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Year End Reflection

Year End Reflection

Nichole Lewis talks investing over the holiday, end-of-year reflections and embracing those mistakes.

By: Nichole Lewis

30 November 2022

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Not too many people look at property in December so I can often sneak a bargain buy and I don’t even need to settle until February as the lawyers are away.

Summer is here which means galloping my horse along the beach in the morning and family time with the jet ski all afternoon, where you’re welcome to come and say “hi” and take the jet ski for a “blatt” yourself.

The Christmas tree goes up, the kids start the excitement and anticipation of both giving and receiving gifts. School is over and holidays are stretched out in front of us.


This is also the time I take my clients on their reflection journey.

Stop and think, what have you achieved this year? Put real time and thought into this, it’s important to reflect on your wins and give yourself credit for a job well done.

Often my clients will say “I haven’t achieved much” but when I get them listing out everything they’ve done, it’s quite a list with some amazing results. Write your wins down.

For me, my book Property Quadrants reached international best seller and it won an award. Amazing to see it on the bookshelves in the shops. I’ve made plenty of active and passive income with projects lined up for next year.

Better still, my one-on-one mentoring clients have achieved amazing results – some nearly at seven figures. Some fabulous new clients have asked us to find their next property for them, either a Q3 project to make active income or a Q4 investment to make passive income. Next year we will find some extraordinary deals, so email me if you’d like me to look for a deal for you.

Lifestyle wise, we’re off to Sydney to celebrate the end of exams. Bought a Tesla. Bought a new company car. What lifestyle goals have you achieved?

Property Quadrants is about lifestyle, what have you loved about your lifestyle this year and what do you look forward to?


I made some mistakes too, however, I learned from those mistakes and pivoted my processes to streamline our services to iron out the kinks we found.

What mistakes have you learned from this year?

Don’t beat yourself up. Remember mistakes are opportunities to learn – we need to embrace our mistakes as that is how we grow. Like I teach my children, celebrate mistakes, school should encourage them as they are one of the best forms of learning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Relax and enjoy the festive season, because in January I will be challenging you to drive forward and accelerate your property lifestyle right out of the gate.

Share with me your list of successes, writing them down will surprise you and will help you achieve even more in 2023.