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Your 24/7 AI-Powered Tenancy Expert

Your 24/7 AI-Powered Tenancy Expert

Got a tricky tenancy or privacy law question and need a quick answer? Give Keyhook’s Tama a try.


1 September 2023

Are you tired of second-guessing whether tenancy legislation has changed again? Even the most seasoned landlords occasionally find themselves in uncharted territory. Don’t let questions go unanswered any longer. Introducing Tama, the ground-breaking AI-powered NZ tenancy expert developed by the team at Keyhook. With Tama by your side, you can begin to navigate the complex world of tenancy law with confidence, precision, and ease.

So how does Tama work? Tama is an innovative AI bot armed with large language models (LLMs) and an extensive knowledge base that has been curated by experts in NZ tenancy and privacy law.

No Hallucinations

Until now, LLMs have faced challenges making them less than dependable. They could generate information that wasn’t accurate (“hallucinations”), leading to misinformation. Some LLMs were also limited by timeframes, not being able to draw from the most current and up to date information, again rendering them unreliable. Tama has tackled these concerns head-on. Unlike his predecessors, Tama doesn’t hallucinate; he provides reliable and precise responses. Moreover, Tama ensures that you’re always well-informed by staying up to date with the latest New Zealand tenancy laws and regulations in real time. This dedication to accuracy and currency sets Tama apart as an invaluable resource for property investors navigating the complexities of rental laws.

Tama is more than just a static solution. As you engage with Tama and offer feedback, he learns and evolves, becoming an even more valuable resource over time. With every interaction, Tama fine-tunes his knowledge and responses, ensuring that he adapts to your specific needs and requirements.

The launch of Tama saw hundreds of users visit the site within the first 24 hours to ask him questions. Due to Tama’s ability to adapt, this initial burst of activity led to significant improvements in Tama’s ability to provide tailored advice on specific circumstances.

Next time you have a question about your property, don’t sit on it over the weekend waiting for Tenancy Services phone lines to open. Don’t wade through pages of contradictory online advice. With Tama at your fingertips, you now have instant access to reliable answers, 24/7. Whether you’re facing a challenge in the dead of night or during a busy weekend, Tama is your ever-ready companion, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Tama Is Free

Tama is completely free for everyone to use however users are required to sign up with an email address which helps protect Tama from misuse and bots.

Don’t know what to ask? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Are non-smoking clauses enforceable?
  • What do I do with my former tenant’s abandoned belongings?
  • I’ve found asbestos in my rental. What should I do?

To ask Tama a question, visit www.keyhook.com/tama. And as always, Keyhook’s live chat support is active seven days a week if you’d prefer to speak to a real person.