude the bank when lending is difficult and interest rates are high. Contemporaneous settlements, JV partnerships, vendor ventures and investor deals are all avenues vendors are now open to.

The sky’s the limit; the only obstacle is
how you think.


Add a multi-income block of units to your portfolio. Not only do you get maximum cash flow, you minimise vacancy risk.

Think creatively; look for deals and don’t let money dictate to you. You can find a solution for anything.

To turn the treacherous trio into triumph, creating a win-win is crucial. Generating cash flow is key. The tried-and-true money partner model is a perfect cash flow
intensifying strategy.

Property is an easy way to make a large lump sum ($50,000-$100,000) in a bleak economic market or find strong cash flow investment properties to hold long-term. In fact, property is exciting if you think strategically and look for solutions.

Do you want to be a money partner? Boost your bank balance? Get passive income properties to come to you?

Let’s do it! Tell me what you need and how I can help get property working for you.

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