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What A Year!

Well, what a year it’s been! At the time of writing we are waiting for Auckland borders to open, allowing those of us stuck in lockdown the luxury of travelling around the country. It’s a mixed blessing, with Covid-19 set to spread as Aucklanders go to their favourite spots this Christmas.

By: Sally Lindsay

1 December 2021

And the other big news is New Zealand Property Investor has a new owner. Opes, a well-known and respected property investment firm, has purchased the magazine from Tarawera Publishing. The team is incredibly excited about the new opportunities this is likely to bring – greater reach via digital channels, fresh ideas, and enthusiastic new owners – and we can’t wait to see what 2022 will hold. We also have a wonderful sister publication, Informed Investor, with which we see many future opportunities.

This December 2021 issue is packed with interesting and informative content that you can ponder as the year draws to an end. Our lead story looks at the mercurial fortunes of short-term rentals, which have been hammered as New Zealand’s biggest market, Auckland, languished in lockdown. Sally Lindsay has talked to the people in the know, and while there are some sad tales out there, it’s not all doom and gloom, especially as the country opens up again.

Another hot topic is the cross-party agreement to allow intensification in our biggest centres. It’s likely to be a source of concern for the nimby brigade, who are tipped to be vocal opponents of the three-storey townhouses popping up in our big cities. But it’s also a great step in the right direction when it comes to our perennial housing crisis, and there are also opportunities for investors who are looking for alternatives after the raft of changes over the past year.

Our profile features Claire Alderton, runner-up in NZPIF Landlord of the Year 2021. Born in the United Kingdom, she’s been an investor for nearly two decades. Her understanding of the RTA led her to start a property management firm in Kapiti. She’s all about process and has some great tips for those thrust into the stressful environment of the Tenancy Tribunal.

Our commercial story looks at the contentious clause in property agreements that stipulate landlords must negotiate with tenants around rent reductions in times of lockdown. Sally Lindsay investigates and explores the options.

We hope you enjoy the last issue of the year and are looking forward to a Christmas spent with family and friends. Please stay safe as you holiday this summer, and we look forward to sharing 2022 with you! All the best From the team at NZ Property Investor.

All the best

From the team at NZ Property Investor.


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