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Unlock The Value Of Your Land

Unlock The Value Of Your Land

Unlocking the value of your land could be easier than you think as one couple recently discovered.


30 December 2023

When Chris and Andrea’s children left home, they discovered subdividing their section and building a second home was an ideal way to unlock the value of their land and get what they wanted in a new home.

“When the kids left home, we decided we should do something with our extra land. We got a real estate agent, weighed up our options, and decided it was by far best to build a second home on the site rather than sell the section,” they said.

“It had to be a nice house, that would complement our old home to keep the value of both of them. GJ’s helped us with all our boundaries, plans and daylight angles, and dealt with all of the contractors and services.

“It was a complex job made simple with GJ’s. In the end it’s going to be a really good investment. We’ve got two really nice homes.”

Busy Lifestyles

Many older homes in New Zealand were built on large sites, and the houses were often positioned at one end or corner of the section to create a big outdoor space with a huge lawn and gardens. But with today’s busy lifestyles there comes a time when mowing lawns and trimming hedges gets in the way of doing the things you enjoy most.

Subdividing your existing section and building a new home gives you a range of options. You could:

  • Sell the section, pay off your mortgage
  • Live in one house, sell the other
  • Live in one house, rent the other
  • Sell them both
  • Rent them both and go travelling.

If your home is on a large section, there’s a good chance you could build a second home on the same site or relocate your old house and build several new ones.

Click on the QR code to hear more about Chris and Andrea’s journey here. And if you think this might be the option for you, call GJ’s to discuss your options.

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